Lush Haul #1

Hiya everyone,  so recently I decided to have a look at what Lush have to offer. 
I've not brought anything in lush for quiet a while so after browsing online and finding
a lot of products that I wanted to try I decided to purchase a select few. 

I picked out non Christmas items as I am thinking of doing another order closer to the time. 
The items I have picked out are all products I have never used before. 
I'm not sure how long they have been out for as not been in Lush for ages or looked online. 

So I have gone for three bubble bars, one bath bomb, a face mask and a shower jelly. 

Out of the lovely range of bath bombs I picked out this very colorful one which is called
The experimenter, the experimenter is vibrant in color and has popping candy inside with a fair trade vanilla scent. This caught my eye not just because it is colorful but also because of it being in a hexagon. 
It's quiet a large bath bomb too so I am hoping I will be able to get at least two uses out of it as well. 

Next up is this very bright and pink flamingo bubble bar.
The pink flamingo is described as a fruity cocktail and contains rose wood, ylang ylang macadamia nut oil and refreshing bergamot.
I love that this is on a stick I do love bubble bars on sticks as it makes them more easier to use again. 
This bubble bar can be used up five times. 

Rose Jam bubbleroon, looks like a macaroon but is mixture of scents including rose.
I'll be in pink bubble heaven. 
There are also do another two different bubbleroon's but this one stood out for me more. 

Sparkly pumpkin is a perfect treat for this time of year with Halloween coming up. 
I love how cute it looks but mainly love that it's quiet a citrus scent which is ideal for
cold nights. I used this amazing bubble bar as part of my Friday night pamper treat and really enjoyed using it.
There is nothing better than a Friday night pamper session. 

The refresher is a citrus secented shower jelly which I love as like the name its refreshing. I am going to try this in the shower during the week it's recommended that it is stored in your fridge or freezer so that the cold will get your blood pumping. 
Last of all I purchased the "Don't look at me" face mask. 
Like the sparkly pumpkin I used this Friday night as a pamper treat. 
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my face mask selfie. 
I love the vived blue color and it smells really fresh.
The face mask contains ground rice to gently scurb away dry skin.
This is great for me as it does two jobs in one so II didn't have to use a seperate facial scrub. 

Have you purchased anything in Lush recently? 
I'd love to know your favourite lush products. 
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Angela Milnes said...

I've never been to lush before. It does look interesting. I guess being unwell and stick in the home, I don't get to go to the stores but this looks fab! I bet it smells good too!

Ana De-Jesus said...

I love love love Lush it is by far my favourite skincare store. Angela you have got my seal of approval oh and the Experimenter is really good too!

Unknown said...

I love Lush so much but rarely buy any. I do occasionally treat myself to a bath bomb and agree with your idea to split them down. I can get at least 2 baths out of each one. Enjoy your treats :) x

Clarina1985 said...

Doesn't Lush just smell divine when you walk past??! A Friday night pamper night sounds right up my street!

Unknown said...

I love lush one of my favourite shops. Great little haul you have there 😊

Unknown said...

Aaaah the pumpkin is so cute! Like Janette, I love Lush but very rarely buy any. I walk past the store every day on my way to work though, and the smell make me wish I was going home to some Lush products!

Lisa B said...

This makes me want a big bubbly bath so much. I love lush products but not the ones that stick glitter all over you. xx

Aly said...

We go to Lush every month as I don't products containing animal ingredients or are tested on animals.We do take advantage of shopping online as you can get carried away by buying too much inn store.

Ky - said...

I love lush! I went into our local one a few weeks ago and picked up a bottle of snow fairy and a few bath bombs/melts including the experimenter. I haven't used it yet though. x

Admin said...

I have never tried Lush products but they smell amazing whenever I walk past the store. I might have to give them a try as they look delightful x

Hayley: Sparkles and Stretchmarks said...

Ah I LOVE lush!!! I keep wanting to go on a spree there as this is my favourite time of year for their products with all their Halloween and christmas specials in! I had the pumpkin last year and it was lovely! xx

Sarah said...

I so, SO wish I had a LUSH near me! I reallllly want to smell them all LOL. I should imagine it smells amazing in a lush store haha. I'd love to try that pumpkin and pink flamingo bubble bar! I think I'd be a pink bubble heaven too, hehe xx

Where Roots And Wings Entwine said...

I love Lush so much. I adore just going into the store to be caught up in all the beautiful aromas. Really must get some more Lush goodies for a bit of TLC and pampering. Great haul, hope you enjoy them.

Leanne Cornelius said...

I haven't been to Lush in so long, I really want to go now! The Rose Jam bubbleroon sounds amazing and like something that I would love!


Unknown said...

ooo I so need a trip to lush soon! I haven't been in ages and I love the bath bombs looks like you have a good little stash to keep you going for a while x

Unknown said...

I haven't been to Lush for ages, it used to be one of my favourite shops! Couldn't even name a favourite item, they are all pretty fab in that place.

LadyNicci said...

Love lush. Such gorgeous products and really nice smells when you walk by the shop. I just want to eat them. Which is wrong. Very wrong.

Ickle Pickle said...

I love Lush and my girls adore it! The shops always smell divine. I haven't bought anything f ages

Unknown said...

Oh my, this are just gorgeous. I will be looking into getting a few for myself. I will enjoy these lush.

analyn razon said...

I love lush so much, those are some great products. I love their Christmas stock and i can't wait to purchase more from them.