Blake's swimming lessons

When Blake first started Swimming lessons in September I was rather nervous about it. 
To be fair I'm not one of those people who are confident and like being social situations. 
When Blake was about 8 weeks old I had to force myself into going out and going to groups so that 
I wasn't socially isolated. I now have made some great Mummy friends especially with a lady who lives around the corner from me and coincidentally the ladies I have made friends with all have boys who are around the same age as Blake. 

But that wasn't really my major worry with regards to taking him swimming. 
Whilst I was pregnant with Blake I woke in the night after having a terrible dream.
Bear in mind I didn't know that I was having a boy as we had chosen to keep the gender a secret. 
I had dreamed that I had gone swimming with my baby who was a boy and he went under the water but I was
in one of my epileptic blank out episodes so was unable to save him and no one else noticed and of course I was unable to do anything. 

It was a pretty scary dream and so having a boy and going swimming made them fears feel very real.
I decided that I wanted to take Blake swimming though as I know that it will be fun for him and also it would be great for him to start getting use to the water and starting to learn to swim at a younger age than I did. 

When it came to going to the lessons with Blake I made the decision to have someone with me and Blake at all times just in case. We go to lessons on a Saturday afternoon which has it's pros and cons and I have Stuart with me and Blake. 

I love how the lessons are planned although only half an hour long Blake is now loving spending time in the pool 
and enjoys it so much that he cries when we get out the pool and even does the same at home at bath time. 

We do everything in a group in the pool, walking around in circle's singing songs whilst bouncing our babies up and down in the water and "swimming" them on their fronts and backs. I love that we near enough always do their version of here we go round the mulberry bush. Which means we splash our little ones faces in the water and pretend to give them a shower which in turn will eventually make them more confident in the water. 

One of things I am not too confident in doing yet is putting Blake under the water I have done it a few times and he hates it and cries so I'd rather leave it a little while longer as he will eventually get more use to having water on his face. 

I'd love to know if you take your little ones for swimming lessons and how you have got on?
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