Firework safety

It's fast approaching that time of year again when people will be letting fireworks off non stop. 
I'm looking forward to bonfire night (5th November) this year as it will be Blake's first time of being able to see them, although admittedly we will be watching from the safety of our home with Blake being so young. 

Pryers Solicitors have been doing some research recently on firework safety and was shocked to see how many injuries still occur that are caused by fireworks. I think it's pretty scary too as people really should know by now how to be safe around them as they can be so dangerous and aren't toys. 

The most common injures are on the hands (31%)  which is of no surprise really as this would be when people are not holding them properly to light them up.  The next most common is eyes (25%) which is pretty scary as 
people are taking dangerous risks to see pretty lights in the sky. 

It is important that not just you but your whole family and friends are aware of the dangers of fireworks and
the safety tips when using them. 

Some interesting facts included are that the most common place for accidents are at family party (52%) followed by street or public place (27%). Also (3%) of injures have happened indoors and (1%) in cars. 
It makes you realise that their are some people silly enough out there to try and set of fireworks in such an enclosed place. 

If you are going to see fireworks this year please be safe and follow these important tips: 

- Do NOT carry fireworks in your pocket

- NEVER relight fireworks

- PUT used fireworks in a metal bucket filled with cold water 

- ALWAYS supervise children 

- BE AWARE of animals close by 

- NEVER throw fireworks! 

But most importantly make sure you stay SAFE, unfortunately even if you're sensible, not everyone is.
The best place to view fireworks is at an organised display who will have had training and know what to do in an emergency. Or you can be like us and view ones that are being done locally from the safety of your bedroom window. 

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