Blake's First Halloween

So yesterday was Blake's first Halloween, now originally we weren't planning to do anything with regards to it. 
This is because we aren't really big on Halloween so don't in general tend to do anything for it. 
The initial plan was that we would wait for Blake to be a little older to participate in Halloween and dressing up
but in the end we changed our mind.

I had found out that the NCT were holding a Halloween fun morning at a local School with sensory activities etc so we booked tickets as thought it would make a change to do something different on a Saturday morning. 

I am so glad we changed our mind and actually did do something for Halloween even though Blake won't remember a thing it's still something to look back on. 

For Blake's costume we chose to dress him as a pumpkin. 
We already had a black top and black trousers so it was pretty simple we found this 
pumpkin top for £1 in Wilko to go over his black long sleeve top. 

At the event there was a few bits to do that were suitable for his age our favorite is the sensory tray. 
The trays each had uncooked red lentils with pumpkins of different shapes and sizes with spoons etc so that they could have a play about. Some of the trays also had cooked spaghetti that had been colored, shaving foam, pine cones and other various sensory bits and bobs. 

There was also a musical session with Halloween songs and music which Blake also loved.

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween?
 I'd love to know what you all got up to and what you or any children you have dressed up as.
comment below. 

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