Essential Items for a New-Born Baby

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Prior to your new baby's arrival, you will have a to-buy list as long as your arm. Indeed, the amount of things a little person needs is remarkable! To avoid becoming overwhelmed by it all, focus on the top priority items first. The other bits and pieces will follow once a baby arrives.


Help baby get a good night’s sleep with a cosy cot. Baby cots from Cuckooland and other such suppliers have a host of designs from which to choose your bed. Pick a colour to fit the d├ęcor of your nursery and a size that suits the room too. Decide if you want a cot for the baby stage only, or whether one that converts into a toddler bed is a worthwhile investment.

Moses baskets and bassinets provide a delicate bed for the daytime. Place your baby in a cot at night to get them accustomed to the feel and space of this restful place. Affix mobiles to promote better sleep and purchase cot bedding to keep your baby warm at night.

Car Seat

Another essential item to buy before baby arrives is a car seat. Car seats need to be upgraded as children grow so pick one that you can use for a while. Car seats are manufactured under strict safety standards. Always buy a seat from a reputable supplier who can prove the meet all the legal requirements. With lots of choices in terms of styles and colours, pick the most suitable for your car.

When picking your car seat decide whether to buy more than one. Although expensive, two-car families may find it more practical in the long run to have one in each. Continually fitting and refitting a seat for different journeys will take time and effort to do. Having two negates the need to keep swapping cars or fitting seats every time you go out.


When you’re feeling ready and confident, you’ll want to take your new baby outside. A pram is an essential piece of kit to enable you to do this in comfort. While babies are light and small, you may prefer to carry them in a sling or similar device. However, to help your posture and to give your body freedom, a pram is ideal.

There are a vast array of prams on the Highstreet and online. Each has unique features to make life for new parents as easy as possible. Some designs are multi-functional, including prams that double up as carry cots. Lightweight frames make pushing a baby in the park effortless. Robust and durable, prams are ergonomically designed to turn corners effortlessly.


Keeping a baby warm is essential. Choosing the right clothing will hold in the heat and keep the chills away. Layers of clothing are ideal for a new born baby. As babies can’t regulate their temperature, use clothing to aid their comfort. Cardigans are easily added and removed to accommodate fluctuating climates. Vests are a baby staple; so too stretch suits and socks. Hats and mittens are perfect for winter walks while sunhats provide essential protection on sunny days. Add a cute set of booties outdoors and a shawl for cold days.

Enjoy your new arrival and be fully prepared for anything!