Grey and White Dining Items

Recently I have been really getting into Monochrome items for the home. 
I really like to have a theme for each room in our home for example for our bathroom I like the idea of a Nautical theme. Mine and Stuart's bedroom is a pink/brown theme, Blake's room is a bit all over the place at the moment, as is our living room/diner and kitchen. 

I think that Monochrome is going to be easy theme to do for the kitchen and dining area of our living room. 
The walls are all white so we would just need to incorporate Black, white and grey shades into the rooms. 

Our  wishlist for our kitchen and dining part of our living room are fab grey and white pieces from Wilko's utility range which I have fallen in love with. 

Stuart was actually the one to point out this set as we were having a look for a dinner set as we are hoping to get one as a possible joint Christmas present. 
We love this one as the plates and bowls are quiet deep and are a good size too.

2. Grey Seat Pad  £5 each 
We already have Black table and chairs with a grey chair pad on them but these pads
are a lot more thicker and look so much more comfy. 

I just love this and how well they co-ordinate with the monochrome theme. 

Again another lovely item that goes with the Monochrome theme. 
We are in the need of some new trays so these would be ideal .

What do you think about these Monochrome dining items? 

Would you like to comment?

Rachsbeautique said...

Love these colours, they look really classy

Random Musings said...

I love monochrome colours, they look so clean and sleek. The grey dinner set is gorgeous :)

Joanne said...

They would be great in the kitchen. I'm turning our bedroom into a monochrome look as I think it's quite relaxing and calm colours together.

Angela Milnes said...

ooh we need a cutlery set. SInce I returned to the UK 5 years ago we have had seconds and id love some brand new ones!

analyn razon said...

Such a good collection for the kitchen. I never actually thought of a themes for every set of bedroom. Everything is all white and grey. Reading this I want to add colours to my house. haha. I bet your kitchen will look stunning in monochrome colours. Don't forget to give us a tour . hehe

Cuddle Fairy said...

I'm loving the monochrome. The items you have chosen go so well together! I desperately need new seat cushions, I hadn't considered grey before but I'm liking that idea. It looks stylish & it wouldn't' show up stains my kids will inevitably leave on it ;) x

Kate said...

Wilkos has some really good stuff in at the moment and I love your choices. I'm a big fan of monochrome too :)

Zena's Suitcase said...

I am loving these choices. I had no idea Wilko had such great ranges. I would by all of these

Lisa B said...

I'm loving grey right now and personally want that dinner set! I must avoid going in my local wilko now or I may leave with one. I don't need one!! x

Admin said...

I'm not in to monochrome, I like colour, but you have picked some nice pieces and I bet it will look beautiful when finished x