My facial skincare routine

Before and during pregnancy I was lucky when it came to my skin. 
I have always been rubbish when it comes to a proper skin care regime as I always forgot to remove my make
up before  bed which we know is a big no, no. 

Since having Blake though my skin has become extremely dry and flaky. 
So I have now started looking after my skin better by sticking to a proper regime. 

The products below are what I use on a day to day basis although I do change the moisturizer from time to time. 

So first of all when in the shower every morning I use the Skin Therapy Tea Tree Facial Wash.
I get this from Wilko's and it costs around 90p. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after using
this and my skin feels fresh too. 
I have been using a facial wash every morning for years so this is part of my skin care routine
that I have always kept on top of. 

Next up I use the Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalizing Eye Roll On. 
I love this and started using it after having Blake when he was in the i'm going to keep
you up all night phase. 
I love the cooling effect it has on my eyes and makes me look and feel more perkier. 
I tend to always look out for it on offer when buying it and have yet to have paid full retail price for it.

 I then pop on a moisturizer my current one is The Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating  Light Moisturizer.
I really love this one as it works really well at keeping my skin hydrated but doesn't leave it feeling greasy. 
I also have a Nivea one that I use which I also love and find works really well. 

I then leave it half an hour or so to let the moisturizer skin in before applying Nivea Daily Essentials 
Express Hydration Primer. I love this primer as it helps my foundation to last all day. 
I only do this step if I am going to be wearing make up if not than I don't bother. 

Then before bed I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my make up. 
I use this even if I've not worn make up as it removes the daily dirt and grime from my face.
I then use my moisturizer again and then go straight to sleep, 

Once a week I use the Skin Therapy Tea Tree Facial Scrub, again this is from Wilko and
costs around the 90p mark. 

I then try once a week to fit in a little pamper session when Blake is in bed and put on a face mask. 
I tend to use the little sachet ones from Superdrug but I have purchased one from Lush recently which you would have seen in my haul.

What are your favorite skincare products? 

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