Blake 11 months

Today Blake turned 11 months old. 
One more month and then Blake will be ONE! 
This means less frequent updates as I plan on once Blake turns one on doing updates every six months instead of every month. 
It also means Blake's next update will be on or around his birthday and then not again until June. 

Blake is now in is 12-18 month clothing the majority fit perfectly and then we have a few bits that 
are still quite big on him. 

Blake has now got five teeth, four at the bottom and one coming through at the top. 
I don't think it will be long until another comes through am sure he will have more.

- Blake now weighs 19lb 2oz as of last Tuesday
- He is a lot more active and likes to be on the floor crawling. 
Luckily for us he still loves playing in his jumperoo but don't think it will be too long until he 
outgrows it.
- Can say Mama but prefers to say Dada a lot more
- He seems to be getting a small amount of hair but it looks quite light so its hard to 
tell what color he is going to have. 

- He is still loving swimming and gets so excited and very eager to get into the pool. 

- He loves playing with his friends and we went to our first monthly mummy meet up at a friends on Friday which he loved. 

- He loves holding hands and dancing whilst in the jumperoo 

- He has started to do a few steps with support and also still only stands up with 
support either us holding him or he will hold onto the sofa.

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