I am so excited for this time of year on the 27th it will be our towns Christmas light switch on. 
There will also be a Christmas market and other Christmassy things going on that weekend. 
Christmas is coming around so fast and we need to purchase new decorations but most importantly a new tree. 

When it comes to choosing a Christmas tree we always go for a faux tree, to save money since it can come out of storage year after year.
 We had our last tree a good few years but had to throw it out after last Christmas as it was falling apart and also I wanted us to have fiber optic one this year. 

So if like us you tend to go for a faux Christmas tree but miss the smell of a real tree. 
Then why not give your tree the scent of Christmas? 
Scentsicles are Christmas tree ornaments that have the scent of Christmas. 
The fragrance is infused into a biodegradable paper stick that naturally wicks to the surface layer by layer. 
All you have to do is simply place in faux trees or real trees (if you wish), wreaths or garlands. 
That way you can smell the scents of Christmas throughout the season. 

Scentsicles come in five scents: 

-White Winter Fur 
- Two Dashes Of Cinnamon 
-Christmas Time Spruce 
- Snow Berry Wreath 
- Silver Birch.

I was sent three of the different fragrances and really liked the White winter Fur one as it smelled very Christmassy almost like a real tree. 
The Cinnamon one is also really lovely, I do love cinnamon this time of year. 
The other one I got was Christmas time spruce but I didn't like it as I found it to be quite a strong scent and not something that I would like the smell of in my home.  

Do you think you would give these a try? 
I'd love to know comment below. 

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