Blogging Books

When it comes to blogging I will admit now I'm not as organised as I would like to be. 
I have various notebooks doted around I don't really have a proper schedule when it comes to how often 
I post or what I want to have up each day etc. 

So I have decided that it is about time that I actually did and have proper goals and routine as I do love this little place of mine on the net. 

I have purchased two new books recently to help me with not just getting organised but also in helping me come up with some ideas for new content. 

The first book is the Badass Blog Planner. 
Your guide to defining your purpose, creating clarity, and building a year of killer content. 
It is a one year planner which is a workbook to help you blog with a purpose and grow your online presence.
The workbook has over 60 worksheets to hep you to evaluate and plan blog content, social media posts, products and services, email newsletters, marketing, advertising, your budget, and website design.

The second book is 365 blog topic ideas for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about. 
This book is a lifesaver as it has 365 ideas for blog posts which can help you come up with new content ideas over and over again. 

I purchased both of these books from Amazon but I am sure you can find them in most 
popular book stores. 

I wish I had purchased these books sooner as they are so helpful and now an essential into my blogging life.
I also am hoping to get a planner from The Bloggers Planner as I have seen other bloggers have them 
and I feel that this would help me keep organised even more. These will definetly be on my Christmas list this year. 
I am trying to decided between the content planner and the bloggers planner but also I am loving 
the look of the to do list ones as well.

Do you use planners and books to help you keep your blog organised? 
I'd love to know comment below.

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Unknown said...

This looks like a great book to pick up.

Helenlt said...

I'm not sure how I feel about these books - I love the spontaneity/individuality of a lot of the blogs I visit - some of them probably aren't that 'popular' but then I suppose my interests are quite varied. This makes it sound like blogging is a chore rather than something you enjoy. Although maybe it's just I can't imagine not finding something to say - I'd probably have the opposite problem :)

Angela Milnes said...

I really want to get a copy of the Badass planner, it looks really good and useful.

Ang Xx

Ana De-Jesus said...

I need a planner pronto and the name is enough to make me want to buy it. At the moment I write everything down in word and sometimes it can get a bit confusing.

Amy Treasure said...

Oh I love the look and sound of these, they look brilliant x

MrsKevo said...

These look fantastic - I love the idea of doing a blog as I have so much whizzing round my head at any given moment and find the ones I follow so inspirational but it always seemed so daunting a prospect - hadn't thought about going about it in a more structured way, I may have a look for when my baby is a little older :)