Stick to Stigu Planner 2016

I love stationary and even though I have a calendar on my phone, tablet and laptop 
I much prefer to have a diary that I can write in and keep me organised. 
 Stick to Stigu is a new brand, launched just a few months ago.

"What or who is Stigu?
A guru? absolutely not
A therapist? not that evolved
Perfect? far from it
Have all the answers? no 
A juggler? absolutely yes!"

In short it's a yearly planner with a twist
 Stick to Stigu is many things in one cover: a planner, an organiser, a calendar, a notebook and a handbook. 
 Every month Stigu introduces a new theme, and every week Stigu gives easy to stick to practices that are often fun.

This is how it can be used on weekly basis:

- Put weekly to-do lists on the left side (yes that’s what all the empty space is for).
-Make sure you add things you have already done so you can cross them out straight away.
-Fill in meetings and commitments on the right side.
-Use the empty pages for extra notes.
-Try out the practices.
-Stick to Stigu.

"Plan hard, play hard, rest hard" 

I really like this little planner for many reasons: 

- It is a good size and is made from high quality paper.
- There is plenty of space to write down to do lists, meetings and commitments and general notes. If like me you'll probably end up using the blank pages to doodle on rather than just for notes. 
- The little tasks are funny and I love the little images. 

I also feel that this would make a fab gift for someone that needs to be more organised or if like me just generally love stationary. 

There is also a few launch offers. The first one is “3 for 2” (code can be claimed at right away) and the other one is “30% off” the RRP (code arrives right after sign up - no spamming, they only send newsletters once a month.)

For details on how I work with Brands have a look at my Work With Me Page

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Eimear said...

This is great, I need something like this I am so disoragnised and I must ask my poor husband his plans for the week about ten times before it registers!

MummyTravels said...

This is a really nice idea - I've just got a diary for 2016 (to go with my array of planners) but I love the idea of being able to combine it all into one place.

Unknown said...

The planner looks aesthetic! It has a nice layout and I feel like it's something where I can doodle at the side haha

Tessa Holly said...

This looks so good. I'm always looking for easy ways to organise myself and this seems great and a really reasonable price! x

Cliona Kelliher said...

I like this idea a lot - I do tend to use my phone more for organising but I have been thinking lately that a paper organiser might give me a better overview and I like the quirky aspect of this as well as the practicality.

Anosa said...

What a beautiful planner, I too love planners and recently managed to pick one up from accessories and its just the cutest

Mudpie Fridays said...

Its a great idea to incorporate so many things into a planner/diary. I already have mine for this year otherwise I would probably be tempted by something like this. x

elizabeth said...

Such a cute planner! Looks really creative and original, can't wait to get my hands on one and start doodling xD xx

elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram :D

Unknown said...

Up until recently i was the most unorganised person ever, but a friend got me in to planning and i'm actually really enjoying it. Found myself being much more productive and this planner sounds great - love that it incorporates so many things in to it! xxx

Ana De-Jesus said...

I love this planner. I have been meaning to getting one for ages but still have not had the chance to yet.