Hello 2016

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family. 
At the beginning of each of year I like to sit down and look back at the previous year and
reflect on how things have gone. 
I also like to write up my new goals for the year ahead. 
2015 wasn't the year for me with goal making and I have been looking forward to 2016 
and the need for a fresh start. 

I always think that having goals for the year ahead is a great motivator even if
you don't always stick to them. So without further ado here are my goals for 

Save Money

I can be pretty good with my money in general but I did a lot more spending than saving in 2015.
My money went a lot on home bits in 2015 :
- New bed and mattress
- New Sofa
- New TV stand 
and we have just forked out for a new hoover in the Sales.
There was also the holiday to Isle of Wight. 
We will be booking to go away in 2016 but I also want to make saving a habit. 
I want to start saving between £10-£20 a week if I am able to. 

Meal Plan
I'm not that keen on cooking, Its definitely not a passion but I want to start meal planning 
again. So that when it comes to dinner time i'm not going to be in a panic of what we are going to eat
and also this will help us to use up what we have in our cupboards, fridge and freezer hence saving money.

Be more organised
Not just with my personal life but also my blog. 
I have a daily planner for personal bits to be written in
I have this very cute sprinkle of glitter one. 
I also have the one in the photo above from a lovely company 
The Bloggers Planner. This of course is my planner for all 
things blogging. 
I also want to be more organised around the home. 
We have a lot of stuff and live in a small flat so its pretty tricky to know where to store most
things so being more organised is key. 

Read more
I don't read as much as I use to.
My free time is mostly cleaning and tidying up when Blake is napping. 
Then when goes to bed in the evening I try and get a few blog posts done
or I am on social media. I want to cut down time on social media and read more 
as its something I love to do and has always been my main hobby.

More Family Days Out
I want to go more places as a family so more trips out.
I want us to go out approx once a month on a family trip
and experience more things as a family whether that's 
a trip to the zoo or farm or just a walk around the lake that's nearby. 

Go abroad

I've not been aboard since I was 15 which is nearly 11 years ago. 
We didn't get a chance to have a honeymoon after we marred in 2012 as at the time we just couldn't afford it.
Now that we have a bit of money stashed away we can now go abroad this year rather than staying here
 in the UK. We haven't fully decided where we would like to go yet but are open to ideas
if anyone has any family holiday recommendations? 

What are your new year goals/resolutions if any? 

Would you like to comment?

Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows said...

Some great, and realistic goals here. Good luck with them and happy new year x

Admin said...

A great list of goals. I think once you've had children, things like getting time to read etc is hard to come by but you must make sure to have a bit of 'me time' every now and then x

Unknown said...

A lovely set of goals - we go all over with the boys what sort of holiday are you looking for? We had a lovely time in Portugal this year where we hired a villa and some fantastic trips out in Asia (but they are much easier as we are based in Dubai!)xx

Unknown said...

These are some lovely goals for 2016. I hope you achieve every single one. My main goal I think is to lose weight and I have a lot of blogging goals too.

Life-As-Mum said...

A great list. Most of these on the list are what I would love to achieve too. Good Luck for 2016 x

Unknown said...

Some great goals for 2016, i hope you have a wonderful year. I share a few of them with you, being more organised both at home and with my blog and also trying to save money.

Joanna Victoria -x said...

I'm lucky that Stuart let's me have time for a break to do what I want to do at the weekend and will spend time with Blake on his own for a few hours. I also try and have me time once Blake is in bed

Joanna Victoria -x said...

We not too keen on beach holidays so looking for somewhere warm but where we can go on day trips.

Joanna Victoria -x said...

Saving is so hard but am determined. Hoping organisation will be easier I have got a book arriving called the magic of tidying up which will be interesting.

Steph @MisplacedBrit said...

I started working as a coach (read, life coach) this year and one aspect to hugely increasing the likelihood of you achieving your goals (besides telling others - which you've already nailed here) is figuring out WHY they are so important for you... Why is saving money important for you? ...What do you want to achieve by doing that? ...Why is being more organized important for you? ...How will being more organized change your life?


- Popping over from Love 2 blog :-)