Amazon Haul

It's time for another haul post, I recently did a spot of shopping on Amazon and
wanted to share with you what I ordered. 

As Blake has swimming classes every Saturday afternoon we use a wrap to keep him 
warm in the pool and this is the second Splash about wrap we have purchased. 
The only fault I find with it is the sizing isn't the best he is 14 months and we are having to put him
in a size 18-30 months wrap as his 6- 18 month one is too small now. 
Other than that we love it, Blake also has the swim nappy and the nappy wrap too. 

I chose this book as I thought it would be a great parenting guide. 
It seems to have good reviews and is about helping your child to develop 
and learn through play. 

The Unmumsy Mum writes candidly about motherhood like it really is: the messy, maddening, hilarious reality, how there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and how it is sometimes absolutely fine to not know what you are doing. 
I'm really looking forward to reading this it looks like an easy to dip into book for when you have a bit of time to unwind. 

This may sound like an usual purchase since we don't have a garden. 
However we plan to use this for messy play with Blake. 
Since we went to a messy play class when Stuart was off work we decided that 
we wanted to do messy play at home with Blake. 
At the group they had these trays to put all kinds of messy activities in and
I also know nurseries use them not just for messy play but for
playing with toys such as Lego. 

The blue splash mat underneath the tray goes hand in hand with messy 
play as it means we can keep the floors cleaner.

I then purchased some books to help come up with some ideas of play. 

I love Usborne books and this one is fab it has so many great activity ideas. 
I do feel that most of them will be better for when Blake is older though. 
With some of the activities I feel I can adapt them slightly so that they are more age appropriate for him now such as the hand printing ideas. 

Another fab book that has a wide range of activities and can be adapted to suit 
the age of your child. 
I love the idea of this book as we don't have a garden and I find it hard to come
up with ideas of what we can do outside. 
The great thing is that this book has activities for all seasons so that I can find something for us to do no matter the weather.

The title of the book says it all. 
A book filled with messy play ideas. I think these were the little
 books I used in college when studying in childcare to come up with activities for when 
I was at my placement. 

What do you think of my haul?
Do you own any of these items?

Would you like to comment?