Winter Breaks Your Kids Will Love

So here we are, almost at the beginning of Spring. Valentine's Day is behind us and half-term, if you're in the UK, is here. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to take the family on a winter break but haven't ever thought about where to take them, this is the post for you. There are now many options for bespoke holidays; getaways built around doing something extraordinary. You don't just have to take the kids skiing, or go south for a bit of sunshine. There are now many amazing family activity holidays to choose from. And your kids will love them.
Get Up Close To Huskies
Kids love animals. And if your kids do, you'll know the excitement that they bring. Huskies take this to another level. Operators will now allow you to traverse the arctic wilderness on a sled pulled by these eager hounds. Experiencing the arctic like this is an unforgettable experience, for both children and adults. Imagine the thrill of eight huskies’ paws pitter-pattering on the ice as you and your family hurtle along, admiring the scenery.
Stay In A Log Cabin
What better complement is there to family hiking trips than a log cabin? This cosy winter retreat is a favourite of all. Nothing can compare to the snug feeling you get from being nestled up in your own place, isolated from the rest of the world. When the snow is piled up metres thick for miles around, you and your kids can get back to somewhere you know is snug and warm. Many cabins come with a wood burning fire and some even come with saunas.
Remember, log cabins give you flexibility. So if your kids want to eat something you're probably not going to find at a restaurant, or want to do something noisy, this is the place for them.
Try Snowmobiling
This modern day alternative to huskies is gaining popularity all the time. And it's not difficult to see why. If your kids have ever been jet skiing, they're going to love this. The whole of Lapland is crisscrossed with snowmobile trails. In fact, you can spend days exploring the area on these machines and see areas that would be hard, if not impossible, to reach by other methods.
Visit Father Christmas
Perhaps your kids want to know where Father Christmas lives and where he makes all those wonderful presents they get every year. Well, you could always take them to meet the man himself. Take a trip to see Santa in your winter holidays. Even if you don't believe in Santa anymore you can still experience the joy in your children's faces when they meet him. They'll tell him all their hopes and dreams. In fact, they can be quite open. So much so that maybe you should grab a pen and paper and start jotting down a few notes. You never know when they might come in handy.

This post has been contributed by Beth Jones

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