My Top Mum Moments

With Mothers Day in the UK fast approaching (26th March) I'm excited to celebrate my 3rd Mothers Day as a Mummy. I love being a Mum, although hard work and some days I want to tear my hair out being a Mum is bloody amazing. 

Truprint have asked me to put together my top Mum Moments so far. There have been so many amazing Mum Moments and it was hard to pick and asking me to put them in order would be out of the question. 

Before Blake was born

From peeing on the stick that revealed that I was pregnant to feeling kicks and movements, 
pregnancy for me was something I really enjoyed (even though there a few moments in pregnancy I didn't enjoy much). The moments during pregnancy are just as precious as the moments when your little one is in your arms as they are in your heart always.

Meeting Blake for the first time

I had a long labour which resulted in an emergency C-section, however from the moment I laid eyes on Blake for the first time I felt a wave of pure full on instant love. Meeting Blake for the first time is a memory that will never fade. I am so glad that Stuart captured photos of my first cuddles with Blake whilst I was in recovery. 

My First Mothers Day

Whilst I was pregnant I didn't get to celebrate Mothers Day as I didn't know of my pregnancy at the time. I think as a Mum your first Mothers Day is always going to be a special one. 
We mainly spent the day at home just relaxing and enjoying time together however we did pop out for a spot of lunch. 

Blake's Christening
Blake being Christened was a special day for us all. However for me I found it extra special as I had chosen the closest date that I could to my late Dad's birthday as a special memory of him. 

Our First Family Holiday 
Stuart was 30 in September 2015 and so we went on our first little holiday and spent a few days away in the Isle of Wight. 

Christmas is definitely more magical when you have children. Blake was only 9 days old when he had his first Christmas, however his second Christmas was special and we got enjoy memories of visiting Santa, opening gifts and having a fun but relaxed day together as a family. Christmas with children for me is so important to capture and we did the same exciting traditions for his 3rd Christmas and am sure the same will be for all his childhood Christmases. 

Blake's First Birthday 
Another magical memory for us was celebrating Blake turn one. I loved planning Blake's birthday and he had such a lovely day. 

In the Night Garden Live
Seeing Blake love something so much is magical and even more so when you get to see the show he loves live and meet his favourite Character Iggle Piggle. 

First Holiday Abroad 
Blake loved our holiday in Cape Verde and being able to make special memories with him was truly amazing. He was such a happy little boy and loved being able to go swimming everyday. 

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