5 things you need to know about when buying a ski jacket

*In collaboration with Simply Hike

Buying a ski jacket isn't just about finding one that keeps you warm but one that protects from the sub zero tempatures and also aids comfort and performance. Simply Hike are a company that sell a wide range of outdoor clothing and shoes which also includes sections of  ski wear and gear. With that said here are some of the things to look more into when purchasing a ski jacket, so you are prepared for next time you hit the slopes. 


 Waterproof fabrics are often expressed with numbers referring to waterbillity tests. High waterproofing can cut a jacket's abilty to allow moisture and heat to escape though so you have to decide to choose one or the other. Jackets that tend to be the most effective also happen to be the most expensive especially if using fabrics from well known brands such as Gore-tex. As well waterproof membrane fabric waterproof jackets also have a waterproof coating on top to repel water instead of letting it soak in. 

Breathable/ Venting / moisture wicking 

 Most ski jackets also have underarm vents to allow the hot air to escape and cool air in without you needing to undo the front zip. As for moisture wicking jacket linings are often made from quick drying material or mesh that’s designed to wick sweat away from the body fast. Breathable and moisture wicking materials are important for your comfort. 


An effective ski jacket is only good if its durable as well. More layers are hardwearing and tougher materials are also less likely to wear away easily.

Hood's and pockets 

A ski jacket with a detachable or attached hood are great for extra protection. Some roll into the coller and others can often be adjusted which is very handy.  Jackets with loads of pockets is a must for carrying items such as goggles, your phone, lift pass etc.


RECCO is an extra feature that may be good for you to look for.The RECCO system is a technology which helps rescuers to find you if you get lost on the ski slopes. Made of two parts the reflector and the detector the reflector is a small strip of material that can be attached to your ski jacket. While the detector is what the mountain rescuers use which sends signals to locate the reflector. Once the signal hits the reflector it bounces back to the detector and warns the user of the detector the location of the reflector. 

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