Halloween Bath Bomb Haul | Emma's bath bomb Delights

I love nothing better than a relaxing bath as one of my self care treats and I also love anything themed. So with that in mind I knew I wanted to do a Halloween bath bomb Haul. I think it's so important to support little businesses so I decided to purchase from Emma at Emma's bath bomb Delights. 

I've purchased from Emma before when she was doing a Tenner Tuesday deal and got a few shower steamers, shampoo bar and a shower Jelly from her but this is my first bath bomb order and on opening my packaging they smell amazing.  

So read on to see the 5 products I chose as my halloween treat: 

If you love the nightmare before Christmas this Skelly bath bomb is a treat. It's scented in angelic perfume and I'm excited to use this one as it has hidden colour. I'm sure I'll share on social media when I use this one.

The haunted house bath bomb is the biggest of the 5 I've chosen and is scented in jelly bean. Again this has a hidden colour, if you don't follow Emma on facebook you need to as she often shares videos of some of her bath bombs in use and they are so relaxing to watch.

If you are still a fan of unicorns than this whitchy unicorn is for you. It's scented in strawberry bon bon which really does smell amazing. 

This sugar skull one smells of candy floss and as you can see the colours are so bright and I know this one is going to definitely give my bath a beautiful colour.

Last of all the black rose bath bomb which was crying out to me when I saw this on her website. It's scented in black opium. You do have to take this one out of the container and pluck of the petals off to lather up with water to use as a soap.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Emma comes up with for Christmas.

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