Halloween 2019 Tag

Halloween a time of year for fun and all things spooky. I was tagged by another blogger to join in with the Halloween tag. 

1. What’s your favourite non scary Halloween film?
It has to be Hocus Pocus it's a film I loved watching this time of year growing up. There are many others I love too though such as Casper.

2. And your favourite scary film to watch is?
I can't just pick one. I love nightmare on Elm Street but also the hubby and I love the Saw films as well.

3. Do you have any Halloween traditions?
Not really we tend to have a low key Halloween and mainly just watch films. We do dress Blake up sometimes if there is an event on and this year I'm doing a small display on our fireplace.

 4. What is your favorite season of American Horror Story?
I've  never watched it! I keep meaning to though.

5. Favourite thing about Halloween?
The excuse to binge watch Halloween/horror films. Also I do love the decor you can get.

6. What Halloween costume will you or your children be wearing this year?
I've not dressed up since I was a child. However I've got hold of a skeleton costume for Blake that should last him a few years as I sized up and it's a bit baggy.

7.Has anything spooky ever happened to you?
As a child I use to be able to see ghosts in my parents house. I could see a lady in a spotted dress who would come and sit at the end of my bed and I'd sometimes see a man too. When I described them to my parents I did find out that it was most likely the ghosts of the previous owners as the lady would wear a spotty dress exactly as I described.

8. Who is your favorite fictional serial killer?
This is such a tough one I'll have to have a think and maybe answer another time .

9. What’s on your Halloween playlist?
We don't usually listen to Halloween music.
I don't mind the monster mash though.

10. Would you spend a full night inside of a haunted house if someone paid you?
Yes but I'd have to have Stuart with me no way I'd go on my own.

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