HTI JCB Giant Dump Truck | Review

When it comes to big construction vehicles JCB is what comes to mind. Teamsterz at HTI toys have partnered up with them to recreate their amazing machines for little people. 

Blake is a fan of construction toys and in particular loves his small JCB construction vehicles. So when I was asked if I would like to pick out a toy machine I knew I had to go for the Giant Dump Truck. 

I opted for the giant dump truck because I knew it would be a toy Blake would  play with constantly and I like that it's a toy that can be used both in and out doors.

There are many JCB toy vehicles available for little people such as crains, diggers and dump trucks. They also do them in a range of sizes for example Blake owns a few of the 7" vehicles and they also do a ride on, tower crain, heavy load transporter as well as the Giant dump truck that we were gifted for reviewing.

The giant JCB dump truck  features a manually operated dumper and there is one set where you can also get a JCB play helmet. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play this giant vehicle is great for children to encourage their imagination with construction themed role play.

The giant dump truck like other JCB toy vehicles is chunky and durable which is of course ideal for children who tend to be rough with toys.

We love that it's a toy that can be used both indoors and outdoors and Blake has had lots of fun pushing it around inside and filling up the vehicle with fake leaves and other bits around the home. Outside it's fun to play on grass, sand and mud. Which is easy thanks to the chunky free-wheeling tyres. Blake's had lots of fun filling the vehicle with mud, stones, strands of grass and then dumping it all out and starting again.

Another way Blake and I have been using the dump truck in imaginative play is by using little figures we have at home and popping them into the front seat which he can fit them in perfectly. We then make up little stories together. This was great fun after we had our garden done during the summer as we reeinacted what was done.

Overall we love the JCB giant dump truck and Blake absolutely loves playing with it.

*I was sent the JCB giant dump truck in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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