Little Moments 2020 : 3/52 | Learning through play

This week has been busy for us. We had one particular appointment for Blake that really stressed me out but that is definitely for a different post. 

Blake was pretty exhausted by Friday and was reluctant to go to school so we decided Saturday was to be a day of rest and relaxation for him.

We spent the day in watching a film, reading books and we decided to get out the Learning Resources Whirling Wave Reactor.

We had yet to get around to using the set after it was featured in my Christmas gift guide so decided it was the perfect time to something new together.

Inside the box as well as the bits needed to start making experiments there is a instruction manual showing 5 different experiments you can do which includie items you will most likely have in your kitchen.

We chose to do the simple extraction  experiment to reveal what Beaker Creature was in the reactor pod. Blake was absolutely loving it and we will definitely get it out again soon to try out a different experiment.