This week Blake was at school for most of the heatwave we had.  He came out of school each day happy as usual. They have been doing seaside theme recently and he's loved water play, sand play and eating ice cream.

Outside of school whilst we had the sunshine Blake has spent alot of time playing outside. Outside is Blake's favourite place to be. To change it up a bit we found a shade to sit in at the park for a bit. Blake loved having the freedom to run around picking daisies and then getting excited and picking crab apples from a tree. We didn't keep any as at the time I didn't know what they were so for safety sake left them behind. 

We are pretty luckily that the park we go to tends to be very quiet most of the time. I also like that we get lovely views of the town from there as it is up hill. 


June has been a great month even though it has flown by. I celebrated turning 30 in lockdown and had a lovely day despite staying home.

How's everyone feeling about non essential shops reopening etc? We are limiting how often we go out still to be on the safe side.

Anyway here is what I've liked and loved in June. 

Afternoon tea from Reeds coffee shop
I love afternoon tea and so when I knew that my birthday was going to be in lockdown I looked at what local companies were offering afternoon tea delivery and opted for Reeds as not only was it the cheapest it also had great reviews. We were very imp with what we recieved. The afternoon tea contained a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, pork pies, scones with cream and jam and last of all a selection of mini cakes.

I also wanted cheesecake slices from a local company who are very popular. The 3 slices we went for were Biscoff, Black Forrest and Mars and Carmel.

Prosecco with Rose Gold Shimmer
I purchased some prosecco shimmer as a little treat for my drink. It's raspberry flavoured and tastes delicious and the shimmer is beautiful to watch.

Poppy Fields
We spotted a field of Poppys not far from Blake's school. It was too pretty not to capture.

Summer Solstice Sunset at Stonehenge
On the 20th of June English Heritage did a facebook live so we could see the sunset for summer Solstice at Stonehenge. I've never been to Stonehenge but it's on my bucket list

The Woods
I've not actually watched much this month. The woods on Netflix was good although I personally preferred the book .

Shine On Shampoo Bar
I've used shampoo bars for almost 2 years now and recently came across the shine on shampoo bar on amazon. It lathers up well and has a subtle scent to it.

Rainbow Fluorite bracelet from Julia's Healing Jewels
This is my present from Blake that I got for my birthday. It's a very pretty piece and I love the sweet dragonfly charm.

Shiatsu massager 

I get back pain which I believe is related to when I had an epidural with Blake. This massager has really been helping me. It  can be used on different areas of the body such as back, neck, abdomen and calves. There are also different settings for intensity and the option to have heat.

Pretty Serendipity 30th birthday necklace
My mother in law gifted me an Amazon voucher for my birthday so I spent it on this necklace. It's sterling silver and 3 rings for 3 decades. I did get other Jewelry pieces for my birthday but I've yet to wear them.

Ginger fox book lovers novelty mug
As a bookworm this had to be on my birthday wishlist. I love it features classics such as Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird that I have read as well as others such as One hundred days of solitude and The Great Gatsby which I've not read yet.

Book Quote Print from Leanne Cornelius Creates 
I need to get an A4 frame sorted so I can put this up next to my bookshelf in the bedroom. This was a birthday treat to myself.


Anyone know where June is disappearing? Seriously though I feel this month has flown by hence why this post is a day late and so my likes and loves post will be too.

On the reading front I had hoped to read alot more but I kinda got sucked into wasting my time watching TikToks. I have however ticked off some prompts for the popsugar reading challenge.

The Woods by Harlan Coben 
I read this as i wanted to have read it before the show came out on Netflix on June 12th. It is actually my first Harlan Coben novel I have read and I will 100% be reading more of his books now. I definitely loved the book alot more than the Netflix series though. If you love crime/thriller reads or a fan of Harlan Coben but are yet to read this one you wont be disappointed. Oh and I used this one for the prompt by an author who has written more than 20 books.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang
Picked for the prompt a book about a women in STEM. I'd say it's a romance as well and was a steamy read so if you aren't into that then this isn't the book for you. It explores what it's like for somone with asperger's especially with relationships. It also features important topics such as consent, social anxiety etc..

After the end by Clare Mcintosh
If you are a fan of Clare Mackintosh than you probably know most of her books are thrillers. However after the end isn't but such an emotional read. Pip and Max are a strong couple but when there son gets sick and the Drs put the question of his survival in there hands they can't agree. Definitely one to read! I picked this for the prompt a book published for the month of your birth.

All the rage by Cara Hunter
I've read all of Cara Hunters books and absolutely love them. This one is another brilliant read from her. I do love the DI Adam Fawley series as every read has been so gripping with many twists and turns. Oh and this is for the prompt a book published in 2020.

A Fresh Start edited by Fanny Blake
A great selection of ten little stories by ten authors including Jojo Moyes and Mike Gayle. Used for the prompt an anthology.


Incase you didn't know I turned 30 on Wednesday. Originally I was to have a party on the 13th and had hoped to a do a spa day with Stuart on the 17th (my actual birthday).  Unfortunately like a lot of people plans have had to change due to the Coronavirus.

So I celebrated at home with both Stuart and Blake. It was a quiet one but at the same time was a really lovely day. I did have a moment where I felt upset that I wasn't able to see my family and I especially feel so far away from them at the moment.

One of my treats for my birthday was having afternoon tea delivered to the house by a lovely little local company. I was excited by this as I love afternoon tea and the little cafe who was doing them is one of our favourites we found after moving up here last year. They delivered by popping a table at the front door with the box on for me to collect so that they could keep to the social distancing rules. 

The afternoon tea was absolutely delicious. We ordered for 2 since Blake is a fussy eater but we did share some cake with him as he wanted to be included as well as have his own bits he likes to eat.

I also had some cheesecake slices delivered from yet another local company which were absolutely delicious. They were in the following flavours: Biscoff, Black Forrest and Mars and Carmel . The Black Forrest is hands down my favourite out of the 3 flavours. The Mars and Carmel was for Blake as he absolutely loves this one.

We did end up eating the cheesecakes after my birthday as we really fancied a Chinese as very late dinner.

I've been incredibly lucky with gifts this year and definitely found people know me well. My gifts consisted of jewelry, books, a book light, a book themed mug, personalised notebook and pen, a massager and Amazon vouchers. I'm sure at some point you will see what I got in other posts such as my monthly likes and loves and also I'm still  doing the 100 happy days challenge over on Facebook and Instagram.

I ended my birthday by enjoying a couple of glasses of prosecco with added rose gold shimmer. It was actually quite mesmerising watching the shimmer.


This past week I feel like we have been stuck in a rut. I've been feeling fed up of going to the same places over and over because of us not driving we've not travelled to go for any walks. Where we live is pretty limited without a car as there are not many walking routes we know about. 

Blake being at school keeps us into a routine of sorts but the days that he is off and the weekend we are finding extremely difficult to find ways to keep him entertained. 

We did go out for a walk at a little park up a hill from us and collected leaves and flowers. Once we got home we got some card and double sided sticky tape and I spelt out Blake's name with it and then we added what we had collected.  We also painted one of the leaves to do a leaf print.

Next week we have some bits planned to look forward to doing and I'm having to find some ideas of other things to do to stop the boredom. 

I'm pretty sure alot of you are able to relate to feeling fed up right now.

SUCCESSFUL INTERNET PRESENCE Navigating the Never Ending World of the Web

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Proofreading your content

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Translating what your service is, how it operates and why it is a benefit to clients reads very differently to other people. Too much industry jargon can make a regular person confused or feeling that your company cannot talk on their level.

Digital agencies usually come equipped with in house copywriters trained in developing a language that is universally understandable whilst highlighting why your company stands above other competitors in your field. Plus, having a person pointing out spelling errors or wrong formats on your website can be an embarrassing situation, so it may be best leaving it to a pro.

Providing the Best Package

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Back on my 29th Birthday last June I decided to do a 30 before 30 list. This was a list of things I wanted to do in the space of a year before I turned 30.  

With it now being  10 days until I turn 30 I thought it was a good idea to revisit the list. Unfortunately hardly anything has been ticked off. I had a look at the list around Christmas time and had decided that I was going to make sure I'd tick them off in the new year. Unfortunately the Coronavirus has meant quite a few of the things I wanted to do just weren't possible with being in lockdown. 

If you haven't read my 30 before 30 post than you can find it here. Out of the 30 things I'd say I've done about 10 of them. I've decided that I'm going to try and do my best to tick of the rest when we get back to some kind of normal. Although I do think it's safe to say that it's going to still be awhile yet even with lockdown being eased as we still need to be social distancing etc.

So here are the 10 I managed to actually do.

1. Get into better sleep habits
Definitely have improved on this one but needs work. I'm no longer going to bed at around 1/2 am but still later than I'd like to be.

2.Get into good skincare habits
I always remove make up before bed now and I always cleanse and moisturise twice a day. Facemasks and using a facial scrub are also a weekly habit.

3. 100 happy days challenge 
I completed this starting the day after my birthday last year and in fact I decided to do it again and currently on day 76 out of 100.

4. Learn calligraphy 
I'm not the best at it and started to find it boring but I've given it a try.

5. Save
Even though I'm shopping on Amazon alot still. I have found I'm putting more into savings every 4 weeks so I'm really pleased with myself.

6. Try a new food
I'm a picky eater but stuart managed to get me to try raw tuna . I didn't like it but then I'm glad I tried.

7. Watch some classic films
Dirty dancing was on Netflix and I absolutely loved it. I still need to watch pretty women though.

8. Read some classics 
I've read both Wuthering Heights and Little Women so far since setting my 30 before 30 list and I've now got 6 other classics on my tbr pile waiting to be read this year.

9. Make a scrapbook
I've started one for this year and all we have been doing since we went into lockdown. 

10. Disney Movie Marathon 
I've got a box set of 11 disney princess movies and I've watched 10 so far.


With the weather changing this week, we've said goodbye to the gorgeous sunshine we've had recently. This has meant coming up with new ideas for keeping entertained.

I was glad that I had held back on doing the grow and glow terranium kit with him that my nan got him for Christmas. Because of Blake's birthday being so close to Christmas I do like to hold back doing activities such as this with him so that he has something else to look forward to at a later date.

The kit came with everything we needed plastic mason style jar, seeds, soil, sand, rocks, decorations and stickers. The light you have to buy separate though and you only have to add a spray of water to the terrarium. The kit has enough for 2 growth cycles.

We had fun first decorating the mason style jar with the stickers, some of which are glow in the dark ones. Then we added the soil, rocks and sand in layers that are reccomended in the instructions.  Then you need to spray with a mist of water before adding the little figures and pop on the lid.

Tbe grow light which was purchased separately is very handy for when the weather is like it has been the past week as it mimics the natural sunlight. All you have to do then is keep an eye on it spraying it often. You should notice that it starts to grow after 3-4 days.

It has been 4 days since we did the kit together and it's definitely growing.  


Bit late this week as we've been busy making memories. We've started to play out in our front garden as well as the back garden as Blake was wanting to.

He likes being able to see people go by and next doors little girl has been out playing in her front garden so he's liked being able to see her. 

It's meant we've had the chance to chat and get to know our neighbour better whilst socially distancing of course.

We've  definitely had a mucky little boy the past few days from playing out. We popped his toy kitchen out to play with and he's also been taking a few other toys out as well. 

It's made a nice change to our evenings and we've found that we've been eating pizza most nights. Blake loved his ice cream treat last night right before bath and bed time.