It's been no surprise that we are back into lockdown again in England.I've spent most of the week isolating due to waiting  results of a covid test which luckily has come back negative meaning I don't have the virus. 

Blake was thrilled to be able to go back to school on Thursday since he had to be kept off too. Currently schools are still allowed open and the rules are a bit more lenient than the first lockdown.

It's a bit harder to get out in the fresh air as much this time of year due to rain and cold. But I'm going to try and get out with Blake at the weekends when possible and wrap up warm.

Blake does struggle with being inside and definitely is a child that likes to be outdoors as often as he can. So one of the main things we need to do when it comes to lockdown is keep him busy with various activities, to stop him from getting bored and having a meltdown.

Luckily we have found crafts, games and activity books are a hit with him. Changing what toys he also has out every now and again seems to work too.

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