Just like that Christmas 2020 is over. With Christmas being different this year for many,
I still hope you managed to have a lovely day. 

We still managed to keep Christmas as magical as we could. It has definitely been strange especially not doing the usual Christmas days out this month.

On Christmas Eve out came the Christmas Eve box that our elf Pip left for Blake. We love the Christmas Eve box tradition and I've done the tradition since Blake was one. This year Blake's box contained a Pj masks magazine, colouring pages and pencils, nice list certificate, magic reindeer dust, Santa's special plate, chocolate and a sequin peel and stick picture.

We had a lovely day getting through the activities together. Blake loved the peel and stick santa picture which was a fun and simple activity. He ate lots of chocolate and we had a hot buffet lunch which was delicious and just had a relaxed day.

Before bedtime Blake was excited to set up Santa's plate, especially giving santa a mince pie. He may of licked the sugar off the mince pie though. He took a bit of awhile to settle and drop off to sleep as he was super excited.

Christmas day Blake wanted breakfast and to be dressed before he would go downstairs. I think he may have forgotten that he was going to get presents. He's been a really lucky boy this year and totally spoilt by us and other family members and friends.

Once he saw his pile of presents he got super excited and they all were open within an hour. To begin with Blake was a bit overwhelmed with the amount of presents and was unsure what to play with first so he ended up playing with mini light up spinning top from his stocking before choosing one item at a time to play with. 

One of Blake's presents from us is this car track (pictured above). We love that it doesn't need batteries and it's great for fine motor skills as there are different buttons to control going through the track. I must admit I've had fun playing with it too.

Blake also got a hot wheels track from santa which is lots of fun and has kept him entertained. It's a bit noisy but once he got use to it he absolutely loved it. It comes with a monster truck die cast as well as  a regular hot wheels car and we brought him some extra monster trucks to go on it which he loves. 

Stuart and Blake got me some lovely gifts pictured above. The wax melts smell absolutely amazing and the one pictured above in my wax warmer is a cinnamon one which is perfect for Christmas. Stuart and I also got a garden solar light from the in laws which is pretty.

Stuart cooked our delicious Christmas Dinner like he does every year. We couldn't manage it all so have some left overs to use up. We did a video chat with the in laws and overall had a lovely day.

Boxing day was a quiet one for us. We just watched lots of TV, ate lots of delicious food and got down on the floor playing with Blake and his new toys. 

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