For some reason I've really struggled with reading this month. I've been distracted and just not been able to concentrate for long. Instead I found myself watching a few series on Netflix in my spare time. I looked back on my posts  and February last year I had read 6 books but this February I've read 4 which isn't actually that bad really. 

The Puritan Princess by Miranda Malins 
The Puritan Princess is a historical fiction set during the reign of Oliver Cromwell. This was a book that I was involved in a book tour for and you can read my little review here. I loved that it is a different era of historical fiction for me to read as alot of books I've read within that genre are around WW1/WW2 so it was interesting to read something different. I liked that it was told through the eyes of his youngest daughter and what it was like to live in them times especially with the pressure of not being able to choose her own husband as she wanted to marry for love. 

Beneath the fear by Sheila Rawlings 
Beneath the fear was for another book tour which you can read about here. It's a thriller which if you know me by now is my favourite go to genre. I found this one to be well written with great twists and turns to keep me gripped.

The House Swap by Rebecca Fleet 
Another thriller although I did find this one a bit disappointing. I found it a slow starter and it did get a bit more gripping in the second half of the book. I think my main dislike though was that i just didn't find any of the characters likeable. The story is of a husband and wife Caroline and Frances who are offered a chance of a house swap and they jump at the chance. Having had difficulties the past few years including with their marriage they plan to use the time away to reconnect as a couple. On arrival the house is stark and sinister but Caroline begins to uncover some signs of life. They may seem innocent however not to her as it seems the person she has swapped with is someone from her past who she wishes would stay there. But that person is in their home and want her to make sure she never forgets.

The man who didn't call by Rosie Walsh
I'm actually still currently reading this one although I'm sure to have finished it before March. I'm not actually too sure how I feel about this one yet. It's described as a heart-wrenching love story with a dark secret at it's heart. Imagine you meet a man and spend 7 glorious days together and fall in love,
And it’s mutual: you’ve never been so certain of anything. So when he leaves for a long-booked holiday and promises to call from the airport, you have no cause to doubt him.But he doesn’t call. Your friends tell you to forget him but you are sure something has happened. What do you do when you find that you were right there is a reason and that reason is the one thing you didn't share with each other? 

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