On Wednesday I did it, I went and got my nose pierced! I've been umming and ahhing over it since last year and to be fair I've been wanting it for much longer. It wasn't a decision I took lightly and it wasn't a spur of the moment decision. I made sure that I did a lot of research, especially on how to clean the area to prevent infection, different types of nose studs and rings etc as I wanted to be fully informed before going ahead with it.

In general I take awhile to make decisions like this as I don't want to do something that I end up regretting. The tattoos I have are a great example as I have always chosen something that means something to me and not just because it looks pretty. Once I know what I want I tend to wait months before getting it as I want to make sure I still like the idea before going ahead.

The above photo was taken within an hour of getting my piercing so I'm make up free so excuse that. The piercing shop where I got mine done has got 5 star reviews on Facebook and my husband has actually had a few piercings done there including his septum so I knew it was a place which was hygienic and safe to get done.

On arrival to the studio I had to use the NHS covid app to check in and then sanitize my hands. Then I was given a form to fill in and sign. The form included the usual address etc but also information on my medical history. There was also a section for me to keep, explaining how to clean the piercing and how long it should take to fully heal. 

Once all that information was filled out I went through to the room ready to have it done. Before she did the piercing she asked if I knew how it was done. I'd recommend watching videos before hand so you know what to expect like I did. Then she marked the area and got me to check it was OK. Then it was case of getting it done.

Like most things it depends on a person's pain threshold on how much it hurts. For me I found that it hurt quite a bit but the pain was only for a few seconds. My eyes did water alot though which was something I hadn't expected. I knew my eyes would water but just not how much. 

Since having the piercing there has been very little pain. It's just been a pinching feeling and looking a little red and tender. The hardest thing so far about it is blowing my nose as it really hurt the first time. However since then I've worked out a way to do so which doesn't hurt as much. 

Would you like to comment?

Siobhan N said...

I'm not very brave when it comes to body piercings!

Katie J said...

I've always wanted to get my nose pierced! I think it looks great on you!