I honestly can't believe that the summer holidays are only a few weeks away. As much as we would love to go on holiday, it's not going to happen again this year. So instead the plan is to have days out, visit family and find fun things to do at home together. Blake is sure to also spend time outside playing with his friends as well.

I've compiled this list of ideas and decided to share with you incase you are looking for some inspiration on things to get up to as well.


- Visit the beach 
Skegness, Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes are ones that are a reasonable distance for us to get to via train. 

- Visit a splash park
We are hoping to visit family and hopefully we will get to visit the splash park there as well as one near us.

- Have a BBQ in the garden
It will be our first one.

- Have a picnic
There are some beautiful places we could go and find a spot to enjoy a family picnic and if the weather is bad we could always do an indoor one.

- Dine alfresco at some local cafes/restaurants
We love finding new places to eat and returning to places we love. Hopefully the weather will be lovely and we can eat out at some if our favourite places such as Reeds Coffee Shop and Prezzo.

- Go swimming 
It will be great to see what the local pool is like as we have yet to visit.

- Visit a museum 
I've a list of quite a few that are easy to get to and a few bit more further out. It's a great way to get some learning in too.

- Visit a farm
We love a visit to a farm so this definitely has to be done.

- Visit a zoo
There is one not too far from us that we want to visit.

-Visit family
It will be great if we can visit family in Bedfordshire since we don't see them often. 

- Swimming pool in garden
I want to get a tap installed outside for ease so that we can have a small pool in our garden. 

- Visit a castle
Lincoln is a short distance for us to travel and it would be great to explore the castle.

-Go to the park
Kids love the park and we are sure to be taking Blake to a fair few of them.

-Visit a country park
There are quite a few I'd love us to go to. We love a good walk with gorgeous scenery.

- Go Bowling
I'd absolutely love to take Blake bowling for the first time.

-  Go to Soft play 
Soft play is always a hit with kids. It definitely keeps Blake busy especially on the days when it rains.

-  Do some science experiments together 
We have a few sets we can do with Blake. Pinterest also has some great ideas.

- Crafts
We love crafts and I'll be using Pinterest for inspiration.

- Games
We have quite a few games we can get out but I'm also going to look for other ideas.

- Bubbles
It's not summer without bubbles 

- Films
Netflix, prime and Dvds will all keep us entertained when we just fancy a chilled out relaxed day.

- Book Hunt
There is a book hunt that is being set to locally and we definitely want to join in with trying to find some to read before rehiding again.

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