This past week has been busy and has really flown by. We headed to Leighton Buzzard on Tuesday to visit Stuart's family for just under a week.  The train journey took about 2 and a half hours and then an hour in the in laws car. It actually wasn't a too bad journey and Blake was really good on the train. Unfortunately he had a case of travel sickness in the car but was fine after.

On the Wednesday we headed to Dunstable Downs so Blake could have a run around in the fresh air and we attempted to fly a kite which was alot harder than I had anticipated. People really do make it look so easy but we all found it tricky to even get off the ground for long. The views were really beautiful though and it had been years since I had been there myself. I had planned to meet up with a friend for  drink but she unfortunately had to cancel so Stuart and I ended up going out for a meal just the two of us.

Thursday involved a trip on the steam train at the Leighton Buzzard narrow gauge railway. It's a lovely little journey and it never gets old going there. It's a must for those who love trains. Blake really enjoyed himself and we also had a bit of time at the park near there beforehand as we had arrived a bit too early. 

Friday was pretty much as rest day as Stuart's sister arrived very early morning for a few days but I did meet up with another friend for dinner and drinks in the evening. 

Saturday we went to one of our favourite country parks for a walk. We love seeing the wooden sculptures and doors dotted around but the giants chair has to be our favourite. I must admit it is a bit tricky getting up and down from it though.

Last of all today Stuart's family held a BBQ which it was perfect weather for and we managed to get Blake to have a dip in the pool. Tomorrow we will be getting the train again and headed back home.


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