The Best Villas for Families in Syros

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One of the most popular islands of the Cyclades, which combines elements from the Orthodox and Catholic faith, the rocky mountains in combination with the Cycladic aesthetics, invites you once again to its enchanting places. About in the middle of the Cyclades, Syros is a protagonist island since it "hosts" the capital of the complex. In Ermoupolis, you will find everything you need, from a hospital to convenient rooms, shops, etc., in an environment of neoclassical architecture and nobility.

Therefore, this island is an excellent choice for all those families looking for a solution for their holiday destination. They are looking for an island that combines cosmopolitan character while offering the necessary moments of rest and relaxation against the backdrop of a magnificent city landscape. An essential part of this experience, then, is the choice of your stay. An accommodation that should cover all your personal and family needs. The ideal solution is to choose a villa, which will offer you the necessary space for hospitality and recreation for your whole family. But what are the best options available on the island of Syros for your vacation?

Villa Irida

The history of this villa goes back several years, specifically in 1850 where it was built with great care and art, which is preserved to this day unchanged. The neoclassical design of this villa will impress every visitor both externally and internally. This villa is located in the heart of Ermoupolis, allowing you and your family to move quickly to the island of Syros while at the same time offering you the privacy you need. An essential reference should be made to the roof garden of the villa, which is ideal for cocktail nights, while this two-storey building also has four comfortable bedrooms, three private bathrooms, an office, living room and dining room to dine you and your family.

Villa Semeli

This impressive building located in the area of ​​Harassonas on the island of Syros is something truly unique. This building is part of the overall renovation plan of the area called Cavo Fregada Syros Seaside Hotels and Villas, which is going to change the island and the way it hosts its tourists. An auspicious project that will offer the area a number of luxurious facilities, which will include accommodation options and gyms, spas, botanical gardens and many other benefits.

Villa Semeli is a newly built building that extends to 215 square meters and offers you a beautiful panoramic view of the Aegean. This villa provides you comfort and luxury in its spacious and sunny spaces, culminating in the beautiful outdoor pool in an area that can be used for organizing events. The building has four bedrooms, five private bathrooms and two living rooms. In combination with its location, the comfort that this place provides you ranks it among ideal accommodation options on the island that you should definitely consider.

Villa Mystery

On the privileged south side of Syros, we find the impressive Villa Mystery. Discover all the "mysteries" of the island through your stay in this luxurious and wonderful building. The location of the building allows you at any time to swim in the cool waters of Komitos and Agathopides, offering you the opportunity to experience magical moments with your family. 

Opposite you are the islets of Schinoiso and Strongyli, while the other islands of the Cyclades can be found on the horizon. A two-storey villa that includes all amenities, including outdoor areas for barbecue, bar and lounge. Also, this villa can be rented with Villa Passion, which is located right next door, but each retains its privacy. The design of this wonderful villa was done with respect to the island's natural vegetation, as a result of which you can see bougainvillaea and lavender flowers everywhere.

All of the above accommodation options are beyond imagination, but that does not mean that you can not stay in one of them. Now with the company Divine Property, you can rent the specific and dozens of other villas on Syros' island at preferential prices. Because the dream vacation you always imagined for your family can now come true.

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