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After we first moved into our house and I wrote about our plans for our first home, I mentioned briefly about our attic room but today I thought I'd share with you more about our eventual plans for the room as it needs quite a bit doing to it. We are very lucky to have a good size attic space that we can eventually turn into a spare room.

At the moment the room is being used for storage but we have some ideas of what we would like to do. The attic space was starting to be converted when we bought the house but still needs a lot of work. When we start looking into doing the conversion we will definitely have to do a lot of research into planning permission, building regulations and also costs. We will also make sure we look into getting a professional tradesperson to do the job.

When you walk up the stairs to our attic room, on the right you have a small landing area which we aren't too sure what to do with yet. But on the left you turn into the main room which is spacious and we have various ideas on what we want to do.

New windows
The current window is in awful condition and definitely needs replacing. We want to maximise natural light up there with a modern and contemporary feel so we want replacement aluminium windows. We like the idea for many reasons such as it being a durable and easy to maintain material. We also like that aluminium windows don't expand in the heat or retract in the cold. Triple glazing is something else we may consider to maximise our home's energy efficiency.

Our home (other than the stairs and landing) has laminate flooring so this is something we would most likely opt for in our attic room too. 

Storage is a big thing for us as we need plenty of it. So we want to make most of the eaves and use that area of the attic for storage solutions.

En-suite or not
There is also a small area that would most likely fit a toilet and sink but we are unsure yet if we want to use that area for something else such as a storage room/dressing room. The previous owners have already got a sink there so it makes sense to have it that way especially as the attic would be used as a guest room. 

So far that is as far as we have got ideas wise. I have been checking out other attic bedroom ideas for inspiration especially when it comes to decor.

Have you had an attic conversion? If so please feel free to share some advice if you have any.

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