5 Products That Can Transform Your Home

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Home improvements can be the secret to making your humble abode feel good as new. 

Unfortunately, though it may be cheaper (and less effort) than moving house, it can come with a hefty price tag of its own and cause chaos.

It’s better than the alternative right? And thankfully home improvement doesn’t need to be nearly as high maintenance as you might think. Whilst some of these five products will require a little DIY skill, others will yield instant improvement – take a look and find out how you can transform your home. 

1. Candles 

Everyone loves scented candles. They make great gifts for yourself or others and can have your house smelling like a French patisserie in minutes.

Yankee Candle without a doubt the most popular and everyone’s favourite, with a fantastic range for all year round as well as a wide collection of seasonal scents

But candles are also a great opportunity to support small business, through sites like Etsy which features countless indie creators too. 

Alternatively, learn how to make your own wax melt or candle scents – it’s easier than you think, and you’ll find plenty of starter kits and beginner tutorials online. 

2. Baskets

If you struggle with organisation, baskets are one of the latest tidiness trends that keep everything neat. 

They work in every room in your house, so you can pop them next to the front door for your mail, in the kitchen cupboards to separate your spices and tins, or even in your bathroom to keep all your toiletries in one place. 

Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing way to arrange your home, it’s also useful for helping you find things quickly. 

3. Exterior render

The exterior of our home often gets forgotten about. Even when it’s in clear need of TLC, it feels like such a huge job that we tend to leave it be. 

With exterior render from Direct Building Products, you’ll find everything from tools to beads, and a range of colours and finishes to create the home exterior of your dreams. 

Create a home exterior that leaves all your neighbours with kerb envy. 

4. Wood furniture markers 

If you have wooden furniture that might be a bit past its best, these furniture markers can be a cost-effective fix. 

With shades suited to just about any colour and finish, this is an easy way to mend and blend those little scuffs and blemishes that occur with the general wear and tear of furniture. These will be useful in any household, but are a must if you have kids or pets. 

5. Toolkit 

Once upon a time, DIY was the domain of dads everywhere, and the toolkit was his pride and joy. 

But frankly, no matter what your family looks like, no house should be without trusty set of multipurpose tools for fixing odd jobs. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use every trinket in the box – should you need them, a YouTube tutorial is a mere few clicks away.  

What home improvement essentials do you keep around the house? Let us know in the comments below. 

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