Interior design secrets of Instagram stars

  *This is a collaborative post*

The internet is populated with famous names setting trends across industries, whether its fashion, makeup or interior design. 

There are major misconceptions about how much money these individuals make – while there are many making five-figure sums for single posts, others generate very little revenue and simply create content for the love of it.

Many of these are micro-influencers – creators with follower counts of a mere(-ish) five or six figures. They aren’t working on big budgets, minus a PR package here and there, but many of them are running widely followed interior design accounts that inspire countless homemakers. 

Whether you dream of being a trendsetter or simply want your home to resemble an Insta-ready haven, these are just a few secrets of social media stars and how they perfect their palaces. 

Bargain hunting 

It’s often the finishing touches that make a house a home. 

But the internet can often convince us we need to splash out on costly adornments to achieve perfection. 

Thankfully, there are many cheaper alternatives to these pricey products that can achieve the same end for less than half the cost. 

The likes of Home Bargains and B&M are favourites with savvy shoppers. 

Wax burners, tiny baskets to keep things organised and even Yankee Candle dupes that will look aesthetic on your fireplace and make your home smell great are all budget-friendly additions that will look great on the ‘gram. 

Less is more 

For those naturally inclined to extravagance, you don’t have to break the bank to experience a taste of luxury. 

For statement fitting, funnel your funds into a centrepiece for the room. This could be a graceful chandelier, plush sofa or classic king-size bed from the likes of SM London to draw the eye to the room’s central glamour. 

Being selective about where you splash out is the key to a successful interior design approach. 


Everyone wants the perfect Instagrammable abode the charm visitors and show off online. 

But the most important thing is that your home appeals to you – it’s where you spend most of your time after all, and it should be a reflection of your tastes and the things that matter to you. 

This is important for everyone, but especially if you want to transform your home into both an interior design haven and a source of social media envy. The trick is to sell it with a story – people love insights into the lives of influencers, and what really captures their imagination is the magic of the family home. 

Framed photographs, prints and collages from Snapfish are the perfect way to immortalise your happy memories around the home. Or if you don’t want to publicise your family life online (understandably), canvas prints, posters and wall murals from photowall are a great way to inject a hint of personality. 

These are just a few interior design secrets that have Insta stars amassing followers and inspiring audiences. 

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