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We often take our ears for granted but once hearing is damaged it's damaged for good. So don't wait until it is too late and start looking after your ears today. There are quite a few ways to care for your ears. Some are quite obvious and you most likely do them, others you may not realise affect your hearing.

Use ear plugs around loud noises
How many of you actually do this? I'm guilty of definitely not always doing so. When it comes to using chainsaws, lawnmowers or even if you are at a concert then ear plugs are your friend. We tend to protect our children's ears from these sounds but forget we need to as well.

Turn the volume down 
I've a habit of having my music loud. To be fair I already have a hearing issue and had my first hearing aids at age 7. But it's important to not have music on loud to protect your ears. This is especially so if you are listening to music via headphones or ear buds so turn that volume down. 

Remove ear wax safely 
It's recommended not to use cotton buds. But I'm sure many of you reading this do. Instead there are a number of ways of removing ear wax safely. 

Take medication as directed
One thing I didn't realise was that medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like aspirin and ibuprofen can sometimes contribute to hearing loss. So it's best to make sure you take these as directed.

Keep your ears dry
This makes sense as excess moisture can allow bacteria to enter and attack the ear canal. This than can cause ear infections which can be dangerous for your hearing. 

Get up and move
I didn't realise that exercising is good for your ears. Cardio gets your blood pumping all over the body including your ears. This helps your ears to stay healthy and working to their maximum potential.

Manage stress levels
Stress and anxiety have been linked to temporary and sometimes permanent tinnitus. 

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