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Boilers are an important part of keeping your home warm, especially this time of year. Boilers don't have an expiration date, however they can last up to approximately 15 years.  Over time you may notice that your boiler doesn't work as well as it is meant to. There are some tell-tale signs that your boiler is on it's way out before it gives up completely. Today I am sharing with you about those tell-tale signs to look for.

Radiators taking longer to heat up
Boilers normally reach their maximum temperature very quickly. This means if your radiators are slow to heat up there is most likely a problem. There could be a blockage or a cold spot which can be fixed by having your boiler serviced. However if after having an annual service your radiators are still taking a while to heat up then it's time to invest in a new boiler.

Rising energy bills
Are your energy bills rising? If so there is a good chance that your boiler is getting old and ineffective. When your heating system is old it isn't as efficient anymore. The constant starting and stopping means that it takes up more energy hence why your bills will be rising. This means looking for a new boiler is wise, ones with a ERP rating of A are the best to go for as they are the most efficient. 

Frequent breakdowns
If your boiler is have frequent breakdowns and your having to constantly get someone out to have a look at it, than it's time to get a new one. This will save you money  on constant call outs and quick fixes.  Getting a new boiler installation done by a professional maybe be expensive but over time you would be paying out more trying to get the boiler fixed than just getting it replaced.

Boiler keeps shutting off
Just like with frequent breakdowns when a boiler is in the habit of switching off, it is probably time to get a new one. However, to determine the cause, call a Gas Safe engineer to inspect the boiler. This could also be happening because of low pressure, a faulty thermostat or pump issue. In which case you may just need replace some parts.

Boiler keeps making noises
When your boiler is on it should make a light humming noise. This noise shouldn't bother you and be hardly noticeable. However if your boiler is making loud clunking and banging sounds than turn off your boiler immediately and call out an engineer. These sounds aren't normal and an engineer will be able to inspect and then fix any minor issues such as a broken valve. They will be able to tell you if your boiler is safe or not and will advise getting a replacement if needed. We actually had this happen quite a few year's ago when we were renting and the sounds were pretty scary.

Reduced pressure
When a boiler is losing its pressure, this might be because of a leakage. The pressure also drops when air is escaping through a valve. This problem can be fixed by adding a leak sealer to the heating system. It's best to get an engineer out to have a look and fix the problem if that's possible.

Yellow flames 
When your boiler is burning a blue flame this means it is healthy. If there is a yellow flame that it can be dangerous as it's a sign of your boiler leaking carbon monoxide! This gas is colourless and odourless. It can even prove to be fatal. Call a engineer to check for carbon monoxide leakage. If the leakage can't be fixed the engineer most likely will recommend you to get a new boiler.

Unusual smells 
Your boiler should not emit any smells so if you notice a smell coming from your boiler than you need an engineer in ASAP. Even though Carbon Monoxide doesn't have a odour a leakage means that your boiler doesn't burn properly leaving a light odour. A bad smell could mean that some parts of your boiler have burnt out and may need replacing.

As you can see from the above it is incredibly important to keep an eye on your boiler. Not only is it helpful for knowing when they need fixing or replacing but also some of the tell-tale signs are pretty dangerous.

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