The Benefits of School Trips for Children

*This is a collaborative post

Most schools offer their students multiple school trips throughout their academic journey, to heighten their learning experience in a range of different subjects. There are lots of benefits to these educational visits, as explored below by a girls’ private school in London.

A Break from the Classroom There’s only so much that can be learnt within the four walls of a traditional classroom, and after weeks and months of this, children can start to feel uninspired. With that said, school trips are a great opportunity to give youngsters something new to explore; a new environment that will nurture their curiosity and stimulate their minds. There’s nothing wrong with breaking away from the same old routine from time to time. A Chance for Teachers and Students to Bond In normal lessons, it can be difficult for teachers and students to truly get to know one another. School trips offer a more casual environment for the two to bond and form stronger connections. As a result, when they return back to the classroom, they are more likely to be on the same page, trusting and respecting one another. An Opportunity for Students to Socialise Again, in a normal classroom environment, students aren’t able to chat and build upon their relationships. School trips are a chance for them to develop their communication skills by socialise with peers that they don’t spend their lunch breaks with. The connections made between all students and staff on these trips will make it easier for them to collaborate and work as a team in lessons. Memorable Learning Experiences When reading from a book, it can be easy to forget information we have learnt. However, when children attend school trips, they are able to connect their learning with fond memories, making it easier to retain information. As a result, school trips often help children to perform better in exams, and in school in general. So, as you can see, school trips aren’t just a fun day off for kids. They’re a chance for them to develop a range of key skills, remember information, build relationships, and make lifelong memories. School trips are not something we should take for granted.

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