My 2023 GOALS

Happy New Year!  It's time for me to share with you my goals for the year ahead. Setting goals for the year ahead is something I've shared on this blog near enough every year. This year I'm setting goals for myself for different areas of my life you can find out more below.

- Have a more healthy variety in my diet
In the other words more fruit and vegetables and trying out new recipes. Also less takeaways and drinking more water. 

- Keep on top of my mental health
My mental health as always been up and down.
Keeping an eye and knowing when I need help or just time out for myself is important.

- Read 60 books
I've managed to do this before and I use Goodreads to track my reading.

- Book a holiday
Not decided where yet but it will be in the UK.

- Declutter the home
This definitely needs doing we have so much to sort out especially in the attic.

- Go on more adventures
We love finding new places to visit and explore.

- Save for various things
For a holiday, house related things, adding to my emergency fund.

- Plan once a month date nights
Doesn't have to be out I've got some great at home ideas Stuart and I can do together.

- Sign up to  do more courses
I did Makaton level 1 and 2 last year and plan to sign up to do level 3 and 4. I want to also look into other courses.


Would you like to comment?

Dannii said...

I love a good goal list, as long as you don't push yourself too much and feel defeated if you don't complete them.
Some nice positive things to aim for on your list, it is important to take time for yourself.

mummy24 said...

Great goals for the year!

Wendy Lam-Vechi said...

Your goals are very similar to mine!! Strangely close. I need to take care of my mental health this year and make time to have a date with my husband. We barely find time to have proper conversations anymore.

And yes, I need to book a holiday and save up for little adventures along the year.