Is Sixth Form the Right Choice for My Child?

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Heading to Sixth Form is the next logical step for many students in the academic world, but it doesn’t always have to be. There are a range of options your child can take on that will still allow them to progress with their studies, and it’ll be a good time to help your child truly find their calling. So, is Sixth Form the right choice for your child?

Does your child have a set goal in mind?

Not every child will have a definitive goal in mind when it comes to their future studies, but it can be a good way of helping your child figure out where they want to go next. If your child does have a good idea of what they want to learn more about in the future, then Sixth Form would be the next natural step forward.

This independent school in Wales, as an example, will help children follow what they think would be the next logical step in their studies. Schools are always on hand to help children make the right choices to allow them to progress.

Does your child want to study at University?

The next step, after A Levels, for most students is going to a University to continue their studies. A Sixth Form will streamline this process to help students with every step of their journey. A Sixth Form will encourage your child to follow the UCAS application process, help them with applying to different Universities and to help them achieve the goals they need to get them to their dream College.

Alternatively, your child could also choose to go to a different College to help them with their studies. A Levels are not the only approach your child can take.

Your child’s studying options

Sometimes heading to Sixth Form is not the right choice because of the subjects a certain school or College offers. Your child might be really invested in Business Studies and Economics, but neither are on offer at their current school. Similarly, Art qualifications and BTEC qualifications could be better taught at a College where the approach can be more hands-on. It will entirely be on your child’s exact needs to get them to where they need to be with their studies.

In summary, Sixth Form can be the right choice for your child, but it will be down to your child’s specific goals and what they want to pursue next. Not every child will have their goals in order, which is fair and understandable, so long as you can help them make the right choices to suit them.

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Georgia Anne said...

When the time comes for my son to choose, I won't tell him to do this or that either way but I will encourage sixth form. I went to college and hugely regretted my decision as I feel like 15/16 is too young to decide on the path you want to take for the rest of your life.