Where to eat at Haven Primrose Valley

Knowing what's available on site when it comes to food when we go away is important to us because of Blake and his limited diet. When we went to Haven Primrose Valley recently we were happy to find lots of family favourites available. So here is a breakdown of the places on site at Haven Primrose Valley.

Cooks fish and chips

You can't go on on a seaside holiday without having fish and chips. Cooks do have a limited menu but we ordered to take back to our caravan one evening after a busy day. Located at the main complex next to Papa John's it's in a convenient location as its nearby the majority of the other food places on site. You can also order for your meal to be delivered to either your caravan or at your table in the live lounge or show bar.

Papa John's

Next to Cooks is Papa John's, I have to confess I've only ever had a Papa John's pizza once before as its a bit on the pricey side. We actually didn't eat there as we just didn't fancy pizza at the time. You can also order via the Haven Serve app to be delivered to you.

Burger King

A family favourite Burger King is on site with room to sit in or you can takeaway or of course order for delivery via the Haven serve app.

Seaside treats

Seaside treats is situated near the Lakehouse which is about a 10-15 minute walk from the main facilities. The Lakehouse is the area where the majority of the activities are held so is a great stop off for a sweet treat after being active. 

Mash and Barrel 
Mash and Barrel is one of the two main restaurants on site. Serving brilliant classics and family favourites at breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ate 3 times whilst there and I'll be honest the customer service wasn't great at dinner times as we were seated and then no one came to take our order for over 20 minutes so we gave up and orderd via the app. This happened both times we ate there for dinner. The food the first time we ate there was lovely, I opted for a chicken pasta dish that was really good. Stuart and Blake enjoyed there food too but the second time we were disappointed as the burger I had was very dry and Stuart found the same with his hunters chicken. Breakfast was really good the one time we ate there and it wasn't as busy so we ordered our food pretty promptly. Stuart and I both orderd pancakes with bacon and maple syrup which was delicious and Blake had toast. 

Millies Cookies
Millies Cookies is situated in the main complex within the arcade. We grabbed cookies from there a few times which were really good. I do however wish they had more cookie flavours available to choose from. Blake also had an ice cream from them which was great portion wise for the price.

Slim Chickens 
Slim Chickens is new to Haven, offering a delightful menu that includes hand-breaded chicken tenders, perfectly fried wings, and delicious craft sandwiches. We really enjoyed the food and I had a biscoff milkshake which I really recommend. It's a bit on the pricey side but as you can see the large portion of chips definitely are large compared to some fast food restaurants.

Lakehouse restaurant 
The Lakehouse restaurant to me was the best place to eat on site. I wish we had eaten there more than we did at Mash and Barrel. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was much better than Mash and Barrel with the staff being really friendly and prompt to take our order. I definitely recommend the chicken and leek pie it really was amazing. 

So there you have it all the places you can eat on site at Haven Primrose Valley. You are definitely spoilt for choice and there is a great variety of family friendly choices.

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