Valentines Gift: Night out


I love Valentines I am a sucker for all things love which is 
why we chose February to be the month to get married. 
Of course I am a big believer of telling Stuart 
that I love him everyday not just on Valentines.

Now when it comes to buying valentines gifts we normally
do the usual chocolates and flowers or my case I get Stuart 

I think next year we may try and book tickets to go and see a show as I not been to the theatre 
for quite a few years. 

I love the idea of seeing a comedy or musical but if you are a fan of Opera 
this year you could buy tickets as a gift to your loved one to  go and see The Pearl Fishers Eno Production
as the show is on in London from May- July. 
There are also a range of other Opera shows that you could choose from to go and

On Behalf of ENO

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  1. That's a good idea as my husband doesn't appreciate flowers & chocolates and I'm always stuck for what to buy him on Valentine's Day - I think I'll save up for a Theatre night next year & book a hotel & make a weekend of it. Great idea, Thank you!! :)