Slimming World #3

I am now on my 13th week of slimming world, its crazy how fast it goes. 
I have recently signed up for another 12 weeks. 

I am thrilled to announce that on my 11th week I lost 
5lb got my 1 1/2 stone award and slimmer of the week. 
week 12 I managed to get my Club 10, meaning that I have
lost 10% of my body weight. 
When I got weighed last night start if week 13) 
I now have to loose 2lb this coming week to enable 
to get my 2 stone award which is amazing to do in the space
of 14 weeks, I know I can do it!

Riverside Lifestyle Easter Competition

Riverside Lifestyle are giving one lucky follower
a chance to win a £50 gift certificate and 
cute and cuddly duck toy.

All you have to do to enter is complete the rafflecopter below. 
From now on for all competition entries  you have to 
be a follower via Bloglovin as GFC will no longer count. 

If you want another chance to win a £50 voucher or one of three cuddly duck toys
then head over to Riverside Lifestyle's blog

Have Fun and Good luck 

Looking after your hands

Recently my hands have been very dry and irritated over the last week or so. 
I have been moisturising my hands not often as I probably should have been.
I was on my way to do a mini food shop in this cold weather a few days ago, 
when (even though wearing gloves) my hands cracked on taking off my gloves
my knuckles were bleeding and cracked and very sore. 

So I popped to the skincare aisle and got myself some moisturising gloves and some more
hand cream.

The products above have been a saviour I have been slapping on
hand cream on religiously over the last few days and then in the afternoon's
wearing the gloves for an hour and then doing the same before bed. 
Since then my hands are now getting into much better condition. 

What I have been using

Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm:
I have used this the most often and found that it works

Morrisons Hand and Nail Cream:
This cream is very thick and smells wonderful 
I use this just before putting on the moisturising gloves. 

Moisturising Gloves: 
You can buy these in most supermarkets 
these are ideal at keeping your hands protected at night.

Mothers Day with Aldi

I love surprises and this week I received some lovely goodies 
from Aldi in time for mothers day. 

I hope you have all had a fab mother's day and if you are lucky
enough to still have your Mum around that you spoilt her rotten, or 
if your a Mum yourself that you had a lovely day with you children 
(no matter how old). 

3 Piece Cosmetic Bag

The first of the three items that Aldi sent me was this lovely 
3 piece cosmetics bag which retails at £4.99. 
The set comes in four designs as you can see pictured 
and I received the stripped purple, blue and green one
which out of all the designs is so "me" 
The large stripped one is going to used as my everyday make up bag
the small dotted one will be for my handbag and I have given the 
medium pale blue one to my lovely mum. 

Eau de Toilette

I also received some lovely 50ml Love Letters from New York perfume
which smells wonderful and is the sort of scent I would choose myself. 
The perfume retails at £3.99 and also comes in London and Paris.  

Lacura Body Butter

Last of all I got the Lacura Raspberry Body Butter
which smells and looks so lovely I was tempted to eat it. 
It soaks into your skin quickly and leaves your skin smelling fab for ages. 
The packaging kinda reminds me of The Body Shop but at a much
pocket friendly price at £1.99. 
The Lacura Body Butters also come in Coconut and Shea. 

All photo's are taken from Aldi's website. 

Happy 1 Year blog Anniversary Blog Give-away

Hello, A year ago today I wrote my first ever blog post. 
It wasn't until September that my blog really got going
but I am so happy that many of you read my blog on a
regular basis and I really do love all of your comments.

The next year of blogging I hope is going to be even more fantastic 
I have plans for more personal blog posts not just reviews and give-aways,
so if you do have some ideas let me know. 

Image from Google

Onto the give-away some lovely companies are providing some prizes 
5 lucky people to win. 

Cheekyshoes are letting 3 lucky people win some of their 
shoes which the winners will get an online code for. 

Olivia Accessories are providing one lucky winner with 
one of their snake skin clutch bags from the three colours
to choose from. 
Also I have a discount code valid from today 9th March until 9th April 
giving you 30% off orders over £15 all you have to do is put 
JOANNA1 in the box at the checkout.

Last of all I am giving away a Bracelet and pair of earrings for one lucky person. 

Good Luck 

Review: Tru-Diamonds™ Trilogy Ring

Tru-Diamonds™  is the worldwide trademark of Monark Global Limited. 
This assures you that True-Diamonds™  provide the best stimulated 
diamonds in the world. 

With Tru-Diamonds™ you will have the pleasure and confidence
of the very finest diamond jewellery at a much cheaper cost,
and no one will know (unless you tell them). 

With Tru-Diamonds you will know what you are getting
all of their items clearly state the carat sizes. 

I was sent their popular Trilogy Ring, £109 which contains 
2 carat simulated diamonds and an 18 carat gold clad. 
The ring is a suitable accessory for any occasion and 
would make a lovely gift. 

The ring came in a gorgeous cherry wood box (as do all of Tru-Diamonds™ items)
accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 
You will also receive a copy of their exclusive triple guarantee and a helpful guide
 on how to care of  piece your jewellery. 

As you can see in the photo above this lovely ring looks 
very realistic and you are unable to tell that the diamonds
are only simulated. 


1. 90-Day Money Back Trial
Enjoy your Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery for 90 days. Not keen no worries they'll refund your purchase price. 

2. Lifetime Quality Guarantee
Tru-Diamonds™ last a lifetime. They'll replace your stone without question in the event of damage or discolouration.

3. Lifetime Replacement Warranty
In the unlikely event that your gemstone comes loose from its mounting and is lost, They'll give you a replacement stone. No need to buy expensive insurance.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from their website. 

Princess Cut Pendant Platinum clad

Seksy Ladies Fashion Watch White Mother of Pearl Dial & White Leather Strap
Solitaire Heart Earrings Platinum clad

Slimming World #2

I was meant to do this post last Thursday after Slimming World but forgot.
Now how quick has the time gone since I started my journey?

I am now on my 10th week and get weighed again on Thursday 
but as promised I will do a post every 4 weeks,  on my 8th 
week of slimming world I managed to get my third award
my lovely 1 stone loss! :) 

I am hoping to have got another two awards by the time week 13 comes around 
hopefully my Silver body magic and my 1 stone 1/2 award!

I still have a long way to go however I am feeling much more 
happier, brighter and more determined.

Review: Amethyst Ezme Jewellery

Recently I have been sent some wonderful Jewellery pieces from the 
lovely Amethyst Ezme.

 Her aim to produce a good range of quality and
 affordable accessories for everyone. 

Look how lovely they are and they are so me as well. 

Bow earrings unfortunatly I wont be able to wear these
as I can only wear silver or gold earrings which is shame
as they are so cute. 
I will most likely put this in a give-away for my blog 's 1st 
Birthday next week :) 

Secondly is this cute pale blue cross bracelet/anklet. 

and last of all a gorgeous cross necklace. 

How cute are these pieces 

Which one do you like the best?  

Review: Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed with Riverside Lifestyle

Mother's Day, a time to show your Mum that you really do care
and appreciate her. 

As a child I remember me and my Sister making our Mum 
a lovely Breakfast in Bed. 
I also remember on one occasion as well as making her
a lovely cup of tea and some toast to eat that we went into 
the garden and cut a flower from one of the plants in the garden
and put it on the tray as well. 

When me and Stuart have children of our own one day, 
I'd love to stick at this lovely Mother's Day tradition of 
Breakfast in bed. 

Now a lovely company called Riverside Lifestyle have given me 
a range of their Mother's day products that are aimed to create
a wonderful breakfast in bed experience for your Mum. 
I wont be able to do this however I will be passing on these 
wonderful goodies for her to use. 

First of all 
Raspberry and Lavender Jam 
I love Raspberry jam on toast while drinking a steaming mug of coffee. 
The idea of Lavender in Jam sounds quite strange to me but
I am sure that it will taste lovely. 

Next up some lovely handmade garden chocolate's
The handmade chocolate truffles with Dark, Milk and
White chocolate come in 12 different garden flavours
 Lavender, Rose, Blackcurrent, Apple, Rasberry, Raspberry, 
Orange , Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Rhubarb, and Champagne. 

They are all lovingly packaged and as part of the mother's day treat
can be eaten any time of the day not just breakfast. 

Last of all is the Lavender Bath Creamer I received two of these
lovely bath products which would be ideal for a lovely
and relaxing morning/evening soak. 

Product/s Costs

- All of the lovely home made jams retail at £4.70 each 
- The Garden Truffles retail at £7.99 
and last of the all 
- The Bath Creamers are £3 each. 

For more Mother's Day Gift Ideas have a look at their website. 

Mother's Day Give-away.

Mother's Day is fast approaching and lovely people
over at Hello Canvas are giving one lucky person
a chance to win a 20 x 28 inch Canvas print. 
All the winner will have to do is send them a
photo ready to put on the canvas. 

All being well it should arrive just in time for Mother's Day. 

Good Luck 

Review: Tropic Skincare Smoothing Cleanser

I am very happy to have been given the chance to review yet another wonderful product 
from the lovely Tropic Skincare range by Susan Ma and Lord Alan Sugar.

This time the 120ml Smoothing Cleanser, £15.00 which is packed in a
lovely eye catching green bottle with a pump action lid
which is then packed in a gorgeous  light and dark green box
along with a soft and fluffy bamboo facecloth. 
The Smoothing Cleanser is  luxuriously indulgent spa facial kit 
which gently cleans and buffs your skin revealing more 
soft, hydrated, radiant looking skin. 

The rich and creamy Smoothing Cleanser is enriched with pure plant actives which 
removes away all make up and impurities (even waterproof mascara) effortlessly. 

The 100% organic bamboo face cloth is naturally antibacterial and super soft 
to gentle buff away dead skin and leave skin feeling smooth and soft. 

Containing extracts of Green Tea,  Eucalyptus,  Golden Jojoba, Vitamin E  and  Avocado
this is an refreshing and indulgent skincare treat. 
The product smells heavenly, I certainly can smell the Green Tea extract which I just love. 

To use you apply 2-4 pumps (2 was enough for me) onto your hands 
rubbing your hands together to warm the cream.
Then gently massage  onto dry skin to dissolve your make up.
Rise off with warm water.
Reapply the cream onto wet face and neck .
Run the bamboo cloth under warm water, 
place over your face for a few seconds to stream and open up your pores
then gentle exfoliate your skin with a circular and upward motion
focusing on your T-zone and jaw line  
The all you have to do is splash your face with cold water to close your pores
and pat dry. 

I found this product to be the best make up remover/cleanser I have ever used.
Not only did it remove all of my make up, leaving my skin feeling fresh and soft 
but it also left my skin less oily too. 

I loved how soft the bamboo face cloth was on my skin too as normally
I find usual face cloth's scratch and leave my skin red and sore after, 
which this didn't. 

I cleanse my face near enough every day so the Smoothing Cleanser
can be used as part of your daily routine or if your like me
and want to keep this as a treat you can use this once or twice a week 
as part of a weekly skincare pamper routine. 

I certainly will be adding this wonderful product to my wish list for
when I run out.