30 Ways to Save £1 (or more)

This year Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the £1 coin 
moneysupermarket.com are celebrating it by challenging bloggers 
to share 30 ways to save £1. 
You will then be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win £1000.
So without further ado here are my 30 ways to save £1. 

1. If like me you are a book geek then head to your local library
or if you must buy a book head to the charity shops. 

2. Buy "Value" range products when you can but keep your
eye open for deals sometimes they work out cheaper than supermarkets range. 

3. A foodie tip me and the hubby were fed up our veg going off quickly
so they went to waste we now blanch our veg in hot water and the freeze
them in plastic containers. 

4. Grow your own vegetables and/or herbs

5. Instead of buying chicken drumsticks or chicken breast 
buy a whole chicken you can get a whole lot more chicken 
off them and can use the bones to make stock 

6.Quit the gym and buy some fitness DVDs, fitness games such 
as Zumba or Wii fit or even take up running. 

7. Collect Points on your store cards 
I have ones for Boots, Superdrug and Tesco which I use
the most.

8. Make your own cards works out much cheaper and is
more fun and personal too

9. Make your own gifts
Pinterest is brimming with ideas

10. Head to charity shops
you can find a range of items at great items that are good quality 
without the price tag

11. If you get regular prescriptions and live in England 
than consider getting prescription certificate 

12. wear glasses like me but hate the price tag have a look
at online companies such as Glasses2U.

13.  make sure your in the correct council tax band 
we found out ours wasn't so was able to get a refund. 

14. Instead of going out spend time in doors
cook a meal for friends, have a romantic night in with your loved one. 

15. Sell any clothes or items that you don't need or use
ebay and even facebook groups are good for this

16. Buy cheaper make up brands 
I tend to use MUA a lot more these days 

17.  Recycle jars and posts 
I have a mason jar that came with some bath salts
I now use it to store my Q-tips

18. Pack your own lunch to take to work

19. Same goes for coffee buy a jar of your own to take to work 
rather than going to costa everyday

20. Use freecycle 
you can get some good quality items on there
that people want to get rid of

21. Use comparison sites 
that way you can find the item you want at the best price

22. Up-cycle 
in other words DIY make your old items into something
brand spanking new. 

23. Make most of offers
see something that would make a great gifts and is on offer 
by more than one of them 

24. fancy a drink stay in 
buying a bottle of vodka and a bottle of coke will work out cheaper
and you can buy nibbles on the cheap too

25. Go on free days out
If you look online you can find loads of places to go 
in your local area/s for free 

26. Shop online 
it tends to be easier and also works out cheaper too 
(as long as you don't impulse buy) 

27. Go on approved food 
we have found many good deals on here 

28. Do a weekly food menu and stick to it 

29. Make sure that if you are able to get concessions do so 
I am able to borrow DVDs and CDs from the library for free and 
get discounts on my train fairs just because I have a hearing impairment 

30. Make sure you turn everything off 
the tap when brushing teeth, the electrical appliances at night, 
lights when you don't need them on same for the heating in winter. 

Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations

All lovers of Cadbury will be thrilled to see that they have come out with 
two wacky and wonderful flavours. 

Cadbury Marvellous Creations are a chocolate lovers dream. 
I was sent both flavours "Jelly Popping Candy Shells" and 
"Cookie Nut Crunch"

I am excited to try out both flavours but the Jelly Popping Candy Shells
was the one I was most looking forward to trying. 

As you can see the packaging has its usual Classic Purple wrapping 
but is decorated with candy coloured stripes, bringing out the kid in you.

Unwrapping the chocolate you will see another difference;
the chocolate is unusually shaped with different sized pieces and patterns. 

The Jelly Popping Candy bar had plenty of pieces of candy and 
on having a taste of the smooth and delicious chocolate the 
candy made it an exciting treat with the fabulous sensation due to a
tingly sensation. 

The above image is of the Cookie Nut Crunch (well, what's left of it! Yum!) 
The Cookie Nut Crunch bar is filled with lovely cookie pieces, 
and a mouthful of delicious nut caramel and is full of crunch. 

I love both of the bars as they are both different and the taste of each one 
is a delight for chocolate lovers who want try something a little different. 

The large 200g bars retail at £2.49 and the smaller 47g bar retails at 59p 
bringing a little more excitement into your day. 

The O2

Listening to music is one of my favourite things to do. 
You can sit back and relax, dance around whilst doing the housework
or have it on in the background whilst you exercise. 

Me and the hubby do not really have the same taste in music 
what so ever. 

One of things I really want to be able to do is go and see a show at the O2 arena.
I think something like watching Mrs Browns Boys would be more up 
mine and Stuart's street, since after all our music tastes our different 
but our sense of humour isn't.

I've recently been listening to one of Alicia Keys songs on my MP3 player 
although I am not a huge fan of hers I thought it was rather good. 

You can buy Alicia Keys Tickets to see her at the O2 at the end of May 
if your a fan of hers. 

I have also been listening to Michael Buble's new album too which I love
and I know he will be at the O2 at some point as well this year,
I know quite a few people that would love to see him at the O2. 

I love the idea of going to the O2 not just because of seeing a show live, 
I am sure the atmosphere would be fantastic. 
But also as there seems to be loads to do there and quite
a few different places to eat out, and I love trying new places to eat and drink. 

So have you ever been to the O2 if so what did you go and see? 

Mystical Monochrome

Today was a rather lovely day, the sun was shining and the sky was 
a rather lovely clear blue. 

I popped out to town with my husband to find some new shoes to go with a
 dress I had recently brought for a christening we are attending next Sunday. 

Today I decided to wear this lovely Monochrome Tunic that I had found the same
time I brought the dress.

I chose to pair it with my leggings which I literally live in at the moment, 
along with the lip balm pendant I got to review a few months back and
a bracelet I got off Ebay. 

I love the button up detail at the top of the tunic and the fact it ties
up at the back. 

Tunic Top: By Evans brought in local charity shop for £3.50 (or something like that)
Leggings: Yours Clothing £15 (I have two pairs and wear these all the time) 
Bracelet: Ebay £9.00 plus postage
Pendant: From Ezme 

I really love the Monochrome trend as it can look great
dressed up or casual.

Here are a few of my favourite Monochrome Pieces from my favourite shop New Look.
These  all in the plus size clothing section.
(Near enough) 

Black Pattern (Black) Koko Black Floral Contrast Neck Pleat Dress | 281403509 | New Look
A little similar to my tunic but in dress form very pretty

White (White) Inspire White Glasses Cat T-Shirt  | 281111810 | New Look
I just love this cute cat with glasses he looks so adorable
Black Pattern (Black) Inspire Monochrome Aztec Print Leggings  | 276151709 | New Look
Love the pattern on these leggings not sure if I'd wear them
myself though. 
White Pattern (White) Fiorelli London White Bethnal Green Satchel  | 276715219 | New Look
I love, love, love this bag shame its outside my price range
Black Pattern (Black) 5 Pack Monochrome Print Socks  | 274314609 | New Look
Not too sure about Monochrome?
try out these lovely socks.

Whats in My Bag

I've been meaning to do this post for awhile now but 
never just got around to doing it. 

The Bag: 
£6 in the after Christmas sales in Peacocks 
The Keyring: 
Review item from Utterly Personal 

Bag Organiser: 
Ebay think I got this for £2 or something like that 
from a seller in China. 

In the bag organiser I have 
- indigestion remedy (Just in case) 
- Painkillers 
- My keys
- Pen (British Heart Foundation)  and address book ( card factory) 
- Tissues 
- Mini Hair Brush 
- Hand cream (Sebamed) 
-Purse ( Peacocks) 
I also tend to my mobile in the organiser as well

Make Up Bag ( Aldi) 
Sebamed Lip Balm 
Dettol hand sanitizer got pack of 3 in 99p store
Hair band 
Hair Clip 

I also carry around my Slimming World Book as I would forget to 
take it to group otherwise. 

Other items not pictured: 
I sometimes take a book or my kindle with me depending where I am going
and in the summer I am going to make sure I carry around sun cream with me. 

Review: Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Range

Suffer from sensitive teeth? 
Then you need to try out Colgate's sensitive pro relief range. 
Colgate has a brand spanking New range of products
designed for people like me and you who suffer from 
teeth sensitivity. 

Colgate have formulated four different toothpastes so those 
with sensitive teeth can find the ideal toothpaste. 
from whitening to enamel repair Colgate have got it covered. 

Also even with a mouth wash and a specially designed toothbrush 
you can now keep the pain at bay. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

The Original sensitive pro relief toothpaste gives you instant and 
lasting relief with an exclusive Pro-Argin formula when applied to
sensitive teeth  for 1 minute. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

I was thrilled to be sent the whiting version too as I like to keep 
my teeth sparking white. 
As well as keeping teeth protected from sensitivity the whiting toothpaste
also has a low abrasive formula that gently and effectively removes stains
and helps restore natural whiteness of teeth. 

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-relief™

The mouthwash for me is fab and I have been using it twice a day.
With a unique soft mint flavour this is a pleasant alcohol free mouthwash 
that builds a long lasting barrier that acts as a seal against sensitivity.

Review: Weleda Samples

The lovely people from Weldea sent me a few samples to try out. 

First of all Skin food which is a skin repair cream to use 
on dry patches of your skin. 
As I have mentioned before I do suffer from dry skin on my hands
during the winter months so I was thrilled to say that this helps. 
It is Made with organic sunflower seed oil, extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula
 and rosemary extract. 
It is a natural everyday face and body cream which is excellent 
for using as a protective against harsh weather. 
When using this cream I'd recommend using it sparingly as a little goes
a long way. 

I was also sent a sample of their Calendula Oil from their baby range
as I don't have any children myself I will be passing this on.
This Oil is suitable for everyday nourishment and to use for baby massage. 
It supports the skin's natural functions and protects it from moisture loss.

I also got two body oils the citrus refreshing oil and sea buckhorn oil . 
The citrus body oil is made from sun-ripened seeds and fruits, 
they are rich in precious substances which stimulate skin’s own natural regeneration
 and revitalisation processes. 
The Sea Buckthorn Body Oil contains biodynamic Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is rich in 
essential fatty acids, Provitamin A and Vitamin E to intensively nourish and protect the skin. 

Last of all I received the Pomegranate Firming Face Serum
which gives mature skin a intensive treatment.
 Ingredients include: millet extract and pomegranate juice to help stimulate the skin’s cell renewal, improve and balance the surface of the skin. 

Overall Weleda's products are fab and are of high quality meaning that its worth the cost. 

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

For the first time in awhile me and Stuart got to have a day out whilst he was off work. 
We were able to spend the day at the Zoo due to swapping one of my competition
wins for an experience day voucher. 

The weather recently has been rather unpredictable but on Wednesday it 
seemed to look like spring is on its way as the sun was in the sky. 

Unfortunately it was a rather cold and windy day so some of the animals wanted to stay in doors
and keep warm, however we did get to see a good amount of animals anyway. 

We had a lovely time and saw a few funny moments such 
as when a chimpanzee gave a big grin for someone's camera, 
the sound of the Rhino making me jump unexpectedly and
a baby Elephant chasing a Grouse around the enclosure. 

Over all we had a fab day and I certainly would love to go again when the
weather is much more warmer.