June Giveaway Day 1: Colgate Max White One

Colgate Max White One is clinically proven to make teeth one shade whiter in  just one week. 
The toothpaste contains white accelerator micro- crystals , so when you brush 
the formula releases a high cleaning silica ( an ingredient used my dentists). 

The New look Colgate Max White One comes in two NEW variants fresh and active. 
Max White One is designed to safely remove stains and prevent the build up of tartar 
helping to achieve one shade whiter in one week. 

For your chance to win one of two tubes of Colgate's Max White One
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My Dream Home

One of my biggest dreams is to own our own home.
Right now we are renting and in the foreseeable future
it looks as though that's what we are going to be
having to do for quite awhile. 

I have so many plans on what our dream home would look 
like and I love these cute country houses for sale.
This little cottage in the photo below is what I nabbed off pintrest
you can see the rest of my pin board/s here

I've always said to Stuart that I love the idea of having a spacious place
to live with white walls so that its a blank canvas to put our own mark on it. 
My ideal home would be a shabby chic haven.

Living room

I'd love a living room with loads of space,wooden floors 
with white shabby chic style furniture and a wide screen tv. 

Dining room 

Again loads of space, wooden floors, white shabby chic style table and chairs
with a view to the garden 


white kitchen cabinets with pine on top ,
with rope lighting tucked up the underside illuminating the floor.
The walls would be a lovely blue shade. 

shabby chic colours and furniture, a walk in wardrobe filled to 
brim with clothes and shoes. 

spacious with cream flooring, both a bath and a shower cubical
that are white and pine.

For now I am just going to dream and pin some more ideas on pinterest.

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Review: Vileda Cleaning Products

Hi all hope you had a lovely bank holiday!
I was planning to write up this post yesterday however
I came down with what I can assume was a 24 hour bug
since I am feeling a little better now I can 
tell you all about Vileda. 

A little bit about Vileda
Vileda has been around for quite a while in fact 
as far back as 60 years ago.
Vileda products are sold in over 29 different countries.

First of all I have the must have cleaning gadget for spring 2013, 
Vileda has launched the 1,2 spray mini!

Ideal for those of you who like a sparking clean with minimal elbow grease. 
The 1,2 spray mini is a miniature handy  version of their best selling mop. 
Whilst the mop focuses on cleaning floors the 1,2 mini is ideal for
worktops, windows, doors and glass tables to name a few. 

Like the mop the spray mini's handle fills with water or cleaning fluid.
The mini has an all in one system ergonomic handle, meaning that 
you can simply spray, wipe and clean. 

The mini gadget removes finger prints, grease and smears from 
a wide range of surfaces and I love using this to clean my bathroom

The special microfibre pad gives five times a better clean than an ordinary cloth. 
The pads absorbs liquid and glides easily across surfaces and the pad is durable 
and is easily removed to be washed in the washing machine.

The 1,2 spray mini is available in most supermarkets and retails at £6.99, with
the refill pad retailing at £2.99. 

Moving on to the dish cloths the Style dish cloth is ideal for 
wiping down kitchen surfaces and cleaning up spillages. 
whilst the Style Sunsplash cloth  is great for using around the 
home and great used wet or dry.
Both packs of cloth's retail at 99p for a pack of 2

Last of all we have the fantastic power scourer range. 
The extra power scourer is fab for cleaning up super tough dirt 
whilst the non scratch scourer is suitable for using on more delicate surfaces. 

The 3D structure features scrubbing nodules which provide an overall 
better cleaning performance.

a pack of 2 retails at £1.19.

Over all Vileda have a fab range of products that really work.
Now go and check them out here and on facebook.

Review: SoukSouk May Beauty Box

This evening I have another lovely beauty box to share with you. 
This time is the brand spanking new beauty box to the market 

SoukSouk provide beauty boxes where all of the products are green/organic. 
The May box is only the second box so far and I am thrilled to be able
to do a review for you guys to see!

These boxes are a bit like some of the other beauty boxes out there with the fact that you need
to subscribe. 
They have 4 packages to choose from: 
1 month: £12 + P&P
3 months: £36 + P&P
6 months: £60 + P&P
12 months: £120 + P&P.

So here is what is in the May beauty Box

First of all the Inika eyebrow pencil, £13.50. 
This brow pencil contains certified organic ingredients and is
100 % vegan. 
 This brow pencil can be used as any eyeliner for those with paler skin. 


As you can see this is kind of a dark colour on me and since I have very pale skin,
I do feel that this would be more suited to use this one as an eyeliner. 
I would be interested in seeing how there lighter shade one would be like
on me. 

Secondly we have Green People Body Lotion and shower gel.
As you may know I am a huge fan of Green People products 
and in fact did a give-away last December of the full sized versions of these
very products, so this was great for me to be able to try them myself.

This next product is very exciting its the Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Rose, prices start at £1.50.
I love how this product is multi-purpose and can be used in 18 different ways!

Last of all we have BalmBalm lip balm, £3.50. 
100% organic and 100% natural these lip balms come in three
scents Rose Geranium, Tea Tree and Unscented. 
 I received the Tea Tree one and I also found out 
this can also be used on your body and even your feet!

Overall the beauty box has a lovely range of items and its great to see 
a beauty box that has green/organic items only.

Review: Betrousse Beauty Box Glitz and Glamour

You may have recently seen these boxes doing there rounds on quite 
a few blogs recently. 
Now here is my little review I must say I was excited to receive this box of goodies. 

First of all I would like to start off by saying that Betrousse Beauty Boxes are a tad different 
than other beauty boxes that you may have heard of. 
They are different in the fact that you can see online what is in the box
before you buy.
Each of the boxes contain approx between 4-7 full sized beauty item's 
and the boxes are worth between £72- £109 but you pay between £10-£19 
depending on which box you want.

So onto the box!
The Betrousse box has lovely and bright pink and white
lettering with a black background, and is the average size of a shoe box.

On opening the box you will be greeted with some lovely 
pink tissue paper and sticker with Betrousse logo on keeping
all the items neatly tucked in together. 

You will also get this little card telling you all about the items in the box
and a little letter on the back telling you about how to enjoy your 
beauty ritual. 

Now the exciting bit! 
Here is all the lovely items that you can get in the 
Glitz and Glam box.

 First of all we have from the Brand Fair Naturally 
the Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser, £3.99. 
This lovely body lotion smells lush and is made with fair-trade 
mango extract and cane sugar which is known for their 
conditioning and moisturising properties. 

Then we have Jason normalising shampoo £7.29 .
Which cleanses hair with natural, gentle surfactants
 whilst balancing the pH levels of the scalp with Rosewater and Chamomile. 
This also smells fab!

Moving onto the G-1 exfoliating Facial cleanser for boys and girls by Benta Berry  , £14.99. 
a face treatment that is made with 100% natural active ingredients.

Make believe shimmer lip gloss, £10. 
Is a shimmer lipgloss that is meant to enhance your tan. 

Last of all we have the Tonifying oil with organic Peppermint essential oil
by TULECOS, £33. 

This oil is for those who love to have a massage without the greasy feel.
This aimed to use on your feet!

I will say I am very impressed in this beauty box as I've never heard 
of any of these brands before!
So its really nice to try something a little different. 

If you are interested in buying a betrousse beauty box why not head
over here and have a look at some of the other boxes you could get. 

Birthday Wish List


Today is one month until my 23rd Birthday 
so I have compiled a birthday wishlist of things 
I would love my family and friends to get me. 

First of all is this lovely bag from New Look, £19.99.
When it comes to handbags I find that I always go for trusty black. This time I want
to go for something a bit different and I love 
this one.

I have seen a necklace I like in a local shops window ,
which is a little similar to the one in the photo. 

This lovely stripped top is  in the New Look sale at £7.

I also love this pink and gold owl top this
is currently in the sale at £7 and I'm loving owls atm. 

These books are from The Bright side range which can be found on Amazon.

 Last of all the earrings are from Argos I am in the need of more stud earrings so these are fab. 

Competition Wins January-April 2013

I've just realised how rubbish I have been so far this year of keeping photo's of my competition wins. 

A very quite month for me on the competition front and didn't have any winnings.


- Tin of Biscuits from Carlot on fb
- Mug unknown 

Quite month again 


Its starting pick up on the wins again now :) 

- Blog competition £100 worth of goodies including make up. 
-12 packs of variety bags of sweets (won by doing a survey) 
- I phone 4 case from Myobile
- Make up remover and cotton pads from terred'oc 
- These lovely two items of baby clothes size 12 months 
worth £300. 
Now I will say I don't have children so was going to give my win away 
but I love them so much so have kept them in storage for 
future children. 

Review: Soakyourself New Soaps

Hello,today I have another wonderful review for you. 
You may or may not remember that back in February I wrote
a review of the lovely Soakyourself , Love Soak gift box. 
( read the post here.)

Well now they have come out with a brand spanking new range of soaps, and 
have asked me if I would like to try some out for them.

Each of their hand made artisan soaps contain 100% natural ingredients.
No petroleum, mineral oils, parabens, palm oil or artificial colours and fragrances are used.
The soaps also have therapeutic qualities as well as being effective cleaners. 
The soaps are made with  generous, effective dilution of professionally blended
 essential oils within all of their soaps, which not only smell amazing but have a beneficial effect on the skin.

SOAK Yourself ™

When I received them they were sent in their Soakyourself calico bag tied 
with a ribbon. 
When ordering you have the option of them in more luxurious white gift
box that is also tied with a ribbon.

 On taking them out of the bag I found that they were each wrapped 
in colourful tissue paper and tied with a ribbon, which made
them look like mini presents. 

First of all we have the Kiwi and Lime soap,
which is wrapped in the yellow tissue paper. 

I really love the marbled effect on this soap and the curved 
edge on one side  that remind me of sea waves. 

The soap is made from fresh, juicy, spicy and zesty citrus essential oils. 
The fragrance of this soap has an amazing aroma of fresh limes and cleansing green tea. 
The tea has great therapeutic benefits, containing potent anti-oxidants called catechins. 
It is  suggested that green tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic potential. 

Lime essential oil is gently astringent and toning for the skin.
 Soakyourself also uses whole fresh kiwi fruit in the soap, the peel and pulp with its tiny seeds, adds to the texture and lather.

This is a great unisex soap. 

Second is  the Cane Sugar and Cardamom soap,
which is wrapped in the blue tissue paper. 

This amazing soap contains a gentle exfoliating action due to 
raw cane sugar and and organic, fairtrade demarara sugar. 
The aroma is fabulous not too sweet, warming, soft and spicy with
woody undertones.
The soap even has a layer of cocoa powder to finish off this lovely bar.

Last of all the Vanilla Lemonade Soap, 
which is in the purple tissue paper. 

This absolutely fabulous soap has a lovely marble effect 
with one side full of sparkle. 

The soap has double layers of citrus lemon combined with a layer of 
rich and seductive vanilla.

The soap also has extra organic cocoa butter to leave your skin
feeling smooth and soft like satin, and smells incredible.

These soaps are such a treat and prices start at £4.95.
These little soaps will make fab little gifts for friends and family
or for yourself. 

Travel Eco style

Me and my husband don't drive so unfortunately every day my husband 
has to take the bus to and from work, which to be fair is a pain in the backside. 

Not only are the prices ridiculous but then the buses are late an awful
lot of the time or don't bother coming at all. 

So to save the money and time we have discussed a range of options.
He could buy a new Moped but then he would have to faff around
getting a licence, getting his CBT, the right clothing etc. 
Or he could ride a bike now since at the beginning of the year he was
on crutches and has problems with his knee from time to time.
So a bike just wouldn't cut it, until we thought of an electric bike. 

So this is something we are considering at the moment as it would save 
money and time. 

I know at some point my husband would love to be able to drive but we feel this 
would do until that day. 

I will say when it comes to cars he seems to ooh and ahh at vintage and classic cars
when they go by. 

So maybe one day he will get one of them sorts and get classic car insurance
either that or I would be able to persuade him for a more modern upgrade who knows :) 

*This is a sponsored post

Recent Purchases: New Look

Hello all, hope your having a lovely weekend even if it has been dark, dull and raining. 
I've not been able to buy much recently as money is tight so not been
able to buy anything. 

However I was lucky enough to recently get a £50 New Look gift card. 
New Look is my favourite store so I was thrilled to be able to buy 
some new bits as having lost over 2 and half stone now a lot of my clothes
are far too big. 

Any way here is the lovely bits that I chose with my gift card. 

Firstly I chose this gorgeous cream floral gypsy style top, £9.99.
I really love the floral pattern which is fabulous spring time top.
This top will go great with my new leggings for a relaxed day time look. 
I love gypsy style tops because they give me this hippy/boho relaxed vibe. 

Secondly I got this pinky bow print top which was in the sale for £7. 
I love how the material is thin as it will be great when it gets hot. 
I was a little worried that it would look rather boring but I actually love it!

Rose print top, £5.99. 
I really love this roses are my favourite flowers so on seeing this 
top I had to nab it! I was a little worried that it would't suit me 
however when I tired it on I fell in love with it and found it actually rather suits me. 

White Arrow Aztec print top £5.99.
Love this top not only is it this season's must have tribal print 
but also fits in with the monochrome trend too. 

Black Denim Leggings, £12.99 
Sorry about the bad quality of this photo but I couldn't get a better one. 
I love these as they look like jeans but have the comfort of leggings. 

I also got a white and gold envelope clutch which 
I forgot to photograph. 
I got the clutch bag  to take for when I go to hen night next Friday
and also for when I go to a wedding next month. 

Have you brought anything nice recently? 

Colgate Max White One Model Competition and Toothpaste Giveaway

For any girl or guy who has dreamed of becoming a model and following

 in the footsteps of top Elite supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour 
and Gisele Bundchen, the time is now here.
 The UK arm of the 2013 Elite Model Look competition, which is sponsored by Colgate MaxWhite ONE, 
kicks off this weekend in Manchester and over the next few months 
aspiring models all over the country will have the chance to be scouted
 by top Elite model scouts. Up for grabs is a modelling contract with 
Elite Model Management UK
 for the female and male winners, a spot in the prestigious World Final for the female winner, 
and the chance to be the new face of Colgate MaxWhite ONE for its next advertising campaign.

To launch the competition, eight models, including three finalists from last year's competition,

 strutted their stuff in an impromptu fashion show around iconic locations in London.
 According to a poll of 1,000 British adults,
 a smile is the number one factor in determining a person’s beauty. 
These models showed that is indeed the case – and proved their dazzling smiles 
are what has propelled them into the modelling industry in the past year.

If you would like to enter click here.

Now for my give-away Colgate are giving 2 winners some of there Colgate Max White One toothpaste. 

Review: Potters Crouch Candles

Potters Crouch Candles  offer an exciting and diverse range of candles 
for your enjoyment. 

They are even able to make your own bespoke range of candles 
for special occasions such as weddings and parties to give
an extra personal  touch to your day,
As well as memorial ones to remember that special someone.

Each candle is handmade, hand–labelled and hand–finished in their  300 year old converted
 barn nestled in the heart of the English countryside in Hertfordshire.

As you can see above each of the candles have a painted
impression on the lid giving it unique touch. 

They have a range of candles from fruits and flowers, charity one's, 
Christmas ones and fragrances of the world.

I chose to go with two from the fragrances of the world section. 
First up their most popular selling candle India. 

The candle has a subtle mixture of delicate spices and heat with exotic warm 
This candle provokes an Indian paradise feel to your home. 

Next up is Africa (how cute are these meerkats) 
making you think off green watering holes, hot sun and  Saharan desert blooms
this is a spicy and thrilling candle that will take you away 
on an African safari (or day dream at least) .

Out of both of the Candles I would say that the Africa one is my favourite by far.