This year my birthday was on a Monday and to celebrate I was
over at my Mum's on the Saturday for a buffet lunch with her, Stuart,
my sister , my nan and not forgetting little Alfie. 

Me and Stuart spent the afternoon playing catch with Alfie and then
popped up to the graveyard to put some flowers down on both my Dad and Grandad's
graves, ready for fathers day the next day. 

On Monday Stuart and I went shopping at the Centre: MK
though I only came back with a lovely pair of earrings. 
I still had a lovely day however and filled up on
some yummy buffet food for lunch at pizza hut. 
That evening I relaxed with a glass of wine and some birthday cake. 

Here are some photo's from Saturday and Monday. 

Alfie playing catch he didn't want to let go
of the ball at this point

My yummy cupcake birthday cake
(from Tesco) 

It's all mine!

Cuddles with Alfie

Me on my birthday also loving
that I have lost 3 stone

Onto the presents: 

This year I mainly got money/vouchers. 

I got money from My nan and uncle,
Amazon voucher from My mother in law and her soon to be husband 
Peacocks voucher from my father in law.

My sister is going to send me my card and gift after pay day 
which will be a voucher. 

My husband got my the necklace
I really wanted

The bag I wanted from my mum
just love it!

My mum also got me these two tops <3 them. 

My cards and flowers also from my husband.

1 week Aspire Challenge

Back in November last year I was given the opportunity to review 
Aspire's cranberry flavoured calorie burning drink, see full 
review here.

This month I was sent some more so I can do a weeks challenge to show 
you what I ate and how I felt with using Aspire. 


Breakfast: Branflakes
Lunch: tomato cupshot
Dinner: chicken pizza melts (slimming world recipe) 

Breakfast: Toast with Dairy Lea light 
Lunch: Chicken and sweetcorn cupshot
Dinner: Veg burger with baked beans and sw chips

Breakfast: Porridge with mixed berries
Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans
Dinner: Fish,chips and mushy peas from chippy
half of a large portion of chips and batter removed from fish. 

Breakfast: Banana and Muller Light yoghurt
Lunch: Buffet: chicken drumbsticks, cuts of meat, salad,jacket potato
slice of chocolate and vanilla cheesecake and slice of birthday cake
Dinner: none full from buffet

Breakfast: x2 Slimming world Highlights bar (rocky road)
Lunch: homemade chicken soup 
Dinner: Roast Dinner and Flan for pudding

Breakfast: Bacon Sandwich
Lunch: Pizza hut buffet
Dinner: none just a slice of birthday cake

Breakfast: Porridge with apple
Lunch: Jacket potato and baked beans 
Dinner: Turkey with strifry 

Muller light yoghurt 

x3 days 40 mins on Zumba Core for the wii
x1 day 20 mins wii fit


Over the space of the week I have felt less hungry than usual since doing the aspire challenge. 
I have also found I have much more energy to exercise longer than usual.

Solicitors and Professional Negligence

First of all Thank You for my birthday wishes. 
I have a couple of birthday type posts coming up over the next few days or so.

Have you ever needed to consult with a lawyer over professional negligence? 
Lucky for us we haven't had to. 

Back in 2008 I was in a minor accident and ended up with whiplash 
I was able to claim a bit of compensation.
But what If you have been involved in an accident and haven't been
able to get the correct amount of compensation you feel you  are owed?

Then head over to
A legal company that will enable you to get compensation 
due to professional negligence. 

They also help with wills and and inheritance disputes as well.
* This is a sponsored post. 

Healthy Snacks

Today is my Birthday so I have made sure I have scheduled this post in advance
since I won't be around. 

Since starting slimming world in January I have been on the look out for more 
Healthy snacks to munch on. 

I've heard of Naked snack bars before, if you're on slimming world I am unsure
how many syns they will be I'll have to find out. 
For those that are not on slimming world these bars can be a healthy part of your diet. 

I will write more about Naked snacks bars in another post as I am trying them out for 
a review and am waiting for them to arrive in the post. 

There are loads of healthy, fun and tasty foods out their for you to snack on 
my favourites so far are: 
- Bananas, strawberries and mango
- Low fat yoghurts, my favourite being Muller Light
- veg sticks; mainly carrots. I want to have a go at making 
my own slimming world friendly dip to try with them at some point. 

These are just a few yummy ideas but there are so many more out there
to keep you full, happy and healthy. 

Review: Tru-Diamonds™ 1ct Solitaire Pendant

In March I got to show you the lovely Tru-Diamonds™ Trilogy ring. 
This month I get to show you another of their wonderful pieces of jewellery. 
You can read my review of the Trilogy ring here.

I received the lovely Solitaire pendant , £79 which contains 
1ct simulated diamonds on platinum clad. 
The chain is to be brought separate and costs £39-£49 
depending on which chain you choose. 

As you can see the pendant comes in their usual cherry wood box.
As usual with all Tru-diamonds items it is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and
  a copy of their exclusive triple guarantee. 

Just like the Trilogy ring, you are unable to tell that 
this pendant is only simulated as they look so realistic.

So if your on the look out for a gift than I would recommend you  try 

June Give-away Day 16: Betrousse Glitz and Glam Box

Happy Fathers Day to the two lovely men in my life who sadly 
couldn't be with us ( Dad and Grandad) 

I hope you all have a lovely Father's day with your Dad's.

Now on to the last prize. 

I have one Betrousse Glitz and Glam box to giveaway to one lucky person. 
Good Luck 

June Give-away Day 15:A year's supply of green cleaning and washing up wonder products

Dishmatic is a clever little device that no kitchen should be without!. Simply fill the hollow handle with detergent and it dispenses as you clean! Dishmatic saves on dishwasher usage and keeps  hands out of hot, soapy water.   It's made from recycled parts and will last for ages as the heads can be easily replaced with a refill when worn down. Refills come in sponge scourer, steel scourer and brush and all are interchangeable. Dishmatic costs £1.47 from most supermarkets, B & Q, Homebase or independents homeware stores.

EcoForce is a range of practical, effective cleaning (and laundry) products made entirely from recycled materials including recycled sponges, scourers, cloths and dusters for all green cleaning requirements, recycled pegs, pegbasket and clothes line for eco-friendly laundry drying and recycled food bag grips for storing left overs. EcoForce's award winning products do not compromise on quality or price and offer an ethical choice when it comes to buying household goods. All products are made from at least 90% recycled waste here in the UK. We all need to clean so why not do it the green way and use recycled products that are just as good, if not better, than counterparts made from virgin materials yet don't harm the environment!

The prize will comprise the following:
Dishmatic Brush
Dishmatic Steel Scourer
Dishmatic Refills x 3
several of each of the following
EcoForce sponges, scourers, dusters, cloths
EcoForce Pegs x 2
EcoForce Peg Basket x1
EcoForce Bag Grips x 1

Total value £50 - enough for a year's worth of cleaning!

Review: B-sensible Bedding

The people from B-sensible sent me one of there fitted sheets for me to 

I chose to go with the lovely pale blue shade seeing as I thought it would go well 
with my shabby chic style duvet and pillowcase set. 

Unfortunately the sheet doesn't fit my size double bed, so I am going to pass
this on to a family member. 

The fitted sheets come packed in a B-sensible bag and box 
and the fitted sheet in a plastic bag to make sure that it is in the 
best possible condition for when you receive it.

All about the 2 in 1 fitted sheet: 

- Its both waterproof and breathable.
- no other sheet or mattress topper is needed.
- Its stretchable.
- Is 100% naturally hygienic fibre that prevents  bacteria and dust mites from breeding .
- Is hypo-allergenic meaning its clinically proven to be suitable for people with sensitive skin, 
eczema and asthma. 
- noiseless
- made in an eco-friendly manufacturing process. 

June Give-away Day 14: Higher Nature Giftcard

Todays prize is a £10 gift card/voucher for website Higher nature 
Good Luck

June Give-away Day 13: Boujies Candle

So day 13 is here and only 3 days left of give-away's. 
Today's prize is a candle of your choice from Boujies 
Mason Vive Candle range. 

Good Luck

June Give-away Day 12: Macadamia Hair kit

Today I have the lovely Macadamia Travel Hair kit worth £35 to give away
to one lucky person. 

Go, Go, Go 

June Give-away Day 11: Beauty Naturals Set

If you love skin care products than you will love todays prize! 
The people from Beauty Naturals are giving away 
3 sets of their skin revivals kits worth £23.40.
the kit contains: 
- Harmonising cream cleanser
- refining serum
- harmonising balm
- a night time revitalising cream
- a muslin cloth 

Saving Energy

With energy prices soaring, it maybe time to reduce your consumption.
However what electrical appliances  could you live without? 

For me and Stuart times are quite tough and I am all for the thrifty lifestyle right now. 
However we live in a flat that is all electric which can be rather expensive. 

Appliances we couldn't live without: 

- Washing Machine
- Fridge and freezer
- Oven 
- Microwave 
- Toaster
- radiator
- TV and Dvd player, game consoles
- Light bulbs (obviously) 
- Straighteners/hair dryer
- electric bike charger
- mobile phone and other charging devices

Appliances we could live without: 
- Steamer, coffee maker, George Forman grill
- Clothes Dryer
- Printer
- Cd player
- electric blanket
- cupcake maker
- Toasty maker
- bread maker

We probably have a lot of other appliances but I can't think of them all at the moment. 

What electrical appliances could you live without that you own?

* This is a sponsored post however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

June Give-away Day Ten: Vildea 1,2 Spray mini

Sorry everyone that this is posted up later than usual today! 
I have been so busy, but here we go.
 I have one Vileda 1,2 spray mini to giveaway to 
one lucky person. 

Just fill in the rafflecopter. 

June Give-away Day Nine: Potters Candles

I recently done a review of Potters awesome candles and now you
have the chance to win three candles of your choice.

Review: Skinetica

Although I am in my twenties I still suffer from the occasional blemish.
Although I don't suffer from them as much as I did in my teenage
years, I do find them a pain and they crop up at the most inconvenient time/s. 

Recently I have been sent a product that helps to clear breakouts with visible improvements
within 2/3 days. 

Skinetica is a toner like lotion that you apply to blemished skin with a cotton pad.
Once applied to skin allow it air dry naturally which will take a minute or two. 
For best results Skinetica is to be used twice a day once in the morning and then before
bed, once applied it will remain active for up to 12 hours. 

It is also recommended to be used on clean, dry skin and left to air dry before applying make up. 
Skinetica wont work over make up! 

My Thoughts

First of all on opening the bottle I will say the smell isn't that pleasant, 
however it isn't the worst smell ever. 
I was also surprised that on applying the lotion I found that unlike some other spot treatments
the lotion did not sting and feel like my skin was burning which is a kind of a relief really. 
I was glad to find this was comfortable to wear with no irritation. 

I also found this really does work with toning down the redness and pain of blemishes appearing.
Although it's not a miracle worker at removing spots overnight ( though I doubt there is a product that does this anyway). I felt this was a great product and one of the best spot treatments I have ever used. 

An 80ml bottle retails at £9.99 (including P&P) 
from the Skinetica website and I  feel that it is great value for money 
considering it will last for ages.

June Give-away Day 8: Balagan Wrap Bracelet

Today we have a lovely prize from Balagan Jewellery 
one lucky winner has a chance to win a
wrap over bracelet from there collection. 

June Give-away Day 7: Eco2life cleaning box

Today one lucky winner gets the chance to win 
an Eco2life cleaning bundle.

The special cleaning box contains 
- 4 empty bottles to put your cleaning products in
- 8 cleaning products 2 of each for cleaning different parts of your home
- 4 cleaning cloths 

June Give-away Day six Amethyst Ezme Jewellery

Today we have 3 gorgeous pieces up for grabs for one lucky winner
kindly donated from Amethyst Ezme. 

1- Aeroplane necklace
1- Eiffel tower bracelet
1-  little wishbone bracelet 

you know what to do! 


June Give-away Day 5: Iphone 4/4s Case

Todays Prize is donated from the lovely people from Myobile. 
Myobile sell Smartphone & iPad cases and accessories.

So for your chance to win this lovely Iphone 4/4s case follow
the rafflcopter instructions 

June Give-away Day 4: Mystery Prize from Tea Please Jewellery

Tea Please: Beautiful kitsch items inspired by English eccentrics,cups of tea,
 cheese on toast at midnight, the seaside, nice people,
 Monday mornings, girl power, fun at festivals shy badgers, 
laughter and bedroom dancing. 

Enter the rafflecopter to win a mystery jewellery surprise. 

June Give-away Day 3: Palmolive Ayurituel Showergel

Indulge in a new shower ritual with Palmolive

Rediscover your wellbeing and inner harmony with Palmolive Ayurituel Shower Gels.
 Inspired by the world of ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions, their unique formulas are enriched with Indian ingredients and infused with delicate Indian-inspired fragrances. Let Palmolive Ayurituel take you to a new level of sensorial experience!

To answer the question for the comments have a look here.

Bookworm: #2

*Warning may contain spoilers* 

The Book Thief 
by Markus Zusak

I had won this book as part of competition prize
and was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

First of all if you want a fast reading book than this book is not for you and also 
if you like to read a book with a happy ending this is also not for you. 

The book is narrated by death during world war II, and is a story of a young German girl who is becoming of age
and death meets her personally many times in her life. 
The story of Nazi Germany is a touching and gripping read and a few times I shed a few tears. 

June Give-away Day 2: Colgate White One Toothbrush

If you love Colgate White One then you will like todays 
prize. I have 2 Colgate White One toothbrushes to giveaway. 

For optimum whitening results use our Colgate 360° MaxWhite ONE Toothbrush! 
Whitening cups and special polishing bristles help to remove surface stains for a naturally whiter smile.

Whitening Cups: The soft rubber cups are designed to hold toothpaste to more effectively remove surface stains for a whiter smile.

Polishing bristles: Help whiten teeth by polishing away surface stains and clean hard-to-reach areas for a full white smile.

Its dual action head, cheek and tongue cleaner and comfortable non-slip handle create a whole-mouth clean experience.