Halloween Zombie Make Up

I was sent this Fiendish Face Of Fear Kit from Asda which contains make up to make a range of Halloween looks.
The package is also a book to give you some inspiration from vampires to witches.
I've never done make up for Halloween before as when I was little me and my sister would dress
up as witches every year wearing mask. 

Also as I got older I've not really been into Halloween. 
But I think it will be more fun again when our little one is here with dressing up etc. 

This year I decided to try a simple zombie make up look using the kit. 

First of all I used the white cream make up all over my face and
then used the black make up crayon all over my eye lids and then under my eyes
before smudging it with my fingers I then used the black lipstick on my lips

Hope you all had a fab Halloween 
What did you and/or your children dress up as? 

Would you like to comment?

Jayne said...

Your zombie makeup looks really good. :)

olivia280177 said...

This looks great, very effective!

Kim Styles said...

I dressed a as a witch and the dog came with me and the children dressed as a black cat (she wasn't impressed)

Unknown said...

they were a pair of ghouls

Missing Sleep said...

Love it! You looked perfect for halloween x

Kim Neville said...

My daughter dressed up as a witch and my son a skeleton. They loved trick or treating and got lots of goodies

kristin said...

Looks fantastic! Iv only tried Halloween make up once, Never again. Looked like id been repeatedly poked in the eyes! Maybe a desirable look on Halloween but unfortunately it wasnt the one i was hoping for!

Anonymous said...

Effective. Halloween seems to have become a popular event to party/ celebrate.

Rachel Craig

Debbie said...

omg, missed this post over halloween. Fantastic x

Alica said...

That is really good! I can never do Halloween make up very well. We all end up looking like a member of Kiss lol x