My facial skincare routine

Before and during pregnancy I was lucky when it came to my skin. 
I have always been rubbish when it comes to a proper skin care regime as I always forgot to remove my make
up before  bed which we know is a big no, no. 

Since having Blake though my skin has become extremely dry and flaky. 
So I have now started looking after my skin better by sticking to a proper regime. 

The products below are what I use on a day to day basis although I do change the moisturizer from time to time. 

So first of all when in the shower every morning I use the Skin Therapy Tea Tree Facial Wash.
I get this from Wilko's and it costs around 90p. I love how smooth and soft my skin feels after using
this and my skin feels fresh too. 
I have been using a facial wash every morning for years so this is part of my skin care routine
that I have always kept on top of. 

Next up I use the Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalizing Eye Roll On. 
I love this and started using it after having Blake when he was in the i'm going to keep
you up all night phase. 
I love the cooling effect it has on my eyes and makes me look and feel more perkier. 
I tend to always look out for it on offer when buying it and have yet to have paid full retail price for it.

 I then pop on a moisturizer my current one is The Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating  Light Moisturizer.
I really love this one as it works really well at keeping my skin hydrated but doesn't leave it feeling greasy. 
I also have a Nivea one that I use which I also love and find works really well. 

I then leave it half an hour or so to let the moisturizer skin in before applying Nivea Daily Essentials 
Express Hydration Primer. I love this primer as it helps my foundation to last all day. 
I only do this step if I am going to be wearing make up if not than I don't bother. 

Then before bed I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove my make up. 
I use this even if I've not worn make up as it removes the daily dirt and grime from my face.
I then use my moisturizer again and then go straight to sleep, 

Once a week I use the Skin Therapy Tea Tree Facial Scrub, again this is from Wilko and
costs around the 90p mark. 

I then try once a week to fit in a little pamper session when Blake is in bed and put on a face mask. 
I tend to use the little sachet ones from Superdrug but I have purchased one from Lush recently which you would have seen in my haul.

What are your favorite skincare products? 

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Lisa (Travel Loving Family) said...

We use similar products:) I also love Lush too which friends tend to buy me for birthdays etc! Thanks for sharing

analyn razon said...

Such a great selection of skincare products. I love using my LA ROCHE-POSAY, Vitamin C from the body shop and their tea tree oil range.

Rachel Neal said...

I love the simple range and use quite a lot of their products. I think Simple products are so gentle on the skin.

Sarah said...

I use the tea tree face wash too, I love it and I love how it leaves my skin feeling too. I'd like to try the eye roll on, my eyes could do with perking up too! I'm gonna pin a couple of these images so I remember to look out for the eye roll on! Thank you for sharing. xx

Tessa Holly said...

I've heard so many great things about the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, think I'll have to try out a Micellar water. I'm also now super intrigued by the Skin Therapy range so I'm definitely going to check that out!

Random Musings said...

This routine puts mine to shame! I use a bit of E45 and a slather of lip balm! Need to get something going for winter though, my skin doesn't like the cold at all!

Aly said...

Ah, brilliant! My poor aged skin really needs a primer these days and now I know which one to buy.Looking after your skin is so important.

Lisa - Four Walls, Rainy Days said...

Micellar water was an absolute eye opener for me - I'll admit my skincare regime could be a lot better - but its left my skin feeling good and super clean! Love stuff by Ziaga as well - goats milk moisturiser is incredible!

Ana De-Jesus said...

It sounds like a great skincare routine, I really need to start implementing a proper routine for my skin. What would you recommend for oily but sensitive skin.

Zeit my Geist said...

I am really tempted to try that Simple Roll-on product, its just speaking to me somehow!
I am a product junkie so I will buy some and put it with all my other products on the shelf! Lovely post. Anna

Ickle Pickle said...

I don't have a proper routine, but I don't wear make up that often, so tend to just wash my face! My daughter loves the Simple range. Kaz x

Louise said...

I still need to try that Garnier Micellar Water! My friend reckons the Simple one is amazing though and is regularly on offer for just £2.50 in Boots!!

Louise x