New Year Give-away with Visionary Soap Company

With 2014 soon upon us within a couple of hours as a treat for my followers
Visionary Soap company have offered prizes for two lucky people. 
One of their Bath Melt Sets and one of their Lip Trio sets. 
To enter all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter below. 

Happy New Year may 2014 be good to you all! 

13 goals for 2013 a review

At the beginning of 2013 I decided to have a go at completing 
13 goals for 2013. 

So how did I get on? 

1. Loose weight 
Yes I have actually done this have lost 5 stone 2lb to date 

2. Drink more water 
Yes and no I started off well but need to make sure I continue to do so. 

3. Take more photo's 
I've taken photo's but not sure if more than last year probably not

4. Save 
nope not happened I have no income which explains why

5. Get a job
no am still looking unfortunately which is why I was unable to complete number 4.  

6. Exercise more
Yes but I have been slacking recently

7. Be more creative
A little bit I have been doing a little of wreck this journal if that counts

8. Keep comping
yes have won some amazing prizes this year not many as last year but 
I did have the most amazing win ever so that more than makes up for it!

9. Try and use more voucher codes
I have used more vouchers but not the online codes 

10. Become more thrifty
Yes have done this I feel we are doing more well and have sorted out
our finances too. 

11. Give up Chocolate for lent
forgot about this I was busy with my diet and that's what my syns are there for.
I did give up chocolate for 7 weeks prior to Christmas though.

12. find a new hobby
nope didn't happen maybe in 2014

13. Plan a weekend away  
no was not financially doable 

Happy Christmas 2013

I hope you all have a wonderful and magical day 
I will be back soon with more posts I'm not too sure when 
but it wont be too long promise. 

The Reindeer Girl Children's Book

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

The people from The Little Tiger Press who publish children's books 
have sent me this lovely little book " The Reindeer Girl" 
By Holly Webb. 

I am hoping I will have time over Christmas to read this to my little 
nephews as having read the book myself I think it's such a lovely little story. 
I am actually going to keep this book for when me and Stuart have our own children. 

The book is a magical and wintry story of a little girl who makes a very special friendship 
just in time for Christmas. 
One Christmas, Lotta is visiting her great-grandmother in Norway.
 Soon, she finds herself drawn into a magical adventure
 – travelling by sledge, herding reindeer from the snowy mountains to the summer pastures. 
But when a mother reindeer is lost, Lotta must find her before her calf starves…

Betrousse Absolutely Fabulous Box

 Last week I was excited to receive the new Betrousse Beauty Box. 
I have spent the last couple of days trying out the products that was in this lovely box. 
You can buy the box here for £19 however the contents of the box are worth a whopping £119. 

As you can see the items are as usual wrapped in lovely pink tissue paper. 
I love receiving beauty products from brands I've not heard of or 
never tried so it was fab to see such a lovely range
of items. 

The box contains the following Items: 
- Duck Island Shampoo 
- Organic Surge facial wash
- Spa Find Inch-wrap firming gel
 -Leor facial exfoliate creme 
- Helenere 24 hour cream 
- Helenere Intensive Serum 

Helenere Intensive Serum
The Intensive Serum, £32 for 15ml is my least favourite item in the box. 
This is because in general I'm not that keen on face Serum's. 
I did however give the Serum a try and did find my skin to 
feel smooth and soft after applying and I did like that it 
is suitable for all skin types. 
The Serum has a complex of Edelweiss extract and
prevents a loss of moisture in your skin and is ideal for day/night nourishment. 

Helenere 24 hour Cream
The 24 hour cream retails at £30 for 30ml and is a moisturising cream 
with protective properties based on a pure and exclusive complex of extract of Edelweiss. 
The 24 hour cream leaves skin feeling fresh and enhances make up. 
I applied this after giving myself a mini facial over the weekend and 
found that it absorbs into your skin pretty fast leaving it smooth and soft. 

Duck Island Sensuous Shampoo
The Duck Island Sensuous Shampoo, £14.98 for 250ml is a luxury product
that I found from reading on other bloggers posts is used in some hotel chains. 
I love the cute little duck on the packaging and that it is in a pump bottle
which for me is a plus when it comes to high end products. 
The shampoo has such a lovely and refreshing scent and is easy to 
lather, after use my hair felt lovely and silky smooth.

Organic Surge Pure and Clean Facial Wash
The product I was most looking forward to using! 
The Organic Surge facial wash, £5.49 for 200ml 
is brand I have heard of but never tried before. 
I use a facial wash every day so was very happy to try out this one
that is new to me. 
The facial wash has 100% natural foaming action which rinses away
make up and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. 
I love this product, it smells so fresh and kept my skin so silky soft
and I can from time to time suffer from sensitive skin so it's 
really ideal for me. 

Spa Find Sculpted Silhouette Inch-wrap Firming Gel
I was also very excited about this product.
The Inch-wrap firming gel, £25.30 for 250ml contains a Iso-Slim Complex, a combination of natural slimming and fat-burning agents Caffeine, Carnitine and Spirulina,
 blended with Soy Isoflavones skin is tightened and lifted,
 and cellulite is visibly reduced with the aid of natural Ivy Extract, Dead Sea Minerals
 and Hyaluronic Acid, known as the key to the fountain of youth.
The gel has a pleasant scent and absorbs into your skin pretty quickly
 and has loads of benefits I have mainly tried this on my thighs but
am going to give this a go on my tummy area and arms too. 

Leor Facial Exfoliate Creme
A product I had mixed thoughts on before trying. 
The Facial exfoliate creme £11 for 100gr contains smooth pumice to 
gently exfoliate your face and neck area by removing dead skin cells. 
Before using I thought it maybe will turn out to be just another facial exfoliate 
but I liked that it is lavender scented. 
After use well my opinion is different, after use my skin felt so
smooth and fresh and I generally felt very relaxed due to the 
lovely lavender scent.  It's a product that is ideal when I 
have my weekly facial/pamper sessions as it makes me feel so
relaxed and makes my skin feel so good. 

The Big Tights Company

I love wearing dresses and skirts at the moment and mainly been wearing them
with leggings as I have always had issues with tights fitting me. 
For me tights are a nightmare no matter what size I would buy from 
most shops I would find them to be too tight and then end up
laddering them. 

I was going out with some friends from my local Slimming World group 
on Friday and really wanted to wear tights with my dress I was going to wear. 

As the night out was planned in advance I contacted The Big Tights Company.
I knew that I wanted a pair of black tights as it would go well with my dress 
and also some of my other dresses and skirts that I have in my wardrobe. 

I was sent three different sorts of black tights from their ranges 
and I am really impressed! 
The tights fit perfectly and I lasted the night without them ripping.
They also were very comfortable so I would recommend if your struggling
to find tights that fit, are comfortable and don't rip easily to head 
over to their website. 

I am also planning to wear them over Christmas too which I can't wait only 3 days to go! 

Review: Oil Can Oil and Vinegar Dispenser

I was recently contacted by to review one of their 
quirky items.
With Christmas coming up I know a lot of people have been struggling
to find an ideal gift for everyone and has a wide range
of quirky items which would make fab stocking fillers. 

For example I was sent this Oil Can, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser, £6.99.
The gift would be ideal for someone who loves their food or 
someone who loves gardening or both as its a quirky item that 
is fun and easy to use. 

The Oil Can, Oil and Vinegar Dispenser is made of Silicone 
and comes with a lid so easy to grip when pouring. 

Do you like quirky gifts?

Potters Crouch Festive Candles

Potters Crouch Candles offer a range of 5 different Festive scents to make
your home smell fabulous and make you in that Christmas mood. 

Each of the home-made candles are hand- labelled and hand-finished.
The drawings on the label's are as always amazing but this time with 
Christmas and festive images. 

The 5 festive candles are as follows: 
- Christmas
- Frankincense and Myrrh 
- Gold
- Plum Pudding 
- Festive Spice

I was sent 2 of the 5 candles to try and chose
Festive Spice and Christmas. 

The Festive spice reminds me of mulled wine with 
a zesty orange  and spicy scent  which makes Christmas come to
The festive Spice candle is their most popular festive scent. 

Then we have the Christmas candle with opulent spices blended with pine forests and rich orangey scents this candle is a festive treat for your nose. 

If you love festive candles as much as me why not 
check out potters range? Not only do they smell wonderful
but look magical too. 

RRP:£8.50 each

Breakfast Ideas for Christmas morning

When it comes to Christmas I am usually really bad
and skip breakfast and end up eating a box of Chocolates mid morning.
Then of course you eat your Christmas dinner which then
leads on to pudding, more chocolates and a buffet in the evening
followed again by more chocolates. 

This year I am being more careful with my eating habits, after loosing
so much weight this year I have decided that I don't want 
to damage my loss. 

One of the main things I will be doing is making sure I eat a yummy and filling breakfast 
so that I don't end up going for the chocolate box mid morning. 

Breakfast Ideas: 

- Porridge topped with seasonal fruit
- Toast with a festive jam or marmalade
- scrambled eggs 

On the Christmas day this year I am planning to look 
at different scrambled egg recipes and I am liking the 
look of the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. 

The great thing is that the recipes are so easy to 
follow and take 10 minutes or under to cook and prepare. 

Eggs are a great breakfast as they are full of vitamins and minerals and
a high source of protein and fill you up for longer. 

Here is the recipe for the Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon: 
Serves 4

100g/4oz fine oatmeal
2.5ml/ 1/2tsp salt
pinch of bicarbonate of soda
15ml/1tbsp vegetable oil
15g/ 1/2 oz butter
8 large British Lion eggs
30ml/2tbsp milk
100g/4oz Scottish smoked salmon
chives to decorate

-Preheat the oven to 160C/350F/Gas Mark 4. Place the oatmeal, salt and soda in a large bowl. 
-Stir in the oil and 30ml/2tbsp hot water and mix to a firm dough.
- Roll out on a lightly floured surface and use a 7.5cm/3 in cutter to press out 8 rounds, re-rolling as necessary.
- Bake for 8-10 mins or until golden and crisp.
-To scramble the eggs: melt the butter in a non-stick pan over a low heat.
- Beat the eggs with the milk and salt and pepper to taste.
- Pour the eggs into the pan and cook over a gentle heat for 2-3 mins, stirring until the eggs are scrambled.
-Place two warm oatcakes on each plate, spoon over scrambled egg and serve with slices of smoked salmon. 
- Decorate with chives if liked.

What will you be having for breakfast Christmas morning? 

Christmas With Aldi

Struggling what to buy a family member or even your secret Santa
then this year head to Aldi where you can find a range of products
from their special buys. 

I was recently sent some of their Slipper Boots which retail at a snip of £3.99. 
Which I think is an amazing price for such a lovely item. 
I received the slipper boots in Pink and not only do 
they look lovely and snug they are warm and soft making
my feet feel toasty all day long. 

I was in the need of some new slipper boots so Aldi
sending me some was just in time. 
So if your stuck on what to buy your friend,sister, mum and other female
family members then I would recommend these slippers
as they are so comfy and I wear them near enough all day. 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 12: A months Supply of Cadbury Chocolate

On the twelfth  day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A months supply of Cadbury Chocolate!

To Celebrate the last day of twelve days of Christmas a lucky winner
will get a months supply of Caburys Chocolate! 

I hope you have enjoyed the giveaways 

To you all 


Shopping at Designer Outlets

Like many women out there I love shopping! 
One of my dreams is to go shopping at designers outlets in London. 
When it comes to clothes I like to wear items that I feel comfortable in. 

The above photo's show you the sort of thing I like to wear on a daily basis. 
- Dresses
- Leggings
- Tunic Tops
- Cardigans
- Boots

I would love  to go to the London Designer Outlet to see what they have though. 
I am sure I could find some designer accessories that will last me years 
such as a handbag or a pair of shoes.

The London Designer Outlet also has many high street shops such as
Marks and Spenser's and The Body shop. 
There are also a range of lovely restaurants to choose 
from such as the Handmade Burger Company and Zizzi.
Coffee shops for when you need a mid after noon pick me 
up you can choose from many including Costa and Starbucks. 
Also you can even stop and go and see a movie. 

I love the idea of spending a whole day shopping at the outlet in Wembley
then stopping off for a lovely meal before going home it would make
a lovely day out with friends. 

Would you ever like to go shopping at a designer outlet? 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 11: OXO French Press 8 Cup

On the eleventh day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: OXO French Press 

The French Press is a lovely item and makes
a fab gift for coffee lovers everywhere. 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 10: Personal Planner

On the tenth  day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A Personal Planner 

Do you remember a few months ago I had the chance to review and
give-away a lovely personalised planner? 
Well I have another one to give away! 

Slimming World : An Update

I've not done a Slimming World/Weight-loss post in a while so today 
I am giving you a little update on how I am doing and also
share with you one of my biggest fears. 

Regular readers will know that I decided to change my life back in January 
by going to Slimming World. 
I have never been to any other slimming club before so it was all very new to me. 

Last week I got this award!

My total Weight- loss is 5 stone 2 lb's to date. 
All my family and friends are extremely proud of me 
that I have managed to loose this much within under a year! 

I don't have an updated photo of me at the moment but the below photo's were all taken 
back in September so I am 2 stone and 6lb lighter now than in these photo's. 

Here are some fab things I've found with loosing weight: 

I have more energy
I can now go for long walks and last longer doing exercises
on the wii without getting out of breath. 

I love fruit
I use to hate fruit but love my vegetables I now eat more fruit
my favourites being pears, strawberries, banana's and mango. 

I've gone down 5 dress sizes
I've gone down from a size 24 to a size 12/14 
I still have moments when out shopping and I end up looking at the bigger sizes.

I drink more water
Yes this shouldn't be a big deal but I use to be really
bad at drinking water but now I try and drink at least a litre a day. 

I sometimes don't recognise myself
from time to time when I see my reflection I can't
get over how much weight I have lost and how different I look.

Now there is a little something that recently I have noticed
my weight-loss is starting to slow down.
I think my body has got the stage where it's got use to it! 
I'm not too far away from target now and hope to get their by April . 

But I now have a fear I am scared of gaining weight! 
I don't want to go back to the girl I was back when I was a size 24. 
I was unhappy and it was bad for my health. 
It's got to the point where I have to weigh myself every day and not just once
a day either! If I can't I start feeling a little panicky which isn't good for me at all.

I am known at my slimming club as the girl who always has a steady
loss week in week out with only a few gains or maintains here or there.

When I do gain even if it's just 1/2lb or maintain I feel really 
down and low.
 I also have the fear of when I get to target that I will struggle 
to keep within the target range. 
I also worry that once I do hit target I feel that I am invincible 
and end up scoffing myself silly and then be back at square one. 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 8: Biosen and BlanX goodies

On the eighth day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: Some Biosen and BlanX goodies

There will be two winners the first winner will receive the Biosen Deodorant
range pictured above and the second winner will get a tube of BlanX toothpaste
with LED light. 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 7: Potters Festive Candles

On the seventh day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: 2 candles from Potters Crouch Candles festive range. 

Potters Candles are based in St Albans so not too far away from me!
They smell divine and not just smell fabulous but look good too
a perfect Christmas treat or gift! 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day 6: Rose Gold Leaf Necklace

On the sixth day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A gorgeous Rose Gold cottonwood Leaf Necklace.

Balagan sell a range of gorgeous pieces of jewellery which I have
reviewed a few of in the past. 

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 5 Hat, Gloves and Socks Set by Heatholders

On the fifth day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me...
A chance to win:  A hat, gloves and socks set from Heatholders

 You may have heard of Heat holders and that they sell a
range of thermal items to keep you toasty and warm
in the cold months to come. 

Twelve Days Of Christmas: Day 4 Pickle Pie Loves Print

On the forth day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A loves print by Pickle Pie

There is the one I got to review back in October you send them your loves
list and they do all the hard work. 

All competitions are held for 4 days

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 3 Bakerdays Christmas Cake

On the third day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A lovely Christmas Letterbox Cake from Bakerdays
of your choice.

Below you can see the cake I got to review back in October
and now one lucky winner gets to choose 1 from the 32 available Christmas designs. 

All competitions will be held for 4 days 

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 2 Bunches Christmas Cheer Bouquet

 On the second day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: A bouquet of Bunches  flowers Christmas Cheer

Bright and cheerful, this long-lasting Christmas bouquet features green and red Spray Carnations complemented by white and red edged Spray Carnations.

Perfectly finished with white Alstroemeria, delicate Gypsophila and red glitter Ruscus to make a thoughtful festive gift.

All Competitions are open for 4 days and then a winner announced to make sure
that the winner gets their prize before Christmas. 

Twelve Days of Christmas Day One St Grape Aqua Bliss Daily Scrub

On the first day of Christmas Joanna Victoria gave to me....
A chance to win: Aqua Bliss Daily Scrub. 

The competition is held for until the 12th. 

There will be 5 lucky winners.