Cutting Down The Bills

With Bills going up and the fact that only one of us it working
it is essential that we find the best deal. 

On Wednesday we managed to cut our bills down each month by approx £20.
This was by changing electricity suppler from British Gas to Scottish Power. 
British Gas over the last couple of months have been causing us too much grief
so we got permission from our landlord to change. 
On doing so we have saved £5 a month which we are rather pleased about. 

The other £15 a month saving is by changing our broadband deal. 
We are still staying with 3 broadband but as our contract was coming to an
end in October , we gave them a ring to see what was on offer. 

We currently have a deal of 15gb of data a month with 160 texts 
with a dongle and a laptop on a 24 month contract for £34 a month.

Now since we knew it was ending at the beginning of October we gave 3 a call 
and now they have set up a new deal for us.
15gb of data, 160 texts with a mifi for £18.09 a month. 

We chose to do this considering we still have a laptop and even though its 
not the best working order at the moment it should last us another year all being
well and then we will just buy a new laptop from somewhere like Argos. 

Recent Purchases

Over the next few coming months I am planning on spending much less 
since I am in the need to save up for quite a few things for the winter months. 

However here are a few things that I have brought recently. 

Books glorious books
1. The Other Hand by  Chris Cleave
2. Sister by Rosamund Lupton
3. Room by Emma Donoghue
4. Afterwards by Rosamund Lupton

All brought on amazon for no more than £2 each second hand 
I paid 0 as I still somehow had £9 left on amazon to spend. 

On Tuesday Me and Stuart went to Milton Keynes as I needed to get a
new bra and I've gone down in three cup sizes and one back size.
So I got a new bra not pictured for £15. 

So yesterday when I was in Wilkinsons and I spotted this Bra wash bag(above) for £2
I had to buy it as I had been meaning to buy one for ages. 
My bras have in the passed got the wires stuck in the washing machine so now
not only are my bra's safe but I will no longer risk the washing machine getting broken. 

Last of all is my favourite purchase this lovely bird ornament 
from BHS, £3. 

I really love the pattern on the sides of it.
They also do one with a different pattern for the same price and
larger versions for £5. 
I would have got them all if I had the money but I chose to 
be good and just buy the one. 

What do you think of my purchases? 

Review: Beanies Instant Coffee

I love coffee, without my morning coffee I would most likely
be able to function for the day. 

So when Beanies offered to send me some of their range of 
flavoured coffees from their instant coffee's range, I nearly jumped around the room on caffeine high. 

So if you hate to wait, then Beanies instant coffee is for you.
No syrup, no chemicals, just a blend full of flavour and less than 2 calories
per cup that is ready in a jiffy. 

I was sent two flavours: the caramel and French vanilla. 

As soon as they arrived in the post that evening I made the 
hubby and I a mug of steaming coffee for when he got in from work. 
I chose to try the caramel one first since I know that my husband 
has never really been a fan of vanilla. 
I have since however tried the French vanilla flavoured coffee too 
and can say that I am very impressed. 

On opening the jars of coffee you get an instant waft of the wonderful 
sweet coffee aroma. 

On tasting them they are sweet but not overly powerful which is great.
The coffee is full of flavour and if you normally take sugar or sweetener in 
your coffee than you wont need any or at least as much. 

You can buy Beanies Instant coffee in most Sainsbury's stores 
or online for £2.50 for a 50g jar.

Bookworm: Lone Wolf By Jodi Picoult

It maybe a while between this bookworm post and the next as
I have just started reading Fifty Shades Of Grey series for the second time. 

Now I chose to read Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult at the beginning of the month.
It took me just one week to read which was rather good going considering how
slow I've been reading in recent months. 

Lone Wolf is a story of a family divided that come together
 and make a fateful decision. 
Cara who was once protected by her father is tormented by a secret.
Her brother Edward also has secrets of his own, which he has hidden and now comes 
to light. Their mother Georgie  was never able to keep with her ex husbands obsessions 
and now his fate hands in the balance of her two children who both want different things.
What will the family decide? and will they be able to live with that decision once the
truth is revealed? 

I normally love Jodi Picoult novels but I have to say I was hugely disappointed.
I found that unlike her other books the characters were rather boring  in Lone Wolf. 
Although this was a disappointment I won't be letting it put me off reading more of her books. 

Review: Cadbury Crunchums

Cadbury has launched a new crunchy and chocolaty combination.
Cadbury Crunchums is a one of a kind moreish snack
 of crunchy cereal bites that are coated in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate. 

I was lucky to be sent 2 bags and I can honestly say that 
once they were opened it was hard to seal the bag as you just want
to eat more and more. 

The chocolate is just melt in your mouth and I love the crunchy combination that 
goes with it. A very tasty treat for a  night in on your own or if you are able to 
then to share with your friends or your loved one. 

Review: Cutey Bracelets

Cutey sell a range of bracelets and bags 
and I was sent two bracelets one from each of there
two bracelet ranges. 

First of all we have the Eros charm bracelet, £12.99. 
Cutey aim to deliver the highest of quality charm bracelets possible. 
There products contain a heavy quality feel giving you a piece of mind
that they wont break. 
Eros meaning greek of love is a bracelet that is 
pinks, greens, hearts and kisses. 
The piece celebrates love . 

Then we have the white shamballa bracelet, £18.99 
Crystal pure and a token of all that’s flawless, sparkling and true. 
This peaceful bracelet will be an island of calm despite the bits of craziness 
each day inevitably brings. Nine serene beads, with 84 crystals on each bead.

Review: Noble Isle Bath/shower gel and body lotion set

Introducing Noble Isle 

Taking inspiration from all corners of the Isles,
and drawing on the natural and cultural riches of 
the British Isles, the Noble Isles collection has been created .

Noble Isle's high performance bath and body products employ 
the finest fragrances and natural  extracts. 
The best of British design, to create a lasting impression. 

I was lucky enough to be sent the Summer Rising gift set duo, £38 (retail value £45).
The set contains Summer Rising Bath and shower gel
 and Summer Rising Body Lotion.

The bottles both contain 250ml , and smell wonderful. 
 Summer Rising is  an immaculate fragrance evoking the beginnings of summer,
 with extracts of toning elderflower 
and antioxidant-charged gooseberry with clean notes of orange blossom, 
moss and cut grass.

I have personally found these to be one of the best body care fragrances
I have tried in a long time.
The smell makes me think of long summer days, picnic's in the park
and trips out. 

Quote of the week #2

When things get to you on a daily basis it's hard to
focus on all the good things that you do have. 

I could sit and think about all things I don't have which make me 
unhappy, or I could think of the many reasons that I am happy. 

A few of the things I am happy and thankful for:

- Having a roof over my head
- Having good food in my belly
- Having clean, fresh water
- Having loving friends and family

Gu 10th Birthday Winner

After finding out a little over a week ago I can 
finally announce that I am the winner of Gu Puds 
10th Birthday competition! 

My White Chocolate and Raspberry pud will not only
be made to go on sale sometime next year but I also 
will get a proportion of its profits!

Bookworm: #4

The Help Kathryn Stockett 

Finally on Thursday  I managed to finish this book after starting it at the beginning
of July. 

I decided to buy the book after borrowing the film from the library, 
and brought the book and my own copy of the film at the same time. 

The Help is an inspiring and courageous story of very different women in the 1960's,
who build an unlikely friendship with Ms Skeeter around a secret writing project.
A project that breaks the rules of society and puts them at risk. 

The Help is timeless story about the ability to create change. 

Review: Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Toothpaste

As you get older, your teeth can become more stained and sensitive.
Many people associate white teeth with youthfulness!
Beverly Hills Formula understands this and will help you to
achieve a whiter and brighter smile in just 5 mins. 

I was sent two of the toothpastes to trial to get me the "Hollywood smile" 

The perfect white and perfect white sensitive formula helps to protect
and maintain that all important smile by combating bad breath, tartar build up, stains 
and debris to help prevent gum disease. 

The range of toothpastes offers an affordable way to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, 
and keep your breath fresher for longer. 
The Beverly Hills Formula is proven to be less abrasive than many regular
and teeth whitening toothpaste brands, so they are kinder to teeth and suitable
for everyday use.

So get ready to smile with Beverly Hills Countdown to summer top tips: 

- Drink 8 glasses of water per day to achieve sparking skin, eyes and teeth 
- Did you know that sun-kissed skin makes teeth appear whiter? well it does!
- A healthy and balance diet not only helps you achieve that bikini body it
also helps to keep your teeth in shape. 
- white is on trend for summer 2013 make sure detox your teeth this summer. 
- Use a blue-based red lipstick to counteract any yellow, making your teeth appear whiter. 

My thoughts

After a week of using the Beverly Hills Formula
 I can say that I couldn't really tell much difference in the whiteness of my teeth.
I did however notice that I did have a more fresher breath than when using my regular toothpaste.

Bookworm: #3

I just realised that I haven't done a bookworm post in awhile. 
I have been reading, I promise (just very slowly).
I do need to get back to reading more though,
so if you need me, I will now most often found
with my nose in a book. 

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn 

Ok, so I did read finish this at beginning of July, and yes most of you probably read this 
ages ago. 

Now this is a "psychological thriller", but don't let that put you off, if it's not your kind of thing.
Amy goes missing soon enough her husband is a suspect.
 Nick Dunn to world seems to void emotion, not grieving for his wife as he should. 
On top of that he keeps getting mystery phone calls, and there are strange circumstances
surrounding her disappearance, such as their rocky marriage and a supposedly forged crime scene in their home.
But as the story develops you will see that all is not what it seems. 

With a gripping plot and interesting characters this book would be fab if the rumours of it being 
turned into a film are true! 

Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Pebbles

 Cadbury have now released a new sharing bag the Dairy Milk Pebbles, 
a great way to share the nations favourite chocolate. 

The colourful pebble shaped bites are yummy dairy milk chocolate coated
in a sugar shell and in a handy sharing bag. 

They are ideal for any occasion, and the perfect treat for the whole family. 

 Sally Barton, Brand Manager for Cadbury Bitesize says
 “Pebbles are a lovely new addition to the Cadbury sharing range and we’re really excited to launch another great bitesize bag. They are a fun, tasty, colourful new treat designed for everyone to share and enjoy.”

As you can see below they come in three colours 
brown, yellow and purple. 
These dairy milk pebbles went down a treat and didn't last long in
our house hold as me and the hubby just kept coming back for more. 

Me and Stuart really enjoyed the new chocolate sharing bag.

So if you want to try out something new whether your in front of the TV or sitting in the park 
then try out this wonderful new product from Cadbury. 

Quote of the week: #1

This week I have been finding it really tough with sticking to my diet.
I have been eating loads of chocolate and other foods that I probably shouldn't have. 
So on spotting this quote yesterday evening its made me get back on track. 
There are going to be times where I will struggle but I have come so far
with loosing nearly 4 stone I don't intend to wreck it all by going in 
the opposite direction, so as the quote says. 
I have taken a U turn and heading back in the right direction. 

Review: Cadbury Crispello Vanilla

 To start a brand new week we have a very chocolaty review 
thanks to Cadbury! 

This year is a good year for Cadbury as they are coming out 
with some very yummy and new ideas for you all to enjoy. 

This month see's the launch of the new Cadbury Crispello Vanilla Velvet bar. 
Three delicate crispy Cadbury Crispello wafer shells that are filled 
with a smooth, creamy, velvety Vanilla mousse,
 and covered in deliciously rich Cadbury milk chocolate.

The new flavour is the latest product to hit the Crispello range,
which already includes double choc bar and double choc sharing bag.

This summer with vanilla spanning everything from catwalks to cupcakes
the new vanilla velvet crispello gives you the reason to indulge with 
one of this years biggest trends of the year. 

A sharing bag format will also be available from next year.

So instead of enjoying a vanilla ice-cream this summer why 
not try a light and tasty vanilla chocolate alternative. 

I really love the crispy wafer shells and the smooth and milky taste
of Cadbury in every mouthful.
As usual Cadbury have excelled yet again with a new product range. 


On January 1st I decided to make a life changing decision 
so on Thursday 3rd January I attended my first slimming world meeting. 

After getting married in February 2012 I had put so much weight 
that by Christmas I was biggest I have ever been. 

The photo taken of me on Christmas day was one of many photo's 
that made me feel sick to the stomach of how much I had let myself
go when it came to my weight. 

I had tried to lose weight before, but I wasn't just with it.
I had never tried going to a slimming club before. 
I have however tired slimming pills, patches and drinks
and really struggled. 

Now just over 31 weeks since I first got on scales
at my local slimming world group  I have lost 3 stone 10 and half pounds!

 I still have quite a bit more that I would love to lose. 

The best things I have found about losing weight: 

- The obvious is being a smaller size I love being able 
to fit in a size 16 and my aim is to be hopefully in a size 12 by the
end of January 2014. 

-  I have some much more energy and have found
love for Zumba.

- I feel more happier

- I am more confident 

- My health issues have improved 

For me loosing weight and getting more fit and healthy is the best decision I have ever 
chosen to do. I have no regrets and certainly don't plan on gaining all the weight back
on any time soon.

Aroma-Works Giveaway

Sorry I not been posting much this week 
I seem to have a little writers block, but am planning 
some posts for next week. 

Today we have another lovely competition
this time Aroma- works are giving one
lucky person a chance to win 5 of of there lovely
small candles which retail at £75. 

As usual just complete the rafflecopter and good luck. 

Headmasters Hair care Package giveaway

You may remember my review last week of Headmasters hair care
products, well they have agreed to let one lucky person win
a hair care package. 

All you have to do is enter via the rafflcopter below 
good luck 

Competition Wins May- July

One of my better comping months so far this year. 
- I won £10 at the local May fair tombola
-  a W7 make up goodie bag 
- Heelys rollerskate shoes (currently trying to sell) 

This cute cat bag ( which is also for sale) 

Designer T-shirt from Eco- Boutique 

£100 Hilton Hotel gift card

June I didn't have any wins at all 


- Nights stay 2nd August in Brighton as I can't go I have passed this on to a friend
- I also have won an exciting competition which I am not aloud to tell I am a winner yet 
- A box of  goodies from Child's farm 

Last of all is this Doodle Diner from a blog comp