Review: Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Daim

I should hopefully be back up and blogging more next week,
 I have been rather busy over the last few days and also our
internet allowance is quite low at the moment. 

But I am able to pop on to tell you about another 
wonderful combination that Cadbury have come up with. 
The all new Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Daim.
This is one of Cadbury's greatest combination yet! 
following closely by Cadbury's Milk Chocolate with Oreo 
which I can tell you is very tasty indeed. 

The delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk with Daim consists of crunchy almond caramel Daim pieces blended together with smooth Cadbury Dairy Milk to provide the ultimate chocolate sensation.

RRP: £1.42 for 120g 

Review: Discovery Foods Cajun Chicken Pasta

Here's the second recipe that we tried out with some of the bits
that Discovery Food sent us! 

We were given the Cajun Chicken sauce and some Garlic and Herb Sour Cream 
to use for this recipe but we also chose to use some of the yellow jalapeños that 
we still have plenty left of. 

The recipe is very simple and its quick to do too. 


- Discovery Foods Cajun Chicken Season and  Sauce
- Thinly sliced Chicken Breast
- Pasta
- Discovery Garlic and Herb Sour Cream 
- Coriander


- Sprinkle the seasoning over 350g thinly sliced chicken breast 
- Heat a heavy based frying pan until VERY hot 
-  Add the chicken and stir fry until well browned and fully cooked.
- Mean while cook the pasta and then pour over the sauce and heat up
- Serve with the sour cream and a sprinkle of coriander. 

- £1.99 each for the Sauce and Sour Cream so fab prices
- A quick and simple meal
- Not too spicy
- Can serve with rice instead of pasta 

 none I really do love Discovery Food and there recipes. 

Have you tried this recipe before? 

Review: Bakerdays Christmas Cake

Bakerdays  recently sent me a one of their 
Christmas cakes to show you. 
You can read my review here of there chocolate valentines cake. 

I love Christmas and can't believe its only 2 pay-days away already 
this year has gone extremely fast for me. 

Now Bakerdays let me choose which design I wanted from their 
32 different designs, so choosing one was pretty tough going
as they all look extremely lovely. 

When my letterbox cake arrived I was excited to see how
it had turned out as I loved how my last one looked and tasted. 

It arrived in it's usual box and tin but with a little Christmas card
and a cracker this time. 

As you can see I chose to go with the cute penguin design. 
The fruit cake its self had plenty of fruit and was moist 
and crumbly and certainly one of my favourite Christmas 
cakes I have eaten to date. 
The icing was perfectly sweet and not sickly 
and the marzipan was lovely too. 

- Loads of different designs
- Great price £14.99 for the letter box cake
- Very fruity, crumbly and moist
-  not overly sweet or sickly
- can be personalised
- makes a lovely little gift


None I can think of this cake is overall very yummy indeed. 


Review: Christmas with Pickle Pie Creations

When it comes to finding the ideal Christmas Present it can be hard work. 
So if you are stuck on what to buy your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Best Friend....
why not consider buying something personal from Pickle Pie

You can see my previous review here of the Anniversary Print
I have now been lucky enough to be given the chance to show
you one of there Loves prints. 

The loves print is an ideal gift for any family member or friend. 

All you have to do is send an email to pickle pie with your loves list 
and they do all the hard work for you. 
They then send you a preview of the print to make sure your 100% happy
before it goes to print. 

Then all you have to do is wait and you'll be sent a lovely 
print and frame in the post. 

The loves list retails at £12.99. 

- You have a personalised print with your loves list 
- an ideal gift
- frame is sturdy 
- £12.99 is a fab price for what you get 
- The print is gorgeous the colours stand out. 


Review and Discovery Food Enchiladas Recipe

 To start off my winter inspired posts I wanted to share with you a lovely
recipe my husband had a go at making last night. 

Thanks to Discovery Food's sending us a few of there tasty 
products so we could make some yummy meals we decided
that we would give making enchiladas a go. 

I am a huge fan of Mexican food especially fajitas but we
have never done enchiladas at home before. 
This is a classic recipe from Discovery Foods. 
But we changed it a little due to my diet and 
also this recipe for 4 and we halved it.

1 tbsp oil ( we used fry light) 
 500g lean minced beef 
 1 jar Discovery Chilli Season & Sauce
 8 Discovery Flour Tortillas 
1 jar Discovery Enchilada Season & Sauce 
50g Cheddar cheese, grated 

-Preheat oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas Mark 6.

- Heat oil and fry mince with Seasoning from both caps until browned.

 Add Chilli Sauce and 200ml water,

 bring to the boil and simmer for 20-25 minutes until mince is tender and thick.

 Fill Tortillas with chilli, roll up pancake-style and arrange in a large ovenproof dish.

Pour Enchilada sauce over Tortillas, sprinkle with cheese and cook in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes 
or until browned and bubbling. 

Serve immediately. 

This is how it turned out after we popped it out of the oven.
We were only sent the sauce and some yellow Jalapeños
which we added to it to give it a bit of a kick. 

- The Jalapeños were very sweet and not too hot
- The sauce and seasoning wasn't too spicy 
- The price is great for each of the products we have been sent at £1.99 each. 


I really can't think of any 

Overall we both loved the taste of the two products we were given to make this yummy recipe 
and I can't wait to try out the next two products for a recipe that I will share with you next week. 

Have you use Discovery Food products? which from there range of sauces have you used? 

Review: St Grape Aqua Bliss Natural Face and Body Scrub

Last of the St Grape Products I am reviewing is my personal favourite

The natural and magical combination of high quality mineral sea salt and 
natural oil extracts from around the world make a refreshing and rejuvenating
product heals and offers a natural calming and relaxing sensation for your whole

This product is suitable for both men and women, and all skin types
due to its natural ingredients.

The  Aqua Bliss Natural Face and Body Scrub is packaged in a lovely plastic jar
with a silver lid. 
Just like the foot scrub it is also wrapped in a lovely patterned tissue paper and then boxed. 

Scoop one spoon of the scrub onto your body hands and feet when moist.
 Scrub for 1-2 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
 The Scrub can also be used for bathing daily.

- 100% pure essential oils 
- Smells fabulous 
- makes skin feel smooth and revitalised 
- can be used on a daily basis
- A great price 
- can be used on all skin types
- natural ingredients

- I really can't think of any downsides to this product it really is my favourite of the lot! 

Review: St Grape Ancient Foot Scrub

The third product from my St Grape serious of reviews 
is the Ancient Foot Scrub, £25 for 500g.

The Ancient Foot Scrub is packaged in a lovely dark blue wide rimmed 
pot and then wrapped in lovely patterned  tissue paper in a lovely box with the St grape logo. 

The Scrub is helps make your skin feel smooth healthy, vibrant and beautiful.
Making your feet feel so incredibly soft. 

The Scrub is also filled with natural ingredients . 

Scoop one scoop of Ancient Foot Scrub onto your feet when moist.
 Scrub for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

- 100% natural sea salts
- 100% pure essential oils
- smells lovely
- Makes your feet feel smooth and soft
- easy to use 

- A little pricey but it works so it makes up for it 
- a bit messy to use 

Review:St Grape Invisible Skin Massage Oil

Today we have the second product review from St Grape.
This time we have the Invisible Skin Massage Oil, £25 for 120ml. 
The Invisible Skin Massage Oil is packaged in a glass bottle
as you can see below. 
The item did have a little mishap in the post meaning 
that some of the oil had leaked.
St Grape  however have confirmed that they will be changing the packaging
in the final Christmas versions to prevent this from happening. 

The invisible skin massage oil uses oils that are pure and natural aroma oils
 distilled from plants, trees, roots and seeds.
Our skin on our body is just like the skin on our face and needs
to maintain a moist and smooth look. 
The oil can be used as an all over massage oil
but also as a reviving facial serum to promote a healthy balance between body and mind. 

Stock Image


Apply 3-5 drops (on face, only 1 drop) of this the Oil onto your skin.
 Gently massage, using upward, outward, and circular movements.
Ensure the area of skin is slightly moist prior to application. 

- 100% Organic
- 100% Pure essential oils 
- Non greasy 
- Absorbs really quickly
- Great price as a little goes a long way


- Packaging however as this is changing I feel that 
can be a pro as well. 

Review: St Grape Exotic Pink Salt

 Recently I have been sent a lovely range of products from a 
lovely brand St Grape
I hadn't heard of St Grape until I came across their products 
on Hayley's blog Sparkles and Strechmarks. 

Anyway St Grape offered to send me four of there wonderful products 
which I will be talking about this week and today I am reviewing the lovely St Grape Exotic Pink Salt. 

St Grape are a big hit in their native Canada, they provide a range of natural 
and high quality products that are not tested on animals. 

The St Grape Pink Salt, £15 for 600g is packaged in a lovely 
brown bag with a ribbon so would make an ideal gift 
especially with Christmas coming up! 

The product is made up of 100% Natural grade A Himalayan Pink Salt 
and enriched with 100% pure essential oils. 
It is best used as a foot soak or when soaking in the bath 
for natural exfoliation. 
The Pink Salt can also be used for a bath massage and 
for scenting. 

Foot soak: 1 cup of salt to 1 gallon of water
Full body bath: 3 cups to bath water
Massage: fill the attached bag  1/3 with the salt, wet bag and massage body
Scenting: pour any amount in bag and tie the string place in area you wish to scent. 


- 100% Natural 
- Smells lovely
- multiple uses 
- makes skin feel soft and smooth 

- A little bit pricey

Review: Panache D+ Sports Bra

When it comes to weight-loss eating healthy and exercising come hand in hand. 
Since I started my weight-loss journey in January I have found 
love for exercise and keeping my body fit and healthy. 

My only issue is that my everyday bra was digging into me whilst exercising 
so I contacted Panache to find the ideal sports bra.

One of the main things I was concerned about when finding a sports
bra is that I am quiet busty so vigorous movements
cause bounce which can hurt too. 
The Panache Sports bra offers the ultimate support and reduces bounce up 
to 83%.
The bra holds each breast by supporting and reducing movement during any exercise.
 The new range is made with a breathable, soft and lightweight micro-fibre and sports mesh fabrics which are comfortable to wear. 

Available from a B-H cup in a choice of colours 
including Black, White, Grey & now new fashion raspberry and red.

The Panache Sports Bra retails at approx £35. 


- 83% less bounce 
- Comes in a range of colours
- Is comfortable
- Ideal for women with a bigger bust


- Price this is the only downside as I would love to get another one
however price wise its not in my budget but it does work wonders 
so it prob worth considering.

Review: Nougat Naturals Range

In June 2013 Nougat of London came out with their brand new collection. 
The Naturals range is a new concept in toiletries and well-being

Nougat Naturals contain natures finest ingredients.
that are kind to skin but offer effective and beneficial treatments. 
The products harness the properties of essential oils to balance the body and 
mind without over powering or costing the Earth.

All of the products are packed in stylish and simple packaging
featuring eye catching prints without being too fussy. 

The two fragrances to choose from are:

Uplifting & Reviving
An invigorating fragrance combining the essential oils of Bergamot, Lemon Myrtle,
Grapefruit, Ginger and Lemongrass.
Developed to help lift your spirits and awaken your mind on even the darkest, sleepiest

Calming & Relaxing
A soothing fragrance blended from the essential oils of Sandalwood,
Chamomile, Jasmine and Lavender

From the Uplifting and Reviving range 
I was sent the Hydrating Body care set, £35 which 
contains 300ml of both Gentle Body Wash and 300ml  of Body Cream. 

The body wash has a lovely fresh scent which is very foamy and made my skin feeling
fresh and clean like a daisy but also felt soft, smooth and hydrated. 

The Body Cream was just as fresh and made my skin feel 
lovely and moisturised after having my bath and lasted all day. 

From the Calming and relaxing range I was
sent the refining boy scrub, £18 and the intensive body oil, £14. 

The Body Scrub worked really well at buffing away at dull skin 
making me skin feel soft and cleansed. 

The Body Oil was great at keeping my skin hydrated and sunk into my skin
well, not feeling greasy at all. 

- Free From  Parabens, Sulphates, Petrochemicals, 
Glycol, PEGs and Colour

- Natural Ingredients

-Great fresh and pretty packaging

- amazing scents

- Make fab gifts

- suitable for vegetarians and Vegans


- A little expensive for everyday use but ideal for a treat

- The oil would have been better with the same kind of lid as the body wash and lotion
to save wastage.

Review: Inlight Firm and Tone Oil

Inlight Organic Skincare is a natural and organic skincare range
by skin guru, Dr Mariano Spiezia, MD.

They sell a range of natural, handmade beauty products in Cornwall
to make you look and feel like a goddess. 

The name Inlight  derives from their intention to encourage the natural beauty,
 the inner light, to blossom in each and every one of us. 

I tired the 100ml Organic firm and tone oil, £42.00 which is packed
in a lovely eye catching navy bottle with a silver lid. 
The bottle is then packaged in a matching navy
box where the instructions and info regarding the oil
is written inside on a bright floral background. 

The oil has a very refreshing scent and has a range of toning
oils including: 
intensely nourishing hazelnut oil, antioxidant green tea, stimulating ginger and purifying burdock. 

To use: 

Apply as much oil as you need into the palm of your hand, preferably after a hot
bath or shower.
 Massage the oil into the areas of your body that need toning, work the oil in a circler
motion, gradually increasing pressure to aid stimulation to the affected areas. 


- Is 100% Organic 
- No testing on animals
- Has a lovely fresh smelling scent 
- Isn't too greasy and sinks in skin fairly quickly
- works well my thighs seem a bit more toned. 

- Cost £42 to me is a fairly high price to spend on just one beauty item

Overall thoughts: 

It's a fab product as I have found it to work rather well, I have high hopes for this
product and will be sad once I have used it all up. 

Review: Aldi Halloween Special Buys

October is here and soon Halloween will be here. 
For many people buying a costume can be a bit of a chore
especially  if you have little ones. 

I've not actually dressed for Halloween for quite a few years now.
But me and the hubby like to spend Halloween eating a takeaway and
watching horror movies. 

But this year I want to have a little fun with Halloween and wear this 
witches hat to get  me into the spirit of Halloween. 

The witches hat retails at £1.99 and I love the silver
web pattern on this hat. 
When I dressed up for Halloween as a child I was always a witch.
My mum would dress me and my sister up in the following:

-a little witches hat that had some funky coloured hair inside

-a witches mask which to be fair was rather uncomfortable 

-Black bin bags to make a dress and cloak to go over our clothes

- A broom stick 

- One year we even had a little cauldron and some witches fingers. 

Aldi also sent me some glow sticks that will be fun to use while sat 
in the dark watching the films this year. £1.99 .

The great thing about these glow sticks is that they are suitable for both
children and adults. 

Last of all I was sent this lovely vampire costume, £7.99. 
unfortunately the size they sent me doesn't fit. 
 However it does look rather pretty with the black and the red.
I think I would make a great kick ass vampire in this outfit. 

Aldi also sell a range of costume's for children at £3.99 each
 and are ideal for your little monsters to be able to dress up in! 

The costumes are bold, bright and full of detail so will make you stand out this Halloween! 

So if your going to be dressing up this year, than I would check out Aldi for
fab detailed costumes and accessories. 

They are sure to run out quick so if I was you I'd dash to your nearest store asap.
All of Aldi's Halloween special buys will be on sale from tomorrow (October 3rd 2013) 

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