Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist

Moneysupermarket want to know what your Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist
I love music and listen to a wide range of music, so 
this is kind of a hard task for me as I could really be here all day, if not all night. 
So anyway here are five  of my main ultimate summer driving playlist songs/albums.

1. Snow Patrol Eyes Open Album 
I can't choose just one song from this album (not the slow sleepy songs though)
I remember first listening to this album when I was a college student
and the mother of the girl I was helping with, 
would play this album whenever we went out anywhere in the car.

2. The Beatles Here Comes The Sun
I am a huge fan of The Beatles and this is a very summery song. 
My Dad was also a huge fan of The Beatles as well so no matter
what song by The Beatles I listen to they always make me think of him,
now that he is not here with us. 

3. Summer Night City- ABBA 
I am also a huge fan of ABBA so this summery song
has to be on my playlist.

4. Summer of 69 Bryan Adam's
mainly as its so catchy and has a summery feel to it

5. It's My Life - Bon Jovi 
because its about living while you are alive
and doing what you want to do and summer is all about having fun!

What are your ultimate summer driving songs?

Review: Aroma-Works Products

Hi all, hope your enjoying your weekend so far. 
Today me and Stuart went the canal festival which was great
fun looking around the stalls. 

I have recently been sent some lovely products from Aroma-works. 
Aroma-works is a luxury fragrance company based in Woodley Berkshire
(UK HQ) and New Jersey (USA HQ). 
I wont go into the whole background about Aroma-works but
if you are interested you can read it all here.

As you can see in the photo below all of Aroma-works products are packaged
in a lovely white box with a block colour on them to distinguish between 
the different fragrances. 

The different fragrance categories are as follows: 
- Soulful 
- Serenity 
- Yin and Yang
- Inspire
- Essential Rose

I received 4 products from some of the different categories. 

First of all I got the Soulful room mist, £20.00.
which is a complex and exotic scent with a blend of 7 essential oils.
 Soulful combines the fruity top notes of Juniper Berry and Bergamot
 and exotically heady Frankincese with warm, spicy base notes of Patchouli. 
This beautifully balanced blend finishes with a creamy caramel fragrance
 to give you a unique and wonderfully warm scent.

Then we have the Nurture Reed Diffuser, £35.
which is a rich and fruity scent, with a blend of 5 essential oils. 
The Nurture blend combines the fruity, crisp aroma of May Chang,
 the sweet, fresh scent of Roman Camomile
 and the aromatic delicately woody fragrance of Sandalwood.

Then a Medium Serenity candle, £32. 
A scent that calms and restores.
The Serenity blend combines the beautifully warm citrus top notes of 
Lemongrass with the underlying exotic, floral fragrance of Neroli 
and soft, sweet Geranium.

Last of all the small essential rose candle, £15. 
A fruity and floral blend of 7 essential oils. 
The Essential Rose brings together the top notes of sweet and spicy
 Moroccan Rose with delicate Violet Leaf and warm, citrus Mandarin. 
The earthy, rich base notes of Patchouli adds an exotic touch
 to make this a wonderfully balanced blend.

I really love how once you open the products you get a whiff of 
the amazing aroma of  the fragrance's. 

I am really impressed with the whole range, being a candle lover
I am happy to add these to my collection as well as the reed diffuser
and the room mist. 

I would 100% recommend these products for gifts or a treat for yourself. 

Review and give-away: Healthy Back Bag

About Healthy Back Bag
The Healthy Back Bag was born after Margery Gaffin
noticed that people were walking around with either rucksacks
hanging off one shoulder , or were groaning and twisting under the weight
of a un-ergonomic shoulder bag.

Adding to her frustration at being able to find a bag that was comfortable 
following a recent back surgery.
you can read the full story here if you wish. 

I was given the patent orange back bag to review which retails at £29.50.

The main features of the bag: 
- Non slip shoulder strap
-2 pockets to fit your passport, wallet or mobile
- 2 pen slots
- Key hook
-zipper pocket
- large pocket for book
- Velcro flap pocket
- interior pocket for plane ticket, notepad etc
- a outer gusset pocket for bottle of water, mini umbrella or sunglasses. 

Its a great bag which is very comfortable and I love that it has so much space
with a capacity of 7 litres. 

Now you have a chance to win one all you have to do is enter
the rafflecopter below. 

Review: Headmasters Hair products

Headmasters are a professional hair brand with salons in London and all over the UK. 
They sell a range of hair products for different hair types so you are bound 
to find one that is suitable for you. 

They very kindly sent me some products from two of their ranges. 
Shampoo and Conditioner from the Miracle repair range
and the Mirror shine spray from the the colour brilliance range.

The Miracle Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Your hair is just as important as your skin when it comes to looking
and feeling it's best. 
Which is why Headmasters have made a capsule collection of 4 
products that have restorative ingredients. 

The shampoo and conditioner, £4.49 each.
Softens dry and parched hair and gently cleanses without stripping 
the hairs natural oils. 
Meaning less tangles and a reduced risk of breakage.

The shampoo and conditioner contains Macadamia nut oil,
and smells amazing. My hair feels much more smoother and more easy to manage
while using these products. 

Mirror Shine Spray

A handy little product to make coloured hair 
look more brighter and vibrant. 
This spray is ideal for using after styling your hair to give your hair a lovely

The Charcoal Challenge

Phew yesterday was rather busy and fun too and I was unable to take 
as many photo's as I would have liked though. 

When it comes to BBQ's one of the most important things to do is work out
a budget for food etc.

When Money Supermarket offered to give me £50 to spend on one 
I was definitely up for the challenge. 

So how far did  £50 go?

Drinks: = £17.38

- Stella Artois  = £10
- Fizzy drinks = 4 for £2 
- Wine red and white £3.19 a bottle we had 2 bottles. 

Food: = £29.46

Rolls = 70p each got 4 packs
Blueberries = £2.25
Pineapple = £1
Watermelon = £3.25
Tomato's =  88p
cabbage = 88p
New potato's = £1.90
Pepper = 2 for £1
Radish = 70p 
cucumber = 65p 
eggs = 87p
Burgers = £7
Sausages = £5
Dips = 96p
Crisps: £1 each 2 packs

which means the cost was a total of 

= £46.88

As we already has sauces such as ketchup and mayo 
and other store cupboard staples this is not included in the overall cost.

We had a great day which was held over at my mother in laws. 
Where our nephew's got to play in the swimming pool 
and we also had the gazebo out too so that we had some shade. 

Guest post: Kirsty's Summer Manifesto

Hi guys, my name is Kirsty and I run the blog, Kirstyheart. I love to blog about family life, setting goals, DIY crafts, where we go and even the personal stuff too. Today I am here to share with you my Summer Manifesto.

Summer is my absolute favorite season.
The colours, the extra light in the evenings, the fresh fruit, the great excuse to just get outside.
So this year I am creating a Summer Manifesto to jot down my goals for the next six weeks or so. 


Every single one of them I am looking forward to and they start right now. 
  1. star gaze with Gary
  2. dip my toes in the ocean
  3. go on a family bike ride
  4. run alot
  5. make ice-lollies
  6. read a new book
  7. get a massage
  8. write a letter to Archie
  9. take photo's
  10. climb Shutlingsloe
  11. visit the zoo
  12. climb a tree
  13. go fishing
  14. watch a sunset
  15. plant veggies
  16. go dancing
  17. take a new class
  18. go out for breakfast
  19. sunbathe with my headphones on
  20. go roller-skating
  21. buy an inflatable paddling pool
  22. visit a flea market
  23. make something for the house
  24. laugh through it
  25. enjoy it immensely.

What are your goals for this Summer?

Review: SunSense Sun Screen Products

No matter how careful you are your skin is always exposed to the sun light.
wearing a high factor sunscreen everyday will help to protect against the suns
harmful rays, which can cause skin damage. 

SunSense range include's sun screens for everyone and has been formulated
with high quality ingredients, that quickly bond to skin. 

SunSense also has the highest sun protection factor available and is now
the UKs No:1 prescribed Sun screen. 

The 8 SunSense products are as follows: 

- Ultra 
- Toddler Milk 
- Sun Sensitive
- Daily Face 
- Anti-ageing Face 
- Anti-ageing Face Matte
- Lip Balm 
- Cooling Crème Gel. 

As you can see I was sent 2 out of the 5 ranges to trial. 

First of all is Daily Face, £18.50 with SPF 50
this is a light and creamy formula with an oil free base 
also with  tint to give you a sheer matte finish. 
I have come to love this product as I can protect my skin every day 
and not worry about the crème making my skin way too oily like other
sun screens have in the past. 

Then we have the Ultra sun screen suitable for all the family
with factor 50. 
Its great for use at home or on holiday and 
you can encourage your children to use this on a daily basis before
Prices of the Ultra sun screen starts at £8.99 

I am not normally a fan of sun screens that don't come in pump form.
I know that the Ultra can be brought in a larger pump bottle, 
however I have found that I like these products so much without the pump bottle anyway
as they are not greasy like other formula's I have tried. 

My Top 5 Summer Must have's

For some reason this post didn't go live on Tuesday 
so 2 posts are going to have to go 
live today. 

Here are my top 5 summer must haves

1. Sun cream

Being really pale I need to make sure I wear a good sun cream 
so that I don''t burn. If you are being thrifty like me
I'd recommend buying a supermarket own brand one for using in this country
if you do happen to be going abroad this year then I higher priced one
is most probably wise.  I also make sure for this country I use a factor 30 and
if I was going abroad I would use a factor 50.

2. Aftersun

To cool your skin down after being out in the sun all day 
I tend to put it on after a cold bath/shower.
Again I would recommend buying a cheapo one if your
trying to be thrifty. 

3. Hair bands, clips, grips

Because the last thing I want is my hair in my face
when its hot and I am a sticky mess. 
You can buy hair bands, clips and grips 
really cheaply. 

4. Fan 

I need to buy a new one but this really is an essential. 
One for when your inside the home to keep you cool
in the evening/night time and a hand held one for 
when your out and about. 

5. Water bottle. 

I have started to up my water intake which to be fair 
I have never really drank the recommended amount. 
I recently brought a Brita filter bottle for operation 
drink more water, it seems to be working as
 I have been drinking an average 2/4 litres a day since buying it. 

What are your summer must haves? 


Review: My Cocktail Woo Woo

So since the sun has come out to play this week
I will have some summery type posts to share with you. 

First of all this review of this lovely cocktail,
after all summer is here and who doesn't like 
to sit back and relax in the sunshine with a ice old

Mycocktail sell a range of cocktails and mocktails 
in a pouch. 

I was sent the new limited edition Woo Woo cocktail which is a 
refreshing blend of vodka, peach schnapps and cranberry juice. 

The Woo Woo replaces the limited edition Summer fruit punch 
and was selected by fans on there facebook page. 
where they got to vote for  their favourite cocktail. 

The cocktail is very refreshing and the pouch makes the cocktail
easy to pour and the foil helps to keep it at a constant cool temperature

I personally am not much of a drinker, however I do love a cocktail.
This cocktail was a little stronger than I am use to, so if like me you
don't like strong drinks than I would recommend  adding some lemonade to it. 

Review: Cadbury Fredo Faces

For all lovers of the mini Freddo chocolate bars
you are going to love the brand new Cadbury Freddo Faces.
The Launch of these yummy chocolate faces marks the 
14th anniversary of the Cadbury Freddo being introduced to the UK. 

Freddo is renowned for being a product targeted for kids.
These 35.0g bags will be hitting the shelves at 52p. 
As usual they are in Cadburys snazzy purple packaging
and you get approx 12 pieces in a pack. 
They are formed in a 'happy', 'grumpy', 'cheeky', 'confused' and 'in love' Freddo faces.

They taste just as lovely as always creamy, sweet, delicious 
tasting milk chocolate. 
Even the big kid in you at heart will love these Freddo faces. 

Overall I have satisfied with these chocolate faces
and I feel they will prove popular not just due to there 
scrummy taste but also as they are portion controlled 
so you get your chocolate hit but not over doing it. 

Bucket List

The people at Money Supermarket are holding a competition,
where you write your bucket list and entering gives you the chance to win 
a whopping first prize of £1,000 to put towards crossing-off an item on your list! 
If they  get over 50 entrants into the competition then they will double the first prize to £2000!!
 also four lucky runners-up will get  £50 to spend on a bucket list item. 
See here for the full details and terms and conditions. 

Now onto my Bucket List 
I have chose to do 2 Budget and 2 extravagant bucket list choices for this post. 


Have a romantic evening picnic
I'd love to take the time to sit around a lake eating a delicious picnic with 
champagne, strawberries and chocolate whilst watching the sunset.
Just knowing that we have each other and that life although short
is meant for times like this spending time with loved ones and cherishing 
every moment.  

Put together my own cookbook
I want to make my own cookbook 
filled with recipes passed on down from my family, 
frugal ones we have found, ones we do with our future children,
ones for each and every occasion in hope it will passed
down from generation to generation with love.


Dream Belated Honeymoon

Due to money problems me and my husband and have never had
a holiday away together. 
We have been married just a little over 17 months and our dream 
is to be able to have a holiday in Marrakech. 
If I was to win I would put the money towards a week away 
and  staying at the  Riu Tikida Garden
or something similar for our 2nd anniversary in February. 
I'd also need to use the money to get my passport
and to travel to the airport. 

Luxury Spa Weekend In London for 2

I'd love to spend a weekend at the The Mayfair Hotel 
In the Superior room which would cost £614.56 
for 2 nights which includes the following: 
- Full English Breakfast
- Free unlimited access to on-demand in-room entertainment package
-Gold Points Plus loyalty points
-Free extended late checkout until 4pm on Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.

I'd also add £127.25 of extras to the package
which would include: 
-6 chocolate dipped strawberries
-Fresh fruit bowl
- Dinner x 2. 

Of course there is no point of having a spa weekend without using spa treatments so 
I'd have the together treatment for £299.00 which includes: 

-Moroccan Steam Cleansing Ritual for two(45 min)
-Couples Massage(60 min)
Afternoon tea for two

I am tagging 
Helen from Mummy To The Max 
Michaela from Adventures Of A Yorkshire Mum
Kerry from Stuff N Things

You can also find my full bucket list at the top of the page. 

Thrifty and Nifty: How I made my own Body Scrub

Recently I have been reading books on being more thrifty, mainly
as I see myself as a beginner in all things thrifty and nifty. 

Last week whilst I was in bath and was doing my usual body skincare routine.
I use body scrub at least once a week in the bath and on this occasion 
I had happened to use the last bit up. 

Which got me thinking that there just had to be a way of making my own 
at the fraction of the cost. 

I started by researching the good old wide web for ideas
and came across plenty that I will try in the future. 
However an idea struck me as a lot of scrubs contain oils
and I had the perfect cheats way of making my own scrub bingo!

So what did I do? 

Well it was very simple I remembered that I was sent some 
skin revivals products to review that I wasn't that keen on 
and one of the products  happened to be the Organic facial cleansing oil. 

So all I did was clean out the jar for my previous body scrub and 
mix some granulated sugar with the facial cleansing oil. 

I tried it out and works just as good as my usual body scrub
and the great thing is the facial oil isn't going to go to waste.

OXO Household cleaning competition

Yesterday, I told you my thoughts on the wonderful OXO household 
cleaning products range. 
Today one lucky person has the chance of winning 
all 3 of the items.
The competition is open from today (9th July) til Tuesday 23rd July
so you have plenty of time to enter. 

Review: Oxo Household Cleaning Products

OXO sell a range of products for around the home and there saying is 
"tools you can hold on to." 
OXO are dedicated to providing you innovative products,
 for you making everyday a little easier.

Product Lines: 
-Cooking Tools
-Household Cleaning Tools
-Baby and Toddler Products
-Bath Cleaning Tools and Accessories
-Garden Tools
-Storage and Organisation Products
-Waste Cans
-Office Products

why the name OXO?

Because  whether it's horizontal, vertical, upside down or backwards, it always reads OXO

I picked some of their brand spanking new items from the cleaning range to review.

First up is the Deep Clean Brush Set, £6.
I chose these handy little brushes for helping me clean the grime from the tiles in my 
bathroom. Although toothbrushes can be a handy alternative,its not exactly hygienic. 
I am so glad I chose these handy little brushes, not only are they easy to grip 
they are the perfect size and angle for getting into them nasty grimy corners. 

The large brush is ideal for cleaning the grout out from around my taps and also for cleaning
 the stove. 
The small brush is ideal for cleaning in and around fixtures I used this one between 
the tiles in bathroom as it was the ideal size. The brush also has a handy wiper blade
which I used to clean around the plug hole. 

Second I chose the Electronics cleaning brush, £6.
This handy little brush has a slimline silicon wiper which helps remove dust from hard to reach places
I used this clean between my netbook's keys and it now looks so much more cleaner. 
The brush has a cap to protect the silicon wiper. At the other end you have a
a brush with soft bristles ,which is suitable for cleaning mobile phones and camera lenses.
I have used this end of the brush on my camera lens and it seems to have done the job. 

Last of all I chose the compact dustpan and brush set, £7. 
We have needed a dustpan and brush for awhile now but as we live in a small one bed
flat ,we couldn't find one that we would have room for that is until I spotted this one. 

The Brush fits perfectly in the dust pan for storage, keeping dirty bristles covered.
the dustpans flat bottom allows it to stand up making it easy to store on counter tops or shelves
but is also slim enough to fit in a draw. 

I really don't know what I have done without these products they are a life saver and I would
100% recommend them! So go on what are you waiting for find out
where your local stockist is. 

Random Musings #2

Just because I like lists. 

- This evening = slimming world hopefully 1 or 2 more lbs will be off this week 
am really getting annoyed as it seems to be slowing down recently. 
I have found that since I hit the 2 1/2 stone mark back in May I on 
average have been loosing 1/2lb - 1lb per week when before I was loosing an average of 2lb 
a week. 

- Why oh why when I have no income do I have so much I need want to save up for. 

- I recently applied for a job got a letter in the post saying I have an interview
on a date that doesn't exist ( Monday 25th July 2012) so I assumed it was to be
on July 25th this year and was going to ring them nearer the time to confirm my 
attendance. However yesterday I receive an email from them saying my application 
hasn't been successful.  So now I am a little confused as to what is going on
and am currently awaiting to hear back from them. 

- I really need a holiday, me and Stuart haven't even had a honeymoon yet (financial reasons as to why) 
and lots of people on my facebook timeline seem to be going somewhere for a week or two 
and it kinda making me feel down in the dumps about the whole thing. 

Recent Purchases: Birthday Spending edition

Hey, right so I am back and thought I would share with you 
what I decided to get with my birthday money/vouchers. 

1. This is not a book by Keri Smith 
2. Wreck this journal by Keri Smith 
I decided to buy this two books after hearing a lot about them recently
in hope to be more creative. 
3. Thrifty ways for modern days 
got this as am need in some ideas on being more frugal and saving the £'s
4. The Help Dvd and book 
wanted these for quite awhile. 
5. Thrifty living 
another money saving help book 
6. The Hunger Games
wanted this since I borrowed it from the library. 
7. When Stuff is book 
to keep me more organised and to remember birthdays and other occasions. 

With my Peacocks voucher I got these cute giraffe Pjs 
perfect for summer and I still have quite a bit left on the voucher too. 

My sister came over this weekend with her bf and instead
of getting me a belated birthday giftcard she let me choose a few bits
so I went for another pair of Pjs in Peacocks this time the funky monkey ones. 

I also chose this cute necklace in the Dorothy Perkins sale. 

Do you like my purchases? What have you brought recently?