Review: Philip Kingsley Straight Hair

The Beauty Dept recently gave me another fab product to review!

Philip Kingsley is the worlds most respected authority on hair and scalp health.
With over 55 years of Trichological experience, Philip Kingsley's past and present clientele include politicians  royalty and celebrities
He was even named the "Hair Doctor" by the Sunday times.

In 1997 Philip Kingsley was asked to create a retail range for salon distribution 
and now  Philip Kingsley products can also be found in premium retailers such as Harrods, Liberty, Fenwicks, John Lewis,and Marks & Spencer.
As well as on line stores like Beauty Dept. 

Philip Kingsleys Straight Hair is heat activated gel that smooths, straightens and controls
all hair types. 
The UV and heat protected gel helps to straighten hair temporarily
especially when using hair dryers, straighteners and other heated hair styling appliances. 

Now I am very fussy about what I put on my hair due to it being so fine some products
weigh down my hair and make it greasy. 

I normally stick with my usual heat protection balm and not venture out to using others
as I have tried other brands  in the past and have been disappointed. 

So I decided that I would give Philip's Kingsley's Straight Hair a chance
as something was drawing me to the brand. 

I am very pleased with the product I have found that the gel formula was easy to apply 
and my locks felt smooth and soft.
 As my fine hair seems to get back to its frizzy mess once I step outside normally,
 I was happy to find that this was not the case with this product. 

As with all heat protection products its always best to use a small amount.
Now I have been trialling this product over the last few days and a little really has gone
a long way, and I have been more than pleased with the results.

I would like to mention though that the other day I put way too much product
in my hair (totally my fault). I thought great I'm going to have to wash my hair again!
However I was surprised! After blow drying my hair I found that it was not greasy at all, 
like most products are when I accidentally use to much.
I however did find my that my hair on the ends was a little on the dry side though.

Overall Philip Kinglsey's Straight Hair is a product I will certainly use again 
the only problem with the product is that I feel that it is over priced for what it is. 

Have you ever used Philip Kingsley Products? 
You can see the full range of Philip Kingsley hair products here.

Review: Get Popped with Popchips

 Even though I am on slimming world from time to time I do
fancy a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. 
I'm not going to restrict myself too much from things I love to eat. 

I was sent some Popchips recently  which are potato chips that are
popped rather than fried or baked like most crisps are. 
They are full of flavour and are less than 100 calories a pack
so you can pop open a bag knowing that you are getting less than half the fat 
of fried potato chips. 

Popchips are available in 5 different yummy flavours: 

- Original 
- BBQ 
- Salt and Vinegar
- Sour cream and Onion
- Salt and Pepper 

My favourite has to be BBQ. 

They are sold in most retail outlets at 69p a pack or £1.89 (RRP) for an 85g sharing bag.

Have you tried Popchips before? If you a have what is your favourite flavour? 

Review:Beauty Blender Sponge

I was lucky to be given the opportunity by Beauty Dept to review 
The Original Beauty Blender, £16. 

Beauty Blender is the award winning revolutionary sponge make up applicator.
The Beauty Blender is used by make up professionals and enthusiasts around the world. 
The Beauty Blender was created on set in Hollywood by make up artist 
Rea Ann Silva. 

The soft elliptical shape makes application fast, flawless and foolproof. 
The Original Beauty Blender allows foundation, concealers, mineral and cream cosmetics 
to be easy blended and reach hard to reach areas with ease. 

To prepare for using make up application first of all you 
must drench the Beauty Blender using a squeezing motion under
water until it expands. 
Then you squeeze out any excess water and towel
dry leaving it damp and ready to use. 

To apply your make up you apply a small amount to the Beauty Blender 
and then stipple (bounce) the Beauty Blender softly against your skin to blend
and create a seamless skin texture. 

I am extremely impressed with the Beauty Blender its 
so easy to use and my foundation was applied much more faster
than when I apply using my fingers saving me time. 

One of the first things you notice when you wet the Beauty Blender is that it nearly double's in size. 
It's then also very flexible and easy to bounce. 

Once you have got use to it using the Beauty Blender it's a breeze. 

You can buy the Original Beauty Blender and other products from the range

Have you used the Beauty Blender before? If not why not give it a go 
you will not regret it! 

Review: Cadbury Marvellous Creations: Cola,Pretzel and Honeycomb

You may remember that in April I reviewed the Cadbury's Marvellous Creations
well they have now added a new flavour to the Marvellous Creations range.
Cola, Pretzel and Honeycomb, I was a bit surprised at the combination 
as I felt that the flavours wouldn't really go together well. 

As usual with Dairy Milk the bar has its usual creamy and milky taste. 
This flavour is a strange combination but it actually does work. 
You have the sweetness from the honeycomb  and then you have a
hint of savoury saltiness from the pretzel and then a little bit of sour from the cola.

I love the mixed up flavours and textures of this bar. 

Holidays in 2014

Now that summer is over and winter is fast approaching its time to start thinking
about saving ready to go away next year. 

I am hoping that we are able to go away at some point next year even if its
just for a long weekend. 

So whether you plan on looking for  Cruise Deals for 2014  or a holiday on the beach whether in the UK or abroad
its time to get saving. 

Here are some Thrifty Holiday tips: 

- Once you know what sort of holiday you want sort out a set budget. 

- Set up a holiday fund and pay in a set amount each month which you can afford. 

-  Stick to your budget and pay up front so you have no nasty surprises

- Make sure your budget includes spending money, travel costs and food (if your self catering) 

- You don't have to go abroad why not see what holidays you can go on within the UK. 

- Look for Ideas for free days/trips out around where you plan to holiday

- Find out what concessions are available to you for travel for eg due to my hearing disability I am able to get
1/3 off  rail travel. There are other concessions available too. 

British Food Fortnight with OXO Good Grips

From 21st September- 6th October is British Food Fortnight. 
The people at OXO have given me the chance to be involved by
reviewing two items from there Good Grips range, to use to prepare 
a meal during British Food Fortnight. 

I have chosen to make a Cottage pie using the two items that 
 I chose which were: 
-The Y peeler 
- The 3 in 1 potato ricer. 

The OXO Good Grips Y peeler features a sharp stainless steel blade
 that glides through even the toughest fruit and vegetable skins with ease. 
The soft, comfortable handle cushions your hand as you peel and is non slip. 


The OXO Good Grips 3 in 1 Potato Ricer has 3 settings for many cooking task 
with a twist of the dial you can make fluffy mash on the first setting. 
The second setting can be used for pressing water out of items such as green beans
and the last setting is perfect for chunky apple sauce. 


I found the Y Peeler very easy to use and it does what it says on the
packaging. The Y Peeler is easy to grip and I was able to peel 
my potato's speedy fast. 

Then we have the 3 in 1 potato ricer which was easy to use, simple to grip
and quite fun to use. 

As you can see in the above photo you just pop your cooked potato's in
and then press down. 

Now your left with fluffy mash. 

The Recipe: 

You will need: 
- Lean Mince Beef 
- a range of vegetables of your choice fresh or frozen 
- Potato's 
- Bisto Stock melts to give flavour
- Cheese to go on top. 

How to cook: 

1. Boil the potato's in hot water until soft
2. meanwhile add the vegetables to a pan cook over a medium heat for five minutes until soft.
3. Add the mince beef and cook until browned
4. Add the stock and mix in 
5. Once potato's are cooked drain and then mash using the potato ricer with a splash of milk 
and some butter. 
6. Spoon the meat into and oven proof dish and then top with the mashed potato
7. Sprinkle the cheese over the cottage pie and then cooking in the oven 
for 30 mins or until golden brown. 

Now you can enjoy a very yummy and very British cottage pie. 

Personal Planner Review and Giveaway

I confess I love stationery so was thrilled when Personal Planner agreed to let
me have one of there personalised planners to review. 
I was sent a code so that I was able to order and personalise my own online. 
To start off your order of your personalised planner you get to choose which 
size you want to go for from the 4 options. 
Small 11 x 14cm (£14.95) 
Medium 16 x 14 cm (£17.95) 
Large 22 x 14 cm (£21.95) 
A5 16 x 21 cm (£19.95) 
All of the planners have a shipping and handling fee of £2.95. 

The next step is to choose the design for the front and back cover there are
plenty of choices to choose from or you can upload your own images. 
I chose to go with one of the 2013 themes of a white heart on a red background for the front
with a plain red back. 
I also got to choose the text on the front cover so I chose to have it say Joanna 2014.
I chose to also have the planner start from January 2014 (including last few days of December)  and also the colour of the elastic encloser. 

The next step is then to choose writing space , daily details, personal dates and the 
design theme on the spread. 
After that you got the modules at the bottom to put things like 
to do lists, notes etc. 
Then what you want on the back pages and last of all the owner info page
which goes in the front with your personal details in case your planner gets lost. 


I am really thrilled at how the planner has turned out and I can't wait til the time comes to use it! 
The planner is of great quality and I love that it's more personalised to suit me
than any other planner from any other shop would be. 

I have now been given the chance for one of you lucky followers to have the chance
to win your own personalised planner. 

All you have to do is complete the rafflecopter for your chance to win. 
Good Luck.

Peacocks Winter Rib Collar Jacket

This year I had to buy a new winter coat due to my weight loss. 
Coats can be rather pricey however I knew I had to have a new one. 
I saw this one in Peacocks and at £30 I thought it was a fab price. 
They have the coat in three colours red, black or charcoal
I chose to go with the black and love it! 

Wearing this coat makes me feel really grown up and sophisticated. 
The only down side is that it doesn't have a hood but I don't see it as too much 
of a problem. 
I love how it's button up and is belted at the waist. 

To buy this coat you can click here or pop into your local Peacocks store. 

Autumn Outift

As most of you will know its very rare for me to do outfit of the day posts. 
However today I had to show you the kinda outfit I love to wear during the autumn/ winter months. 

We went shopping at The Mall Luton yesterday as Stuart had some vouchers to spend. 
I was in the need of getting some new boots so I ended up buying some in Marks and Spencer's. 
I also ended up in Primark and brought two cardigans which are really snug and comfy. 

Dress: Limited Edition Yours Clothing Dress £8 from a charity shop 
Cardigan: Primark £8 I also got an oatmeal coloured one. 
Leggings: Yours Clothing £15 for two pairs
Boots:  Marks and Spencer's £39.50 

As you can't really see the boots well in photo they are these one's.

What kind of outfits do you like to wear in cold months ahead? 

Slendertone Premium Abs first impressions

First of all I will start by saying that I wasn't asked to do this post 
and that it is of my own accord.

I recently won the Slendertone Premium Ads and it arrived speedy fast
and I gave it a go for the first time yesterday. 

In the box you will find 
- A belt that will fit up to a 44 inch waist 
- A set of three pads 
- a mains adapter
-  a storage bag 
- Information booklet 
- a plug in handset that controls the handset and it's intensity .

So it was rather easy to set up; you have to charge the battery for 3 hours 
before you can give it a go, which can be a rather bit of a pain. 

The booklet tells you where you put the pads on the belt 
but just so you know the large pad goes in the middle of the 
belt so it goes over your navel, the other two small
pads go on your left and right. 

Once you have it all plugged on its very simple to use
and to select the program and intensity level/s. 

Now once you have the program on for my first go it felt 
a little tickle-y but I could feel it kinda working. 
It is recommended that you have it on intensity 15 or over for your first go.
I found 15 to be too low but 40 was a bit too high so I had it on about 35 which was great 
for me for the first time. 

Once having used the belt I certainly felt as if it was working as I felt a little achy. 
It wasn't a major achy feeling and I felt like I hadn't done a major workout 
but something was going on there. 

I am looking forward to trying out the 30 day challenge I'm not sure
how it will go but I feel it would take a few months to really see a difference. 

Lust List # Knitwear

One thing I love about autumn/winter is being able to wrap up in knitwear. 

There are loads of wonderful designs out there at the moment. 
So you can look stylish and keep warm all at the same time. 

Here are a few I have found that I love. 

Owl Jumper £16 Peacocks

Cat Jumper £22 Dorothy Perkins

Waterfall Cardigan £9.99 New Look
Stripes and glittery hearts £24.99 New Look

What I got Stuart for his Birthday

I have been rather rubbish at doing this #blogyoursocksoff challenge so far
so this means your going to have two posts up today to 
make up for yesterday. 

Men are so hard to buy for and I wanted to buy Stuart something rather than 
just give him a gift card which a lot of people tend to do. 

After browsing on Amazon to find some items that 
he would love and matched his interests. 

I chose this Sonic The Hedgehog sandwich tin because
I wanted to get him something Sonic The Hedgehog as 
he is totally obsessed. I also wanted to get him
something Sonic that I knew he didn't have. 

Sweets because well he is a sweet addict. 

Books because he is a fan of these TV shows and has got a QI and Mock The Week
book already but these are the most recent ones I knew he didn't have. 

I also got him a mug with Budgies on it as he use to have pet budgies. 

Norfolk Day Two

On Sunday we headed out after 10 to Norwich and decided 
to see Norwich Cathedral. 

As you can see from the photo's it was very beautiful 
the pattern on the ceiling was amazing and I loved the stain glassed
windows. We ended up in the little gift shop in there
and Stuart spent part of his birthday money on a lovely 
glass block with some lovely religious pictures carved in. 

We then headed off to Cromer had a little look around then 
headed to the pier. Unfortunatly after this photo was taken 
as we were about to head onto the pier it started to rain so we had to head back. 

In the evening we had rice and chicken for dinner and then
ate our way through this lovely white chocolate cheesecake.
We were going to go out for a drink in the evening however the nearest pub
was closed so we ended up going back to the caravan and watched a bit 
of Mrs Browns boys and played scrabble again. 

On Monday we made the 4/5 hour journey back home. 

Norfolk Day One (Stuart's Birthday)

On Friday we travelled to North Norfolk as we were going caravanning with Stuart's
Mum and her partner. 
On Saturday (our first full day) it was Stuart's 28th Birthday.
In the morning we went to a lovely Estate called Felbrigg Hall. 

It was gorgeous and I took tons of photos however I am only showing you a
The house, its contents, and estate was left to the National Trust
 by Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer, 
the last Squire of Felbrigg Hall, who died in 1969.

Gorgeous Grand Piano

One of the many lovely bedrooms
 They happened to have some kind of event on that day so we had a look 
around at some of the stalls and brought some cakes to take home and
some beer for the guys. 

We then after lunch headed to Sheringham and had a look around the shops
and a look at the lovely beach. 

After that we headed to Wells Next To Sea  aren't the views just amazing?

That evening we headed out to The Queens Head for Stuart's Birthday meal . 
The food was lovely I had a lovely and very filling meal of crab cakes for starter
and Fish and Chips for the main. 
Once we were stuffed with headed back to the camp sight where we got to see
the milky way which was totally amazing! 

Then out came this lovely little cup cake for Stuart. 
Stuart shared half with me and I can vouch that it was
very tasty indeed. 

We then drank wine/beer, played a bit scrabble, watched an episode of Mrs Browns Boys
and then headed for bed around midnight.