New Walkers Pops

Walkers pops are a brand new creation from Walkers, merging their expertise in flavour
with science to create an air popped snack, at 50% less fat (than the average potato crisp).

Created with the whole family in mind Walkers experts have been busy behind the scenes to come 
up with a new snack to add to their range.
Swapping their usual frying method for a special air popped process the result is a
light potato snack that tastes delicious that can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Walkers have also been experimenting with flavours and have come up with 
4 mouthwatering options:
- Original 
- Prawn cocktail 
- Sour cream and onion 
- Melted cheese and crispy bacon. 

Walkers Pops have been available since 15th February 2014
and the 4 flavours are sold in multi packs of 6 at £1.99
Prawn cocktail and Melted cheese and crispy bacon are available in single bags
at 63p. 

My favourite out of the two I was sent has to be the Melted Cheese and crispy bacon 
I think I will be popping ;) to the shop to try out the other two flavours in the not too distant future. 

What are your favourite flavours?

I'm thinking of some jewellery shopping

I've showed you my wedding jewellery
It was given by my husband and I love it. But I guess no woman can get enough of jewellery. So I'm thinking to buy few more for my collection. I liked these pieces from They look very elegant and clean.

The first one is a lovely stackable women's wedding band set with brilliant diamonds. I love the pink and white hues and excellent craftsmanship. I can wear this sleek band alone or stack with my wedding ring. I don’t have any rose gold jewellery, so it will be a unique piece for me.

This is also a cute stackable ring. I think I love the stackable ring trend. Well, that might be a second thought, but this piece caught my attention for its finely faceted, clean purple stone. Isn't that amethyst reminds of the Purple Beauty Berries? The sparkling diamonds make this ring very high end and sophisticated.

My final option is this emerald knot pendant. There were metal choices available but I liked it in yellow gold. I think emeralds always look beautiful with yellow metal. I've seen many infinity knot jewellery but this one looks different and unique. The emeralds are finely set and they are clearly highlighting the puffy heart in centre. Oh! This pendant comes with an 18 inch gold chain.

All the pieces are beautiful and I’ll be getting a discount of 15% with free gemstone jewellery (Promo code is GIFT15), so I'm confused which one to finalize. Can I get some help in the selection?

Shedding Light on Daylight Saving Time From Tempur

Tonight is time to turn our clocks forward for daylight saving. 
Now that British summertime will soon be on it's way we may
loose out on an hours sleep tonight  however it will be much
lighter in the evenings.

Below is an interesting infographic regarding daylight saving which 
also has some tips on preparing for the leap forward tonight.  

 Tempur - Shedding light on Daylight Savings Time
Source: Tempur

Getting ready for the summer part one: Fitflop ready feet

 With Summer now approaching fast,it's time to get ourselves ready for 
for the warm days that we should hopefully get. 

So the first of my getting ready for summer posts I am going to show you how to get your
feet flipflop ready. 

For quite a few months now I have been living in boots and am pretty sure that you have been too. 
So when it comes to making me feet flipflop ready one of the first things I do is 
put them in a bowl of lovely warm water with some bubbles and sit back and relax. 
I would love a foot spa but at the moment I just use a regular spare washing up bowl. 

I then apply a good foot scrub such as Green People's sugar scrub which smooths and 
polishes my feet, getting rid of any dry skin. 
The Green people's sugar scrub leaves me feet feeling silky and soft 
while gently exfoliating and allowing moisturisers to penetrate more effectively. 

I then  dry my feet making sure I get in between my toes and then 
make sure my nails are nice and tidy and apply hard as nails coat
onto them to make them a little shiny and make sure they don't break as easily.
I then massage a body butter into my feet such as Green People's body butter
which is also an emergency repair balm so can be used all over the body.
The body butter is also a great non petroleum alternative to Vaseline. 

What products do you use? 

Mothers Day with Aldi

It's that time of year again! Mothers day is almost here. 
This year I am going to give my mum one of these bottles of wine and 
some flowers. 
Aldi always do a great selection of products for mothers day and I plan
on popping into my local store to see what flowers they have more closer to the time. 

I'm a huge fan of Rose wine so I will be keeping a bottle for myself to have over the mothering Sunday weekend. 
Aldi have a wide range of White, Red and Rose wines so you have a good selection to choose from to suit you
or whoever you are buying for. 

The Torro Loco rose retails at £3.79 and is a fruity Spanish rose with an elegant aroma of 
raspberry and cherry together with a hint of citrus. 
It's deliciously fresh and best served chilled. 

The Grapevine Rose retails at £3.25 and has a delicate floral aroma,with  ripe summer fruit flavours
of strawberries, raspberries and pear. 
It's a lovely Spanish wine to have on it's own. 

These wines are part of Aldi's permanent range. 

Speedy Quiche

Over the weekend we made the speedy quiche that I found on the Slimming World website.
It is really simple to make and tastes lovely too. 
I even have some in my lunch box to have at work today. 
So here is the recipe .


-Diced Onions
-chopped Courgettes,
-sliced Asparagus, 
-sliced lengthways Mushrooms,
- chopped Tomatoes,
- sliced 3 eggs 
-150g fat free natural cottage cheese

1.Prepare your  super speed veggies you can use any vegetables really but we used peppers, onions, courgettes, asparagus, mushrooms and tomatoes. 
You can dry-fry them until soft or leave them raw for extra crunch. 
2. Mix together the 3 eggs, 150g fat-free natural cottage cheese and some chopped parsley.
3. Lay the chopped vegetables out in an oven-proof flan dish then pour the cottage cheese mix over. 
4.Pop in the oven at 190ºC/170ºC Fan/Gas 5 for around 30 minutes, or until the quiche is set and golden brown. 

So as you can see it's pretty simple to do

A lovely Sunny Sunday

Yesterday we had lovely weather the sun was shining and it was
lovely and warm. Unfortunately today seems to be more colder again.
We don't have a garden but since it was such lovely weather we wanted to 
spend as much time outside as possible. 

So after we had been to Tesco to buy some bits to make
 a home-made quiche ( recipe will be up tomorrow). 

We headed out to a local pub called The Lancer to have a bite to eat.
I chose to go for Hunters Chicken but swapped the chips for extra salad and
sipped on diet coke and vodka. Stuart chose to go for Fish and chips and a pint of
pear cider. We then decided to be naughty and go for dessert I chose
Raspberry Blondie which is white chocolate mousse topped with raspberries on a biscuit base.
 Stuart chose Cookie Cup explosion a cookie cup filled with brownie, marshmallow
and chocolate honeycomb. Both of the puddings had vanilla ice-cream on the side. 

We then headed out for a walk to one of the local parks where we love to go and just sit and
have a good chat.

Then we went home to make quiche and watch the Voice (well I did). 
Once I saw the sun setting in the sky I chose to pop out
to get a lovely photo and practise my photography skills on my new camera. 

What did you get up to on Sunday? 

Quinoderm Facewash

At 23 I still get spots so I was happy to be asked to review
Quinoderm's antibacterial facewash for spot prone skin. 
Its a dual cosmetic formula helps to remove excess facial oil, grease and dirt,
leaving skin feeling clean, healthy and refreshed. 

The facewash is designed to be used both morning and night and penetrates
deep into the skin. 

I have been using this for a few days now and I love how refreshed my skin feels.
I am hoping this really does help with preventing of spots though. 
All I can say for now is that it seems to be working so far but I know
as with most products that it does take time for products to actually work. 

Do you use a facial wash regularly? 

Canvas Designs Review and Giveaway

 I was recently sent a lovely canvas from Canvas Designs
I did however have a little issue when it arrived and the image was very blurry.
However they were quick to rectify the issue and sent me out another which
as you can see below is amazing quality. 

I also would like to add this is also the first image on my blog 
with using my new camera too so this shows off the canvas much better
than my old camera would have. 

I chose to have the design in 10 x12 and am getting Stuart to
put it up over the weekend. 
I  have an idea on where I would like to have it up which would be on the wall above our

I have now also been given the opportunity to give you a chance to
win a canvas from Canvas Desgins. 

Canon Powershot SX170

Over the weekend I finally made up my mind to order a new camera.
I had wanted this one since spotting it  on sale for £89 in Argos but with having to
pay £50 for a 3 year warranty decided I was going to leave it. 

I then won a £50 Amazon voucher and decided to see what the cost of this camera 

was. At £105.99  it was a bit steep but I found a seller who was selling it for 
£97.90 plus £8 postage and £19.99 for a 3 year warranty. 
I only had to pay £65.89 of my own money in the end thanks to
my amazon voucher win and that I still had £10 left over from another voucher I had.

I can't wait to start testing out this camera as I have always
wanted one like this before. 

All I need now is get a case for it in time for our London

trip in April.

What camera do you have? 

Spring Has Sprung

I love spring for many reasons one being that the weather is much more
nicer and also because it means that summer is not so 
far away. 

At the weekend we went for a walk around the little 
lake in our area called Tiddenfoot water park. 

We had a lovely stroll around the lake before sitting on the bench 
and taking in this beautiful view. 

It really takes your breath away, I not been for a walk there for quite a
while and I really don't know why.
I will be certainly making the trip there a lot more often this year
as it really is so peaceful. 

We even got to see this lovely little frog who hopped out from under where I was sitting.

This weekend I also noticed that our daffodils that we have sitting on the window sill 
in the hall way have come out and are all in bloom. 

By the way do you like our makeshift vase? made from 
an empty sweet tub, we just took the label off and is perfect 
for our daffodils to go in! 

My Weight loss Essentials

 When it came to weight loss there are a few things that I have found to be essential 
to have. 


When it comes to loosing a lot of weight most people will buy new clothes
for each size they drop down to. I however tried to make as much use
out of the clothes I have had only been shopping are rare few times for new clothes that fit. 

- A good pair of leggings is essential to me as you can still wear them when they are slightly too
big,unlike jeans. So I literally live in them at the moment until I hit target 
and can start wearing jeans as well again.

- A bra that fits I normally buy ones from M&S at £16 but when loosing weight
I found I was going down in size constantly so I ended up buying cheaper ones for now. 
I brought a good one from Peacocks for £5 just the other day. 

- When it comes to tops I layer them when I can to keep warm I also 
buy smaller sizes as I know that I will get into them quite soon.


I've never liked the idea of paying out to go to gym as its so pricey.
Their are however cheaper ways to keep fit and tone up and products to help too. 

- Games and DVDs 
I currently love playing on Zumba 2 and Zumba core and really want to get the
new one that was released last year and the Zumba dvd set.
I also use a dvd that aims to tone your abs I do however have my eye on
Davina's new dvd for 2014.

- Slender Tone
Ok so its not entirely essential but I won this last year over on facebook
and I use it often and I feel that my stomach muscles are getting stronger but 
this maybe down to the ab exercises I do.
I tend to wear this while I am doing the chores or just relaxing with a book. 

- A good sports bra really helps for giving you support whilst exercising
I find this essential as it stops the bounce so you can feel confortable
and you have no wires digging in too.  


- Mugshots which are packets of pasta that you just put in a mug and add hot water too
they have been a life saver on days you don't want to bother cooking too much for lunch. 

- Brita Filter bottle
This has made me drink a lot more water than I use to and is very handy to pop in your bag. 

- Beanies Flavoured coffee
I love coffee and its nice to have a flavoured coffee and its saved me £s in both terms
of the word as they are free on the slimming world plan.

- Diet/low calorie drinks 
I love diet coke its my favourite drink and I love that I can drink fizzy
as long as its diet or low calorie. 

What are weight loss essentials? 

Diet Coke Break

We all need a break from time to time from what life throws at you. 
So why not sit back and relax with a magazine and some Diet Coke. 
Between 17th February and 30th March  Diet Coke have teamed up with fashion bibles
Look and Now, to offer a  free copy of a magazine with every purchase of promotional packs 
of Diet Coke.

Taking 10 minutes out of your busy day to flick through a magazine is the perfect way to unwind 
and spend your Diet Coke break. 

To redeem a free copy of Look or Now, all you have to do is purchase a
promotional pack, visit, enter the unique code from the pack, 
choose your preferred magazine, print off the voucher and take it in store to redeem.

I was sent a rather exciting goodiebag to help me to relax and enjoy my Diet Coke break. 
I also feel I must add that Diet Coke is my favourite drink and I do drink it a lot hence 
why I jumped at the chance to receive a goodiebag. 

As you can see above I received an 8 pack of Diet Coke,  a limited edition Nails Inc Diet Coke nail
polish, a lovely Jo Malone candle and a copy of Look and Now magazine which was all
inside this gorgeous bright red Warehouse bag. 

The bag is a gorgeous bold and fiery red and is very spacious hence why it
was able to fill the amazing goodies inside. 

The Nails Inc Diet Coke Limited Edition polish is bright and bold and 
great for using to pamper yourself before a night out or in. 

I was so excited about the Jo Malone candle I have wanted a Jo Malone
candle for ages, but as you know I like to be thrifty and frugal
and didn't want to spend the £39 that this candle is worth. 
It smells gorgeous too the fragrance is pomegranate noire. 

Last Sunday before a day of work I decided to have my diet coke break 
reading the magazine and sipping Diet Coke and just having a bit of 
"me" time. 

What's your perfect way to have a Diet Coke break? 

Bookworm: The Girl You Left Behind

The second book I managed to get through in February 
is The Girl You Left Behind By JoJo Moyes. 

The story starts off in 1916 when Edouard Lefevre a french artist leaves his 
wife Sophie to go and fight at the front. When the town in which she lives 
falls into Germans hands, his portrait of Sophie stirs the interest of 
the local Kommandant. Which causes her to risk everything for her family, reputation
and life in hope of seeing her husband, her one true love one last time. 

Nearly a century later the portrait is given to Liv via her husband shortly before his sudden death. 
It's beauty speaks of their short life together, but when the paintings dark history is revealed  
Liv finds the spark of love she has felt since she lost him threatened. 

The story is basically two women who are separated by a century are untied in their determination to fight for the thing they love the most, whatever the cost.

A good read but I did find the parts about Liv seemed to take away the
focus away from the girl (Sophie) in the painting. 
I found the legal battle in the book was drawn out a bit too long as well.

I am looking forward to reading two of her other books which I have sat on my shelf 
which should be my next two reviews. 

Shoe Zone Faux Shearling Riding Boots

When it comes to finding the perfect boots price and quality are at the forefront of my mind. 
So when Shoe Zone asked me if I wanted to review any of their shoes/boots I decided that I had to choose some new boots.

I've always liked Shoe Zone due to their items being great quality at great prices.and these boots at £29.99 show that you don't always have to pay £50 plus for a great pair of boots!

As you can see the grey faux shearling lining can be turned down to give a collar giving two looks in one. 
It has an inner side zip fastening, a buckle and strap feature to front and a low heel. 
I've found that having a inner zip fastening has made it so much easier for me to get the boots on as I'm sure quite a few of you may find getting your heel into boots can be tricky so this is very handy. 

I've been wearing these boots near enough every time I go out since 
I got them over a week ago and they are so comfy and keep my feet warm 
and dry. 

At the weekend me and Stuart decide to go to one of the nearest shopping centre's to do a little bit of window 
shopping. So I decided to go for my normal casual look by paring my boots with leggings, a white strappy top and blue crotchet top.  

What do you think of these boots? Will you be converting to Shoe Zone?

Breo Bag Buddy

Are you not really a fan of wearing a watch?
Than I give you the Bag Buddy a watch that attaches to your bag! 
This handy little watch is ideal for when your at the beach or for
just generally day to day. 

The Bag Buddy just clips to your bag, backpack, belt loop or gym bag. 
Its durable and soft to touch with a rubber case that can be worn anywhere.
It's also light weight and water resistant which is a great thumbs up in my books. 

The Bag Buddy retails at £15 and has a 2 year battery life and has
an easy to read LCD digital display! 

Do you think this is a fab idea? would you buy one? 

Jacy and Jools Make A Wish

I love delicate looking jewellery and this gorgeous bracelet from 
Jacy and Jools is perfect for me. 

Jacy and Jools are a new vibrant jewellery company based in Cheshire.
Using fine sterling silver, gold and rose gold combined with semi precious beads 
they offer fresh , exciting and fashionable jewellery. 

I was sent the pearl wish bracelet from the wishes selection on the website. 

The beautiful wish bracelets make an ideal gift or a treat for yourself.  
Cream swarovski pearl beads and combined with a cute sterling silver charm
presented with a card with a little wish you can personalise your gift by choosing 
your wish from the following: 

-Wish A: Just a little wish for you

-Wish B:  Just a little wish to say…. thank you

-Wish C:  Just a little wish to say…. good luck

- Wish D:  Just a little wish to say…. I love you

- Wish E:  Just a little wish to say…. get well soon

- Wish F:  Just a little wish to say…. happy birthday

-Wish G:  Just a little wish to say…. happy anniversary

- Wish H:  Just a little wish to say…. thank you for being my bridesmaid

- Wish I:  Just a little wish to say…. thank you for being a lovely friend

- Wish J:  Just a little wish to say…. thank you for being a lovely mum

This means that they are suitable for any occasion and at £18 you can't go wrong. 

So will you be buying one?